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11th July 2010

A bouquet of wishes for Lesley……

We’ve spent a lovely morning with our friend Lesley and a friend of hers, exploring the villages near the Akamas peninsular and looking at various villas in the area.

Lesley and Simon are in the same business as us and, like us, care very much that holiday makers get the best money can buy, whichever country they choose to holiday in. For us, there is only one country – Cyprus – but we do say that tongue in cheek. Most people who come here, come back time and time again…..

Anyway, as well as enjoying the scenery and beautiful villas, Lesley and I also nattered about life, luck and attitude. She’s an amazing lady, gorgeous inside and out and the has the heart of a lion. She’s recently been very ill and has had a fight on her hands to get well- which, thank god and great treatment, she now is. I could have talked to her all day: being healthy, alive and living every moment is so important but so taken for granted – till its almost taken away.

I believe people cross your path for a reason and Lesley is certainly one of those life angels who stroll in quite quietly then make a huge impression on your own life. I feel honoured to know her and delighted to share a tiny bit of her life celebration.

Here’s to every minute and the wonderful people with whom we share day to day stuff and nonsense! Makes it all worthwhile!