Things going bump in the night!

There we were, Tony and I , deep in sleep in the middle of the night when suddenly, ”clatter”, then yelp then thunder of feet on the tiles on the balcony outside our bedroom.

I was just ”coming to”, when a 65 kilo , hairy , scared beast, came flying through the bedroom door crying as he tried to climb onto the bed.

Pushing him down, I noticed he was shaking and cowering, so went to see what had happened….

Mystery solved! The very naughty, ”gigantic” (not), wooden broom, had fallen over and bumped Barney on the head before it hit the tiles, giving him a big fright!

Guard dog? Not likely!

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A true reflection?

Molly mou , our late tiny dog, used to ”chase the little dog in the mirror”, who seemed to copy Molly’s every move and got our little furry daughter quite upset! Matching move for move, the ”mirror dog” fought back – and it was hilarious!

This morning, I’ve walked Barney T Rubble up the hill, though it was almost TOO hot to do so and, when we got back to the gate where my car was parked, Barney spotted a ”big creature” following him so turned to ”stare him out”.

I had to laugh: Barney is a big dippy at the best of times but watching him stare at his own reflection in the door of my car in the sunshine, was very funny. He was not going to budge! Luckily, a ‘big scary bird”, flew overhead and caught Barney’s eye, so I was able to give him a little ‘pull” on the lead to get him walking again. Very funny!

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Have a great day!

The courage to live out loud.

What a week it has been! So many wonderful ”happenings”, so many sad and painful things happening to those we care about too – it’s been a real mix of emotions and ”real life”.

One of our key housekeeping team had a horrible accident, made worse by the fact that people simply drove past her as she lay in agony at the roadside! Thankfully, she is now recovering and will be fine. Another lady, whose heart is so big and who cares always for everyone else, had a heart attack – and she’s so young, it’s shocked so many of us. Now we all need to give back to her, the love and support she gives out to others.

Add the terrible news this am about the helicopter crash and death of a wonderfully, giving yet humble man who owned Leicester City FC and life just seems to be full of ”stuff” – and these three examples are only miniscule in the big scheme of things yet HUGE to the families and friends of those concerned. Life really has to be lived.

In the midst of the week, one very special even occurred: Sharron and Mark got married  . Two great people who’ve each lost their partners to pancreatic cancer and who found each other during their battle to live on from these tragic losses and were working hard to raise awareness and monies for the fight against cancer when, life magic happened and they fell in love……… a real, happy ending to so very much heartbreak.

I’m not sure what touched me the most: that they are so happy together and right for each other or that they are all of that but also so very mindful of the journey which has brought them together and so very inclusive of the love and memories that they shared with their late partners. It takes special people to be so openly loving and respectful of life – and to have the courage to then live on in such good grace, holding memories close and working together to make new ones. Wishing them all the very best, always.

Life is for living, isn’t it? Right here , right now – and I cannot think of a better place to live then here! And I mean, ”here”’, wherever you are right now.

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Big T. Rubble on the hill!

It’s a beautiful Autumnal morning here in Peyia. The skies are a little moody but the sun is burning through them with the promise of a very hot day ahead.

Barney and I decided to walk earlier than normal, so we got our shoes on (me), put lippie on (me) and brushed our hair (both), before heading up the hillside into the calm of the rolling landscape.

The walk was lovely and peaceful. The journey back wasn’t though! Normally, walking down the hill is so very much easier than walking up. Barney is very good on the lead, seeming to understand that , at 65 kilos, he is a whole lot of dog for me to handle, so he doesn’t pull.

Today, however, he decided to not only NOT pull but to NOT walk either. So he sat down. Right in the open doorway of our neighbour’s garage, where our very quiet neighbour was busying himself with his chores – and very obviously didn’t want to be disturbed! Not least by a huge hairy brute who was staring very hard at him……

It’s taken  me 10 minutes to budge him and I only managed by resorting to my now infamous, ”hosepipe” impression! Barney is scared of water and doesn’t like the hosepipe , or the impression, at all. Our neighbour now thinks I’m the lunatic who lives too close to him for comfort! Anyway, we are home and both going to lie down! (No, Barney and I not the neighbour and I, silly! ).

