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1st January 2010

A Bright Spark? I don’t think so……

I wish I could make up impromptu jokes – but I cannot. There has to be a joke in the following situation but I’m afraid its lost on me tonight…..

A wonderful, hard working couple arrived to stay in one of our best apartments on Saturday night. Running a holiday business through the summer, this couple were more than ready for a well earned break and had chosen this lovely apartment carefully. Upon arrival, they discovered that the lights were on the whole complex – but there were none in the apartment they’d chosen!

As the owners, a wonderful couple whose humour is strong, (thank goodness), testified to us, they’d paid the electricity bill in full, only a couple of weeks ago, so there was no reason for the electricity to be cut off – other than human error.

Interestingly, Cyprus on a Saturday night, is little different to anywhere else in Europe ie its Saturday night, so what do you want us to do about it? attitude……

Luckily for us, the owners of the apartment told us to rehouse the couple, to another great place, immediately and without any fuss, so at least the holiday makers would be comfortable while we and the owners sweated about what could be wrong.

So Monday dawned and the electricity authority had no idea why the apartment was cut off. They confirmed that the bills were paid and also that it MAY be a fault – but the man on the faults telephone line seemed to have an all day coffee break and the man on the line which wasn’t a faults line, seemed to have difficulty saying his own name, never mind telling either the owners or ourselves, what had happened………….

Miraculously and without explanation, the electricity supply came back on at 5pm today, so the guests can move back to their chosen place and we can all relax till another day – but will never get to know why exactly the power was cut off and what, precisely, got the power back on.

Some things are better left to the imagination: understanding the infrastructure of this otherwise wonderful island, is one of them. Thank god for patient and understanding guests – and for owners of lovely apartments for their common sense and client care approach.

As to Tony and I, we are now seriously unplugged and ready to chill for the evening – unless……………

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