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25th March 2015

25th March – Another celebration to be shared by guests in Cyprus villas!

Today, 25th March, is a bank holiday across Cyprus. We are celebrating the Greek Revolution, probably because the man famous for saying “NO” to the Italians, a man named Metaxas, now has a very tasty brandy named in his honour!

Seriously, today is a celebration shared with our neighbours across the mainland of Greece and the Greek islands. National parades will take place – and probably some brandy supped too!

The village of Peyia is very peaceful today. Businesses are closed, men are sitting outside of the kafenes, enjoying coffee and reminiscing /correcting one another about the stories passed on about the Revolution! – Tourists are meandering the streets and enjoying the calm and warmth of this welcome Spring day. Its a joy to experience – as is every day here.

Also the celebration of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary, the village church bells have sounded out since 6.30 am, with Barney T Rubble accompanying their chimes with his soulful howl! In all, a great day to be alive and be in Peyia!

With many more celebratory days to come, you should come to Cyprus too! Email to us on com and I’ll share the fun calendar and villa availability with you!

sunshine at deck