Don’t lose your sparkle!


I’ve a small sign hanging in the kitchen of our home which says, “”never let anyone dull your sparkle”. I read it every time I open the blind on the window where it hangs and it makes me smile: probably because of the gorgeous friend of mine who gifted it to me!

Today, it’s making me feel guilty! Why? Well, the weather has changed here in Peyia , from ground cracking sunshine, to wonderful, moody , sunny Autumnal days with slightly shorter sunbathing hours but great cloud formations – so I want to ”bring colour warmth” to our home.

Basically, that means, I want to change all of the throws and light coloured covers, replacing them with the rich , winter textures of deep reds and golds in velvet and chenille. (As you may have guessed, I’m a hoarder of ”stuff” and have had these since UK days and LOVE them!).

My challenge is that , the pale lemon sparkly cover which is on the comfy, family sofa in the kitchen, will need to be changed into a more richly coloured, non sparkly one. Not that this is a problem in itself: it’s just that this lemon cover sparkles – or does in the places where Molly hasn’t worn the cover away! (This is Molly’s favourite place!). Then, if I do put it away for winter, I’ll have to move it’s ”friends”’, the equally sparkly (in places!) cushions – and I don’t want to upset any of them! (Does fabric have feelings? If I take the thought on the laws of physics, then surely everything has a vibration of it’s own and thus MAY have feelings that we don’t know about? Perhaps they’ll all hate the darkness of wardrobes and will be unhappy?….)

In real truth, I may be overthinking stuff – but the winter cover just isn’t the sparkly, lived in lemon one – and I cannot get to it anyway, coz it’s on our bed and Tony is still snoring away in there!

I think I’ll pour a ”glass of sparkly” instead and ponder the challenge of autumn/winter colour palette on another day! Really, I’ve enough to think about with the villa departures and arrivals today so should be trying to ”colour” my face and let my own inner brightness out before I worry too much about the kitchen!

Anyway, happy Sunday! And if your thoughts are turning to sparkling sunshine for 2018, drop me an email to and I’ll cover off some of the special sunshine deals on offer! ( the photo below is the sofa, ”as is”… this space for change!).

…..and breathe!


It’s a stunning, stormy and wet day here in Peyia. The skies are magnificent, swinging from hot sunshine to heavy cloud with a good old sprinkling of loud thunder for effect!

For the first time in 12 weeks, we have no friends or family staying here at home with us so I’ve been able to potter to my hearts content: dusting; sweeping; fussing; moving stuff and cooking without having to worry about anyone but myself – and, sorry if I sound selfish – it’s lovely!

I need peace now and again. The hillside around us and the views to the coast, offer the quiet and solace that I seek to calm my very busy mind – so adding to that a little ”me time” this afternoon, is just wonderful!

Mind you, ”me time” is actually, ”their time”, as far as the furry twosome are concerned. Molly is on my knee and Barney T Rubble , at my feet. It’s tickle his tummy and chat to Molly, time…..bliss.

It’s also a great time to email to me to enquire about your 2018 holiday , especially as I’m working on adding a couple of new properties both in Peyia and Coral bay! Write to and find your blissful break!

Barney’s toast.


There are few things sacred in this life but when it comes to eating a piece of toast in our home, there is no chance whatsoever of having the opportunity to enjoy a buttered slice of lovely bread, in peace.

I swear Barney T Rubble can hear a toaster ‘pop’ for 1000 meters away! If he’s out for a walk on the hill with one of us and the other is making a ”sneaky breakfast”, this big furry toast monster, turns tail and heads back to the house – where he slobbers at the feet of whomever is eating until he gets his unfair share of the spoils.

Ive just popped home to see how the furries are – and to steal the crust off a new loaf I bought, putting it in the toaster to enjoy covered in butter – (the toast, not me!) – and down from the balcony, came Barney!

The crust went to a good home. In his tummy not mine.

Well, at least we know what to buy him for Christmas: his very own toaster which we’ll teach him to use!

If you fancy a breakfast in peace and a piece of toast in the sunshine on the patio of your very own holiday villa, email to me for tasty offers to . Once they see what you’ve booked, I bet your friends will want a ”slice” too!

Holding a Dream..


There are many days in our work with villa and apartment owners and holiday guests, when I’m humbled to hear their stories – and be given ”charge of their dreams”.

