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 Getting Married

There are few places in the world where you can get married in your choice of quaint, traditional places or exclusive, beach front hotels – then go skiing a few hours later on the same island!


Cyprus is a wonderful location for weddings – choose from old village churches surrounded by stone cottages and interested sun kissed locals – or village gardens where bougainvillea forms a natural bouquet for the total environment of the garden in which you wed.


Or go very plush and marry barefoot on the beach at a special exclusive hotel chapel, enjoying a reception bathed in sunlight with the gentle sound of waves splashing at your feet.


Travel to and from your wedding on horse back or donkey, traditional wedding cart or funbus! Or, for the really glamorous, a huge white shiny Mercedes decked with flowing ribbons!


The Cypriot locals love a wedding and gather to help celebrate and dance – even during the ceremony! Thankfully their input stops short of some of the older traditions... one of which included the families of the newlyweds waiting outside of the bedroom window to applaud when the inaugural "deed" was done!

An island where goddesses and nymphs roamed freely and Aphrodite kissed the lands with her presence, Cyprus is living romance – and a perfect wedding location!


We Can Help You Experience The Magic of Cyprus Wedding!


One of the most enjoyable parts of our work, is arranging weddings for happy couples who come to Cyprus to "tie the knot" in beautiful surroundings.


There is something about the sunshine and wonderful flowers here, which makes a special day EVEN more special – as many of our couples will tell you.


Where to marry:


With a choice of marrying:


in the traditional village centre of Peyia, in the gardens of the "Fountain of Women", where the setting is a very pretty stone laid garden, with established trees elegantly lending their branches to provide shade for the Bride and Groom and their families


or on the beach! We can organise to make a pretty, wooden platform area, with Arbour and flowers, waiting to welcome you as you pledge your lives to each other!


For the more adventurous, climb aboard a boat and enjoy a choice of ceremony in the harbour at Paphos or head out to sea and join your lives together as the seas gently rock the vows to infinity


Or share your love in  the many chapels built in the grounds of magnificent hotels, who can cater for you from ceremony to reception…..


How to decide:


Its really easy! Just send us an email outlining your dream and we'll design a bespoke wedding for you, quoting you all the way on a no obligation basis – and help you find all you need for your special day. From flowers to dresses, transport to cakes, reception to accommodation for your guests, just let us take the worries away from you.




We'll guide you through the paperwork too – its not complicated and the officials in the Peyia Municipality are always happy to answer any unusual or more regular questions.




Cyprus has a HUGE heart – and the area of Peyia vibrates with warmth and friendship: it's the perfect place to join your lives: an unforgettable island sharing its beauties with happy couples about to embark on the adventure of their lives!

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