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1st January 2010

3am and at a Coral Bay junction……….

One of these days, we are going to get arrested. We spend so much of our time at this time of year, loitering with intent in the slip road to the left hand junction for Coral Bay, from Paphos. Its the easiest place to meet the taxis or car hires and take the guests to their villas/settling them in etc.

Makes me laugh when, at 3.20am this morning, with the road deserted sain Ayle then returned to enjoy their first anniversary, which was very touching. Thankfully, they’ve had a great time and look totally relaxed and happy – and it was sad to wave them off.

Having checked out a host of guests from various villas in Coral Bay and Peyia today, we’re now off to Droushia and Latchi to welcome new guests into new villas. Its very exciting! I love to see if the people look like they “sound” on the emails – and I”m sure they think the same about us! (Add 20 years and you’ve got us!).

Tonys received an early 50th pressie today: thanks to the Aberdeen Bells, we’ve just been feasting on the finest Scottish Shortbread over a much needed cuppa. Huge thanks to Sharon, Russell, Rachel and Grahame (and no, there won’t be any left when you arrive!).

Must dash. Apparently, I need to get changed before I go back out coz my colours are clashing, according to my beloved….why didn’t he tell me this first thing when I left for the office? Well, he thought about it , it would seem , then the phone rang…….c’est la vie!