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1st January 2010

a concrete proposal

It all seemed so simple. I was parked outside my Mums house and the man from the municipality came to ask me to move my truck so he could bring the men down the road and put the concrete down……… I moved the truck.

Mums car was still in her drive, until she was advised by the men that she’d need to get the car moved if she needed to go anywhere because the road was being concreted ……….so she moved her car.

Mum went shopping and I went home.

Then Mum came to our home because the man had put the concrete down on the road so she couldnt drive over it………..but the man forgot to say that they were also concreting the path TO the house, so Mum couldn;t walk up it to her house.

And the house only has one entrance , which is off said road or path, as the front can only be accessed by a very high and private fence around the communal areas……..and Mums days of vaulting fences are well and truly over!

So Mum is here and Jim is there and the concrete is to be finished tomorrow.


Category: Cyprus Villas News