Whether working hard to help people have a wonderful holiday, trying to stay in the shadows but being instantly responsive to any problems, or being given charge of the lovely properties good people have dreamt of and then invested in, it’s a huge honour to help.

Recently, we’ve been given the beautiful Villa Laurel to offer as a holiday villa choice in Peyia. Stephen and Susan, who own this 3 bedroomed villa, have filled the house with love, care and wishes – to say nothing of stunning furniture and everything you could wish for.

Seeing the villa for the first time a few weeks ago, I was blown away by the quality of it – and very touched to hear the story of the owners dream of having a house in Peyia and how happy they are to have achieved this a few years ago.

They are such lovely, genuine people: and this ”shines out” in every corner of Villa Laurel. from the colour choice to the taste in furniture to the immaculate manner in which this holiday home is loved and cherished, it’s simply beautiful – and reflects the owners themselves.

I’m so happy to ”hold this dream” as an offer to anyone who is looking to rent a 3 bedroomed holiday home with pool, in the village of Peyia. Photos are being put on the website soon but there is a taster below!

Book early! – just mention Villa Laurel!

What is and isn’t, necessary?

I’ve just driven down to the house of a good friend in Peyia, to drop some things off to her and on the journey, had to pass the Cypriot and the Expats, cemetery.

Each of these resting places are sensitively designed and both, even though they flank left and right of a small , though busy road through Peyia, are very peaceful and ”give out” the feeling of serenity – so even the fastest of cars slow down, (well , most of the time).

Whenever I pass them, I remember that Christos, the wonderful young Cypriot electrician with whom we work and whose English is interesting (and way better than my Cypriot!), called the cemetery, the ”Necessary”.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but today, it really struck home that his word is really poignant: what is necessary? We are all going to die at some point. I’m not being morbid nor am I sad. I thank God every moment for my husband, family, friends and furry gang plus the opportunity to be here – but WHAT is necessary I thought today?

Well, for me, what is necessary are kindness; love; respect; care; understanding ; faith and hope. Everything else is a bonus but without these 6 things, I’d be lost. I try to live by them but fall short sometimes when ”ego” or ”pain” get in the way. Am working hard to put this right – but actually, in the working hard bit, I realized that having faith that all will be as it should be and the strength to live up to the others, makes way for miracles to happen.

I don’t mean to sound, ‘heavy” or to ‘preach”: I know nothing more that love is all; having faith is a huge comfort and gift – and that it’s necessary to respect, care for, understand and love those around you with all of your heart.

To be at peace with oneself: though not in the ”necessary” just yet!

The Chicken Mansion


Since Emma, Christian, Charlie and Daisy moved into their lovely new home, in Coral Bay, they’ve been hard at work putting their stamp on it!

For Emma, this has meant painting everything pink. For Christian, this has meant a huge amount of hard work and having to face the pink paint! Charlie, aged 9, is learning to brew Zivania, helped by a very happy old Cypriot man who lives near them – and Daisy is learning to creosote – everything – including herself!

The tales from their happy household, remind me of stories from, The Little House on the Prairie – and they are great to listen to!

Today , the task is to finish The Chicken Mansion. Starting off as a project to house a couple of chickens for free eggs, this has now turned into a mammoth construction, which has the capacity for many, many birds – and children by the look of it! (though that may be the B plan!).

I’ll keep you informed! But expect to see photos of Daisy, aged 6, covered in feathers and drinking a glass or two of homebrew!

If you fancy a brew at your holiday home in the sunshine, book your 2018 villa or apartment today. Email for deals to



Hello. My name is Ted. We haven’t spoken before but I needed to offload so my person let me use the blog thingy.

Barney T Rubble is my ”master”. I like him a lot – except when he picks me up and shakes me around a bit when he wants to play. At least he doesn’t shake me as much as he shakes the other teddy bears in the house. I mean, poor Angel teddy not only got shaken but she also had all of her clothes ripped off! That was mean!

Anyway, Barney is really okay most of the time. I know I’m his best friend. When he is tired, he takes me for a cuddle. When he is happy, I get shaken a bit and when he is lonely, he snuggles up to me and we just hang out together.

