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1st January 2010

a coloured view of Cyprus

Its a beautiful day in paradise but my heart and mind are filled with worries and questions. Its been an interesting week to say the least: one of learning/ new experiences and trying to understand other peoples perspectives……A wise man I worked for many years ago, said to me , ‘The answer is always in the middle’ and I’ve been quietly reflecting on how to reach this middle ground easily and honestly but its never easy when the starting point is strong and known. Still, life is nothing if not an adventure – and the alternative isn’t worth thinking about…

To help ease my fuddled brain, I’m gardening. I’ve also put new covers on the garden furniture, in colours Tony described as outrageous – till I pulled some flowers and shrubs from our hillside garden and showed him that they were the same colours as the new cushions!

Cyprus is beautiful: many colours make up the spectrum of the gardens and the people/ the laws/the life/ the experiences………

Somewhere, within this rainbow, there will be the peace of mind I’m seeking ……

Category: Cyprus Villas News