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1st January 2010

96 not out!

From yesterday, one of the most wonderful ladies in the world, who I am very proud to call my friend, began to share 96 years old with me!How we split the years shall remain our secret but, share them we do – and with the wrinkles to prove it (me, not her, sadly – and I STILL love her!).

Inviting her here to the sun in Peyia last year, my intention was for us to have some fun with her beautiful daughters, Evie and Lauren – and for her to get dried out skin and grow wrinkles. Course I’d forgotten that she is one of these naturally lovely ladies who thrive in sunshine, look better with a tan and NEVER show signs of heat or wrinkling. Damn it!

So we took her to a local pretend zoo and tried to bore her into submission, causing frown lines – but that didn’t work!

Years ago, she and I took the lead in the “Ladies consuming maximum wine” competition (unofficial) and STILL she continues to look magnificent.

I give up! So I’ve gone “electronic” and am having my chins lifted by a machine, so they can keep my ears warm during the winter – and I’ll be able to see where to put my lipstick more easily, coz my lips will be on my eyes (well, the machine promises a lot of good results!).

When this beautiful friend of mine returns, I’ll hide the machine and feign surprise when she tells me how great I look (I wish). Course, at collective 96, we probably both look great to each other due to failing eyesight!…..

Some ladies just age gracefully – she’s dont it “disgracefully”!!……. and not even a mix of sun, alcohol, late nights and the stress of motherhood/housekeeping/keeping her man happy has caused any problems either! She’s totally and utterly gorgeous: inside and out and I wanted to wish her a very public, electronic and sincere happy birthday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and the best year ahead!

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