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1st January 2010

a burning desire to giggle…

Why is it that, at the wrong times, something is said and you want to laugh? Even though you know you shouldn’t and the situation is a bad one, you still have to keep down a chuckle? We’ve had one of those in the early hours today…..

The phone rang at around 5am. One of our guests in a brand new lovely villa in Coral Bay, had telephoned to tell us that the next door villa was on fire – and burning very heavily……

Rushing down to the fire, we could see the smoke next to the coastline and were very, very concerned about the villa itself and the people around it. Thank god, when we arrived, the fire brigade had the fire under control and there was no danger to anyone. More importantly, there were no guests in the villa (it isn’t one we rent and we don’t know the owner) -so nobody had been hurt.

It was a very sad sight: the windows were all out; black smoke was pouring out of seemingly all rooms and the front of this previously very attractive villa, is now thick with smoke damage.

Talking to the fire brigade, we checked that the guests of ours in the neighbouring villas, were okay to stay put – and the firemen said , yes. They then asked us if we knew the owner of the burnt out property as they’d have to contact him because, and I quote, “We’ve had to break the door down to get in”……

No windows, nothing left inside but the door was broken to the owner needed to know.

Maybe it was the time of day or the relief that no-one was hurt but both Tony and I got the giggles at the irony of the firemans statement…

Category: Cyprus Villas News