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1st February 2014

3 wheels on my wagon…

The 1st February has arrived with lovely sunshine and bright skies here in Peyia Cyprus. Bookings for holiday villas to rent , are coming in thick and fast and we’re busy, thank god! Which is not only good from the business side of things but also for the ‘dry’ promise I made to Tony on the 1st January!

I’ve got through January with three ‘odd’ (and large!) glasses of wine , so I’ve stayed ‘on the wagon’, albeit a slightly wobbly one! Tony is a saint and hasn’t had a drop of anything even vaguely alcoholic but is coming out for lunch today with me, so we’ll see if the beer sales locally increase!

I’m going to try NOT to drink today

Till I get to the lunch time restaurant!……………………………”I’m still rolling along” tee hee