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23rd November 2019

A Bedtime Story?

Oh, we’ve had some fun with the holiday villa guests over the years in terms of what has gone on/been left behind in the villas!

Some of the most memorable include:

  • a set of false teeth, wrapped in a pillow case!
  • A book of the Geriatric Guide to Sex (!)
  •  An , erm, ”item” used for the pleasure of ladies : one which didn’t breath!
  •  various bits of under and outer wear
  • The odd teddy bear ……..and single shoe!
  • and a new baby! Left sleeping on the patio while parents packed! They realised just as the taxi pulled out of the street!

One particularly memorable guest, was a 91 year old man who climbed onto the spare bed , fully dressed and with his wife in the room, to show me how, well, ”rocking” the bed caused it to squeak and said this  noise was ”putting him off his performance”…’s all a laugh.

Driving down the hill from home the other morning, two of my favourite returning guests, who shall remain nameless but who know who they are , stopped my car to tell me they had accidentally broken the double bed! Then began to protest a little TOO much that this was a total accident and that they weren’t , shall we say, using the bed, at the time…….

I believed them – honestly I did – but it was funny listening to the protests and seeing the lovely lady blush! The man just looked proud and said, “”well it was my birthday last week!”….

Happy days – and thankfully, happy villa customers as we roll to the end of this very busy season!

I’m ready for 2020, so if you are planning to rent a holiday villa or apartment in Peyia or Coral Bay, please get in touch – but make sure you take anything ”personal” home with you! Email to