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28th September 2014

A beautiful stormy day!

As the heavy heat of the summer gives way to the kinder, Autumnal warmth (around 28 degrees) which we have through October and November, we get the occasional Coptic storm.

Approaching the island with stealth, suddenly the skies come alive and warm winds whirl all around us, surprising us with their speed and temperature and noisily disturbing the peace of the hillsides and coast. Depositing their sandy haul, they leave dust on pools, dirt on cars and debris on the roads – and we love them!

This one hit late yesterday and ‘sang’ its way through the night. Today, the winds died down a little, the rain storm passed but the sea still ‘played up’, throwing wave upon wave on the shore. Gorgeous!

Barney T Rubble loved this, his first big storm, though the rains frightened him and he hid under the table. Molly barked – and almost took off as the wind caught her ears and she looked like she would fly (photo below- with a second showing the waves).

This is the best time of year here. Hot sun, pretty skies, sunsets to dream of and interesting ‘real’, glad to be alive weather.

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photo molly earsphoto stormy seas