Salmon Chanted, “Eat Me”….

It’s been a bit of a standing joke in our home that, every time I defrost strips of salmon for us to have for our dinner, something either crops us and we have to go out on a call for the night or something goes horribly wrong!

The Hill Gang of feral cats, don’t mind in the least as they get to eat the salmon – and I’m starting to think that Harry and his feline friends, actually have a ”system” in place with the stars and the energies, to cause things to be difficult , stopping us from cooking this innocent fish!

It happened again on Monday. I won’t go into details but, having gone about our day  looking forward to salmon and roast vegetables and a good old dose of Monday night TV, Tony and I ended up having to go straight from work to talk to and listen to, dear friends of ours who are making a life change. