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24th December 2014

A Christmas Eve Wish

My dear blog readers and would be happy Cyprus 2015 holiday makers, I’m so sorry I haven’t written to you for a week – well I have but you haven’t been able to pull the words out of my brain and I haven’t been able to sit at my computer – ANYWAY, forgive me! (but I blame my cowboy boots! Can you believe I last blogged about sensible shoes then promptly fell down a flight of stone steps at home, while wearing yoga shoes! Exercise really isn’t good for you!)

we’ve tons of excellent villa and apartment offers for 2015 for you: checkout the sites and and either Emma or I will reply. Well, probably Emma for a while coz I’ve had a nasty accident and have been in hospital here for a week (hence not being able to get to blog) . Now am home to rest till 30th when I have an op (have a fractured spine) but am struggling to move and sit so i’ll be updating you on offers and life here when I can – but am able to offer insight and stuff, on the Facebook page Cyprus Villas UK (I can hold the ipad over my head for a few minutes at a time to am nattering on there). \

Please don’t let my festive break stop you from booking your Cyprus break. Email to me on and I’ll be so very happy to hear from you – and to invite you to holiday here. And god forbid you need healthcare while on holiday, I’m currently checking out the best!

Happy Christmas Eve – and Happy Anniversary to my long suffering (27th year) and lovely patient husband, who is doing his best to be a househusband and friend – the latter he is excellent at!)

photo paphos sea and sun