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1st January 2010

A Champion Night!

I’ve had to wait 2 days before writing about this, so big is the fuss it has caused……..
Tony and The Great Raymondodoulou WON the quiz on Friday night at The Mill.
Yes, they WON, well apparently , they “TONKED” the competition and strolled home with the winnings!

Now this may not seem like a big thing to you dear reader but Table 14 ALWAYS win : have done for months: are famous for winning AND are assumed to always be the winners SO they were not best pleased!

Of course, our superheroes didn’t rub in their success – much! I’ve told Tony to take the banner down from our house and to STOP talking about it but it was a very BIG THING for them both and I suspect they’ll dine out on this for months!

Don’t think they’ll be going back to the quiz again though: best to quit when they are ahead – or not sit close to Table 14 if they do go back!

Category: Cyprus Villas News