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What a stunning morning it is! The views from our home on the Peyia hillside, are crisp and clear today: sapphire blue seas are gently nudging the land, the fields are green and lush and the hillside is filled with wild flowers.

I lay in bed and listened to the sheep and their lambs, as they grazed next to our  house then lay a little longer listening to the birdsong, which was interrupted by the church bells ringing out their summons……

What surprised me when I did get up, was the many lovely smells coming up towards us: from the sweet fragrance of the yellow weed to the fresh bread and Easter cakes coming out of the ovens in the village bakery  – totally gorgeous!

Peyia is a very special village: a treat for the soul and the senses! Come and see for yourself: email to me on enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com or checkout our peyia site too www.peyiacyprus.com