The reason I’m writing is that , yesterday, he locked me out of the house. I had to wait f.o.r.e.v.e.r. for a person to come home and find me and take me back into the house. I was frightened – and needed something to cuddle too!

So I want to report Barney T Rubble for cruelty to Teds. Does anyone know the address? Don’t tell him though coz he’ll probably get his monster little sister to bury me! (She does this with some of his other toys but I don’t tell him).

Thank you.

And book your holiday villa now. Because if you book, my person is happy and if she is happy, Barney T Rubble is happy then I’m happy. It’s all good! Email to

Sleep tight!


Ever since I was young, I’ve always been able to curl up and sleep: no matter what the problem; no matter what the worries, I’m one of the lucky ones. I lie down, tell brain to sleep – and I sleep. Tony has a theory that I can sleep on the sharp end of a chickens lip!

Sleep is so very important. Whenever we hit a big hurdle at work, whether personally or professionally, ”sleep on it”’, is the answer….

With the guests in our villas and apartments, I love the thought that, when they are all checked in, they are in comfortable beds and will sleep soundly. Rather like putting a baby into his/her cot and knowing they are content, I love to  know the guests are in, relaxed and sleeping well….

At this time of year, the weather is still hot but the nights offer the promise of cold. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t cold as such but they are cooler , not requiring a/c and , if you are cold blooded like me, they need to a ”top sheet”.

So I’ve found one: a beautiful, hand stitched, ”happy and loving” elephant embroidered top cover which makes me SO happy and which helps me sleep even sounder! I’d like everyone to have one of these. I go over to sleep ,thinking of the work and love and care that has gone into my handstitched, ”cotton cuddle” and I’m at rest. Perfect peace – and I love elephants too!

Knowing how  much care our owners put into the beds/bedding offered in their villas and apartments, why not trust your good nights holiday sleeps to us? Email to and we’ll be happy to help you .

Sleep well!

Sharing the load.


Chatting to Molly Mou and Barney T Rubble today, I realise there is something very wrong: I have all of the running around to do eg their breakfast and tea; shopping for them and us; housework; ironing; planning and working for a living – and THEY give ME ”the look”, when I dare to leave the house!

We’ve discussed how, as they are at home when I’m not, maybe they could put their paws to good use and eg do the ironing and make the bed, instead of just lying on it etc.

Molly loves housework : she follows me around, checking everything and can source dirt on her nose. Barney is more chilled out but can collect a lot of dirt on his back as he lies there rolling side to side waiting for his tummy to be tickled…..

There is definitely a division of labour here! Whatever they DON’T do, I love them to bits. Whatever I do or don’t , they love me anyway – but prefer to lie on made beds and eat freshly bought chicken. My job is to serve, I think!

Speaking of which, if you are looking for a winter sunshine holiday or booking early for 2018 please email to us for offers and availability:

Must dash! Things to do!

The song of life


I’ve just been sitting on The Thinking Step , at home, talking to my Mum on the phone. I was telling her about a wonderful book I’ve just read, “”Tuesdays With Morrie””, which should be a MUST on anyone’s list…

Anyway, in the book, Morrie, a very ill old man, was serenaded by the wife of one of his former pupils, who sang to him, “The Very Thought of You””. This chapter was so very beautiful, I’ve re-read it several times.

I digress…telling Mum about this, we both remembered her sitting with my Grandad, at home in Hebburn, on a Sunday afternoon, when they’ve both get a cup of tea, put the Black n White movies on and prepare to cry – but not until they’d sung, “”I’m a little on the lonely, a little on the lonely side””……..oh, how my heart lurched then soared feeling their pain then remembering the love of my Gramps…..

The thing is, we’ve all got a ”song ” in our life haven’t we? Emma, our beautiful office angel was only yesterday, ”loving and listening” to four wonderful guests in a villa in Coral Bay. They’d only just arrived and it was their first holiday each without their partners, who had died within the past 2 years.. Emma listened closely; felt the music in their souls and ”loved” them enough to make them feel safe, welcome and at home.

Okay, so we rent out villas or apartments and book holiday guests in for commission from the owners BUT we also care: enough to listen; learn and dance to the tune of the souls who come across our paths.

Life’s music is everywhere and we each have a story. For Emma and I, we are proud to be a tiny pause in the orchestra of the days of our customers!

Come and ”sing” with us: