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3rd May 2021

A Cat full of Cuddles.

Brucie had his suitcase packed ready to move in here when he knew Barney was gently asleep.

As Nikolas, our lovely village vet, tended to Barney, Brucie sat on the Thinking Step, watching the proceeding and looking at Tony and I, with seeming sympathy and care.

In the hours after Barney was taken , as Tony and I sat on the same step, shedding tears and drinking too many beers, Brucie sat with us, meowing and pawing us , taking the time to be with us to , I believe, make sure we were okay.

Little tinker then made his way upstairs to our bed and spent the whole night checking in on us, pushing one then the other with his paw, to make sure all was well. Sleep wasn’t going to happen anyway but it certainly couldn’t on Saturday night!

Harry cat, head of the Hilltop Gang, was every bit concerned. He’s a funny cat. Keeps himself to himself until he’s got the opportunity to launch at you, when you are sat quietly and he knows you aren’t about to walk away. He flings himself onto your chest, wraps his paws around your neck and cuddles you for all he’s worth! It would be lovely if he didn’t use his claws to hang onto your flesh!

Tony hadn’t experienced this until yesterday when he was sitting quietly by the pool. Harry appeared from nowhere and ”rushed” at Tony, grabbing him before he had the chance to stop this loving cat and holding Tony so tightly , meowing for all he was worth. It was sweet to watch – especially as the blood from the claws was Tony’s not mine, for a change!

I suspect the Hilltop gang are very aware that Barney isn’t here to chase them – and why. They are gathering closer to the front door and we’re getting more cuddles and attention than ever before!

We get that they’ll be hoping to move in but they aren’t going to. It’s great that they are around and I’m happy to feed them and cuddle them a little but the Barney shaped hole in this household and our hearts, cannot be filled with felines, however sweet they are.