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 We care

Care? YES!.. and ALWAYS that much!









I remember when I worked in sales in UK radio stations and we were taught to ‘care – but not that much’ . This was simply a reminder that we were selling an advertising commodity to businesses, not saving life or death.


Running our holiday business for many years here in Peyia, Cyprus, I’ve had to ‘reframe’ this phrase because it just didn’t fit with the work we do. I realised very early that we HAD to care – very much: both for the owners of the properties who had put their trust in us to protect their investments and make them work hard – and for YOU, the  customers who  entrust  your much needed holidays to us , so your investment isn’t  just financial, its also recognised as ‘hopes and dreams’ and ‘precious time off/with your family and friends’……..


A holiday business has to be run with heart, in my humble opinion. We HAVE to care – or our customers don’t get the best out of their holiday in their chosen villa or apartment. We care about:


- Your villa choice

- The weather during the time you choose to come

- Whether you REALLY can walk to the beaches and restaurants or whether you want to hire a car

- Whether the location of the villa or apartment suits the needs of all of your party, young or old; family or friends

- Whether the lights are on when you arrive in the early hours

- Whether you’ve  got enough food /supplies to make a cuppa/have a sandwich/have a glass of wine

- Whether you’ve got internet on if you’ve asked for it

- Whether the make up of beds is right for you eg no point in having 3 doubles for 6 singles holidaying together

- Whether the pools are cleaned, healthy and ready

- Whether you, our customers,  have got our contact numbers, 24/7

- Whether you’ve got the numbers of those , god forbid you need them, emergency services during their stay

- …………….in fact, we’ve got to care about EVERYTHING to make your holiday as easy and lovely for you as we can – and we do!


The owners only pay us for so much of our work. This can infuriate my husband but I figure that we just have to BE there, whatever, whenever eg


- A guest falls down a flight of steps at 4am in the morning and the rest of his party are panic stricken – so I go and wait with them

- A guest has had a bereavement before she arrives and one of her party who should have been with her, isn’t – so we work hard to make her feel ‘loved and cared for’

- Guests are here for a wedding- so we take local champagne

- A child in a family is having a birthday on holiday – so we take cake!

- We been late finishing a clean – so we take the family out to dinner, at our cost while the clean is finished….

- OMG! The pillows aren’t the right height – so we try  to find some that are and loan them for the holiday………………

In fact, we’re the only company I know of who really ‘go the extra mile, not asking anything more of the owners or the guests’. I see our role as being ‘there in the shadows in case you need us ; making you feel safe ‘ – so you don’t worry coz I’ll worry about you enough for both of us!


Luckily, we have a great team in the office . The pool team are superb and love their pools to sparkle. The cleaning team see to the big and small details – and Emma and I do the welcomes; the smiles; the listening and the responding………..nothing is too much trouble. We just want you to have a great holiday – and you do. And many of you come back to us year in , year out. We love to see you return and to welcome new customers too!


In fact, at the end of the day, when the guests are all safely snuggled up in their chosen villa beds, its only then that we can relax and feel happy – and sleep: with one ear open for the phone!


Happy holiday! We care enough to make sure it is!


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