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1st January 2010

A beautiful dream…..

A couple of nights ago, I had a strange dream in which I was walking Alfie dog along the side of a white river. We came across a white bridge. At the other side of the bridge, was a man/angel, who was dressed in clothes like a monk ie brown cloth tied at the waist. He held out his hand to me and said ‘Let Alfie come to me: I’m Abraham and I’ll look after him’…..

Last night, having come back from the vets and being very sad, I googled Abraham – and broke my heart: this being was the angel god gave the flocks to. Abraham was known for his hospitality and kindness – and my beautiful dog is going home to be welcomed by him. My heart broke but I felt at peace….

Anyone who has met Alfie, knows that the words ‘hospitality’ and ‘kindness’ are the nature of this dog. He’s welcomed so many strays into our home; loved them; helped care for them and kept them safe. He loves his family and loves to have ‘his people’ around him. If Alfie has a ‘flock’ to care for, he is happy……..

I cannot think of anyone other than Abraham I would want to let our beautiful furry 14 years old son go to – but thank god he is there….

Dont hang around on that bridge though Abraham: Alfie is mine here for as long as he wishes to stay with me, then I’ll bring him to the bridge and watch him cross into your loving care.

Category: Cyprus Villas News