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1st January 2010

A casual wave?

Tony and I have just returned from Paphos airport where we had taken my Mum to catch her flight home.
Its been both a difficult and a wonderful week with her. Difficult coz she can be a little boisterous and Tony cannot cope with this – and wonderful because she’s my Mum and it was lovely to have some time with her.
The most difficult thing was seeing how poorly she is: suffering from a very bad chest and with oesteoporousis . She was not able to walk far or climb steps, though she is still only young.

All of that said, waving goodbye to her today as she walked through passport control felt like the hardest wave I’ve ever had to do: my heart was breaking watching my beautiful, once strong and magnificent mum, as the frail old lady trying to stop her tears as she disappeared from view.

Life goes quickly.Our loved onces are SO very important. For me, its time to keep telling them this.

Category: Cyprus Villas News