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1st January 2010

A case for the defense

Have you ever had one of those days? There I was going about my normal daily business here in the lovely area of Coral Bay and Peyia, when things started to go a little wrong….

Having checked guests into the beautiful Villa Bella in Coral Bay and checked on the guests in Villa Garlands, I went back to the office to be met by two very angry people who were upset to be living next door to very noisy guests who were on holiday and enjoying their time a little too much! We hadn’t met the residents who were sat in front of us but I felt very sorry for them as they were obviously very upset. We listened, let them shout then explained that the guests in question weren’t ours – but thanked them for shouting anyway!

Then going to checkin guests to an apartment in Peyia, I “helped” carry their cases into the apartment – and promptly pulled the handle off one case, breaking it into three pieces as I did so. Oh dear! “Oh, its not our case “, they said, “It belongs to one of our family who is having a very bad time”…….

That made me feel MUCH better – so I went to visit the noisy guests of one of our villa owners and promptly got shouted at again and told to mind my own business…….

Today is main arrivals day for Coral Bay and Peyia. Think I’ll let people handle their own baggage, in every respect!

Category: Cyprus Villas News