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10th November 2019

3 Things my husband just wouldn’t believe!

Well, what a wonderful day Saturday was! Starting off with a walk along the stunning coastline from Coral Bay to St Georges with the lovely Susie Floozy and ending up at home, laughing at the course of the days events.

Let me explain: Susie Floozy is a gazelle. She is tall, slim and walks regularly, so a stroll to her is a marathon to me! As I’m always working and don’t really ”do” exercise, certainly not enough! – the thought of walking with her is great if not a little daunting!

Still, the Gazelle and  the Nanna Dumpling, did a very impressive 9200 steps, (well, they were counted on sue’s wrist: I suspect my little legs did at least double that!) and enjoyed the views and the natter. I was well chuffed at the distance we did, despite hardly being able to walk !

Then, I got called out to see the lovely George and Di, who are holidaying in Villa Garlands and couldn’t work the TV. Now, I am not in the least TV friendly – and can barely switch ours on, of if I do, get LOUD SUBTITLES in POLISH on the bottom of the screen! But I didn’t want Di to miss Strictly, so I went to the villa , intent on sorting this – AND I DID! I managed to not only find the channels but also movies and sport! I am technological!

As if things couldn’t get better, the wonderful Sue and Babs asked ME for a recipe for something I’d made! I could have fallen over. A cook I am not though I try – but I’ve made it ladies! My recipes are sought after!

Couldn’t wait to tell Tony about my day though he viewed me with suspicion when I did! Today has started off pretty well too: THREE matching pairs of socks came out of the washer!

OMG! Am becoming a proper woman! Cannot believe it. May need to sit down……

Now you wouldn’t believe the value of the gorgeous villas and apartments we’ve got here! Email to for details – and I’ll even throw in a recipe just for fun!

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