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1st January 2010

A Car Park Experience in Philipos?

Well I never! Philipos Supermarket in Peyia offers all kinds of wonderful bargains and unexpected treats; from barbed wire to dishclothes, named brand frozen things to fresh local vegetables but today the experience was topped beyond all expectations!

Not only did I get my weekly shopping basket of totally unnecessary items complete (well, almost unnecessary – I remembered Tonys favourite can of the black stuff and special Gin for Floozie Susie, who is coming around tonight) but I also experienced the rebirth of The Great Raymondo!

Bumping into the loved up pair in the car park of said supermarket, I was regaling them with useless stories and mentioned the name of our trusted insurance man- and Ray decided he wanted to be called by that mans name! Apparently, he loved the sound of the “toudouloulou” so much, that he prefers it to “Seymour” (his real name) or The Great Raymondo!

So , from henceforth, having completed the naming ceremony in Philipos carpark, Ray is to be known as “Raymondotoudouloulou, formerly known as The Great!”

We’re getting together as a foursome tonight (!), to practise saying this auspicious name – which should in itself, lead to quite a lot of “twaddlytiddlydouloulous………..”

Will keep you informed, dear reader!