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Travel- as if by magic!

Travelling back to the UK late last week, to spend a few, precious days with my Mum and sisters, I was taken aback by how small the world is and how easy it is to be in one place, then another!

short of the general hassles of packing and the administration side of travel, it still amazes me that you can be in one country, one time zone and one temperature – then emerge from a flight in completely another!

Cyprus to UK isn’t a huge flight- normally less than 5 hours but the countries are worlds apart in terms of temperature at this time of year – and the air is different too! I loved arriving in Newcastle, to the lilt of Geordie twangs, the ”neat and tidy” older couples and the magnificence of the bridges and the architecture. Blyth, where my Mum lives, was covered in flying golden leaves and being battered by a very strong wind but the air was filled with the magic of the North East, which only bricks, smiles and the cold grey North Sea can bring!

Talking to Tony while in UK, I marvelled at the time difference: at the fact that his day began in 30 degree heat and my view was grey sky and cold grey sea- but it was all the same day/life – just separated by geographical distance and small time gap ……it’s fascinating!

Home now to the Peyia Autumnal, warm sunshine and I’ve even had to come into the house this pm to escape the heat! The colours in the sky hold the golden promise of cooler weather to come : the sunset is setting out to be magnificent and the village is musical with bells, goat hooves and a little light traffic…….it’s also magical.

I loved the trip and I love being home. The difference between the two countries in terms of travel has reminded me that no-one is too far away . I close my eyes and can ”feel” myself back in the bosom of my family in UK – and I open them and am grateful to be here in our home. We all walk parallel in this life. Different shoes. Changing journey plan but same destination…… something I”ll keep reminding myself of in the months ahead…..

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I love Sundays!



What a beautiful day it is here in Peyia, Cyprus. The sun is in the heavens, the birds are singing, Barney T Rubble is snoring and the goats are climbing slowly up the hillside…..pure bliss!

There is something extra special about Sundays here: whether it’s the fact that the village is very much quieter than on other days of the week, or maybe that it’s a day of reflection and thought for many – the air feels charged with peace and hope.

Even the departures from holiday villas around the area, then the welcome arrivals, cannot disturb the feeling of wellbeing and ”good to be aliveness”……am so grateful to be here, now.

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The Mothers!


Oh deary me. I’ve made two phone calls in the last hour, each of which were scary and both have left me feeling a little unsettled. I’ll explain.

My first call was to Tony Without Teeth, my wonderful , if not a little crazy, mother in law. At 85 , she is completely brilliant and doesn’t cease to amaze me but the revelation she made today, shocked me to the core!

She’s finding pleasure again in reading, she was explaining to me. Ah, I thought, how lovely – until she then expanded on the subject matter which seemed to only be bylines around the main event: a series of torrid sex scenes! More worrying was that she said she enjoyed them so much, she’s reading the book for the second time- then is planning to visit her boyfriend, Wicked William, aged 95, who should be warned and will be VERY scared!

Managing to finish this call, I rang my Mum, Marlena Dramatic, who can make an issue out of eating a digestive biscuit! Not for her the perfunctory ”yes and no” – oh no. Why say less when you can say so very much more and expand on every theory going?

Anyway today she couldn’t chat for long: apparently her neighbour, David, a singleton who calls to see her regularly, was ”showing her his chimes”………….I hung up!

Now I know men should look at the mothers before they marry the daughters but I tell you what, no man should venture near either of these two without being escorted safely in and out of the their presence…….

(Now , what was the title of that book Tony Without Teeth was telling me about?)…..

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The photo below is of Wicked William and  Tony Without Teeth – just after she’d explained chapter 6!

Missing Molly….

I cannot say today is harder than yesterday because everyday since our precious Molly Mou passed away, has been so very hard.

