Having lived here in Peyia for almost 16 years, during which time I’ve worked my butt off in blazing sunshine year in , year out – and love every minute of it!

A natural sun worshipper, I also love to ”steal” an hour or so by the pool or close to the sea: something I share with our happy holiday villa guests !

Imagine my shock when, having had a , ”funny turn” during our recent sunshine holiday, while out for a walk, to be told I was suffering from sunstroke! It was horrible! Total blackout and loss of memory – and 2 days sleep to bring me around.

Being a little too clever for my boots, I came home to even hotter Cyprus and lived as normal, working hard with the team and playing hard with friends, then, WHAM, it hit again! This time, quietly over a second glass of wine in The Mill then got progressively worse as the night went on, to the point where I was so disorientated, I couldn’t take in my surroundings!

So, am going to have to take my own advice now: cover up/wear a hat and stay out of the midday sun PLUS keep drinking tons of water! I always worry about our guests: seems I need to concentrate a little more on myself for a while too!

This sun is gorgeous but very strong!

If you’re a (sensible) sun lover, looking for kinder winter sunshine (around 26 degrees daily in November), book a villa with pool in Coral Bay or Peyia and relax! Email to me for details: Lynn@cyprusvillas.uk.com