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11th September 2013

A beautiful day!

Saturday has dawned with a bright golden light over the village of Peyia and areas of Coral Bay. The air is filled with a light heat haze from the overnight chill and the sun is trying its best to burn this off and warm the village………….

My heart wants to sing today: have had two bits of great news about people we love who’ve been poorly but are doing so much better. Charlie Cat has befriended the Monster Pup , Barney T Rubble – and Molly and I are about to get out and about for a lovely long walk (Barney is too young to go out just yet!).

Have also just enjoyed a coffee sitting on The Thinking Step – and Barney has managed to drag his considerable baby tummies up the step, in the style of a drunken duck billed platterpuss and has joined me on the step, where he has attempted his first ‘Akita song’……..Now, he has serious hiccups, which he gets every 10 mins because he’s just too excited about everything to chill and take things gently!

Our holiday villa guests are enjoying this November sunshine; the ones who leave today, leave with heavy hearts as they venture into the cold of the UK…..

Yes, its a beautiful day………life happens and it will continue to do so but when it brings the miracle of hope, gentleness of love and the sheer natural beauty of the elements, you’ve just got to take a moment and let it all sink in……

…….just don’t mention the sofa! Barney T will be ‘passing’ stuffing anyday now!

Category: Cyprus Villas News