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12th July 2015

A cap and three turtles – another day in paradise!

Tony and I had a wonderful day with Karen and Wayne yesterday. We headed to Latchi to spend the day in Blue Lagoon, complete with disposal BBQ, some bubbly and ready buttered bread buns!

With the sun in the heavens and the sapphire blue waters welcoming us, it felt like a dream come true – though the journey wasn’t without fun and surprises! First, we had a ‘man overboard’ situation when Waynes baseball cap flew off into the waters. Luckily, Captain Tony is adept at turning the boat and , with my almost able assistance, we found the hat and rescued it almost with ease and elegance!

Motoring on, we were joined by not one but three HUGE turtles, obviously heading off for a ‘boys’ day in Latchi harbour with people! Mrs S hadn’t seen a turtle before , so the first of the three, kindly ‘performed’ by sticking his head out of the water to wink at her, before swimming frantically, towards the boat. To my dismay, it then decided to come close and swim right underneath us – but appeared unscathed, portside – and  I swear winked again before heading off to join its pals!

By the time we’ve ‘parked’ and unloaded the goodies onto the beach, we needed bubbles!

A local Cypriot, mistaking us for first time tourists due to the ‘marvelling’ we were doing, at the waters and landscape, commented, “One of the best places in Cyprus”. “I know”, I shouted back, “That’s why we live here!” He smiled and waved – so we had more bubbles to celebrate an island loved by its people, its new people and its visiting people!

Cyprus! Beautiful hearted island with naturally beautiful places to visit – again and again!

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photo blue lagoon