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1st January 2010

24 Mothers in law?

We have some very noisy birds who fly around the hillside where we live in Peyia, near Coral Bay. I like birdsong but the noise these birds make is very different – so I asked my wonderful Cypriot friend, Alexandra, (the Greek lady- long story, I’ll tell you another time!), what type of birds were making such a racket…….

“Oh, Lynn”, she said, very solemnly, “These are the ‘ecosse desira pet-era birds’…it is so sad. Many years ago, a man was unfaithful to his wife with many of her friends and, when confronted, blamed his actions on the fact that his wife’s mother didn’t like him!….The Gods were listening and punished him by making him into a bird who has 24 Mothers in law! It is his duty now to travel the cypriot hillsides and sing for them, “24 mothers in law”……

Well, I asked – and I’ve heard some strange things whilst living in Peyia but this is another!

Tony has only one mother in law – but its a very sobering story to tell him! I might get my diamond yet for our anniversary!

Category: Cyprus Villas News