In a past life, I reckon I lived , ”downstairs” and had the duties of a chambermaid or similar.

Why? Well, I’ve realised this morning, I must be a very sad person: Tony is working today and I’ve only a few hours of work to do, so technically, the day, the sunshine, the furry gang and the pool, are ALL mine! So what am I doing?


The oven has been cleaned to within an inch of it’s life. The fridge is next on the list but I got distracted by the flowers in the pergola so went to look and OMG, the cushions were terrible! So they are now in the wash, with over loads waiting their peril.

I’m not houseproud – just have a lot on my mind and cleaning is my way of finding ”comfort” and ”order” in a world which is sometimes a little too much. The first thing I do when I get home from a trip, is to polish. Not that the house isn’t perfect, particularly when Tony’s Aunt Carole is here but just that I need to ”touch” the things in  my home to feel safe. I am nervous away from home and happiest in my own surroundings…..

Don’t get me started about linens! I LOVE them! Especially when they come fresh and ironed from the laundry but like many busy people, I forget to take them then struggle to get them nice and ”neat”- but love them anyway. I often get bedding out just to ”sort” it when I’m worried about stuff……

So I need to keep busy today with good things: why not send me an email asking about great offers for late spring or early Autumn sunshine? I’d love to send you a note about tidy villas with clean pools (and lovely bedding!). Email to me on

….and for family and friends who stayed in our home last year, when I wasn’t too mobile and are laughing their heads off at how UNTIDY our home was then, sorry!

(photo below is of Molly and Barney T Rubble, ”tidied” out of the way in our bedroom while I use the scary vacuum, downstairs!).