Sometimes, I just feel overwhelmed with the loss of her, looking for her everywhere in the house and garden and waiting to be ”pounced upon” by this loving little doggie.

Today, reflecting on the happy times we shared, memories of each of our precious pets came flooding through. From Dan, a beautiful big black Labrador whose family had emigrated and left him back at the kennels where we met, to the day we emigrated here, with Alfiedog, Cloudy and Tiff cats with us to share the adventure… and each of the many precious dogs and cats in between.

Peyia is filled with memories of some of our pets. Alfie spent a huge amount of time in the vets in Peyia, with Nikolas and Anni helping him through his brave cancer battle. Jake, our first Akita, fought a brain tumour but succumbed to epilepsy at the tender age of 5. Our cats, grew in numbers and mischief and have left marks on trees, furniture and our hearts…. life rolls on, doesn’t it?

Preparing to walk Barney T Rubble up the hill this afternoon, I’m tearful but happy in equal measures. Grateful to have shared the love of those who’ve joined the angels and happy to have the joys of spending time with our special big bear , Barney, now.

A great friend of ours says there is nothing like a good walk, to help a person feel better -so off we go for our walk, knowing we’ve got to keep facing forward but remembering to stop and smell the flowers on the journey we take.

(The photo below is of our Family Tree of Pets – so far!)

A Nice Cup of Tea!


Today is the birthday of my beautiful middle sister. She is celebrating by having a mud bath – and taking a breath, knowing she’s beaten one of the odds of reaching this date, since the Big C came along and held a gun against her life…….

Tomorrow, would have been our Nanna’s birthday with mine  , the following day, so from my sister and I being very young, this time of year was ”ours”: spent with Nanna is a haze of fun, piano playing (badly!) , cake and a ”nice cup of tea”….

Nanna was great fun: she loved to play dress up; act the fool and perform on any stage that would let her – from dropping us off at school dance where she’d ”do” a little jig to going to the Club, where Grandad would hide in his pint.

She made our young lives magically – and solved every worry and problem, with a ”nice cup of tea”.

My sister is with her children and grandchildren in the UK today. I’m thinking of her, our nanna and such very happy times in the North East of England, where tea flowed but everything else seemed to be sparkly and magical in what were very tough days in a working life for our young parents.

Every life should have a Nanna with the spirit of ours; a sister with the courage of mine and the chance to be filled with the richness of memories and the promise of things getting better!

This is why I love to welcome holiday guests here to villas and apartments: their holiday is a metaphorical ”nice cup of tea”: some respite from normal stuff and , with luck, filled with fun and magic!

I’ll put the kettle on while you email to me on

For Steve…

This morning began with the saddest message that our lovely friend, Steve , had gained his angel wings before breakfast today…..

I want to pay the best tribute to this wonderful man but I can ”feel” him laughing at me as I try to find words – but I’ll try….. Steve was one of the best, real people we’ll ever meet. He was full of fun , mischief and opportunities to ”have a laugh” – but he was also a responsible hard working man with a conscience.. … In fact, one of the best people you could ever meet.

He reminded me of Robbie Williams: he had those sparkling eyes, look of mischief BUT couldn’t sing! Probably what they had in common was the way in which they both love to entertain people……

The key thing is that Jan(et), his lovely wife, gave him the platform, strength and foundation on which to play and ‘perform’. She was the best thing he could ever wish for because she loved him a to z and was there throughout – but he knows this more than anyone.

Peyia was darker after they both left. We all respected them so much for moving home to UK closer to Jan”s family – but we lost a lot of light and fun in the village here…..

Today, there aren’t enough words except to say to Janet, how much she is loved and thought of , by all of us who know her and Steve – and how much respect we have for her for the changes she made to life to help Steve.

And to Steve, well you little tinker: you survived so many odds and deadlines and we pray, are having the last laugh  now. So very glad to know you , Steve and so very sad to not have another New Years Eve party to attend with you. You are one of the best  – and we hope the angels know how to party but know you’ll teach them. X

….and Jan, our love and prayers are with you xxx