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1st January 2010

26 and not out……

Today is our 26th Wedding Anniversary. I honestly don’t know where the years have gone – and Tony is so overwhelmed by the timespan, that he is having a lie down to ‘contemplate’ the passing of the years………

Life goes so quickly, doesn’t it? I’m so very grateful for the time we’ve shared together : the past almost 30 years have been interesting and challenging (the former for Tony , the latter for me tee hee). Christakis, the local chemist and ‘sooth sayer’ tells me a good marriage is down to a good economy ie if the wife has enough to spend, she is happy and the husband is left in peace! I honestly don’t know what the secret is: our ‘life economy’ has never been rich in financial terms but always rich in great friends, wonderful pets and interesting opportunities/ challenges. Our mutual families are , to say the least, dysfunctional – but even though we don’t see enough (or any) of most of them, they too are fab and have added to the daily joys of being alive.

Maybe the reality of marriage is patience ( me again); humour (definitely me) and sheer hard work and commitment (both) – and of course, Tony has a GREAT bum!

Whatever it is, I’m eternally grateful for it and long may it continue, albeit in the ‘soft focus’ and generous flesh in which we are now both hiding………

Happy Anniversary Hubs! You drive me completely crazy but you are the best thing that ever happened to me – now where is your wallet? xx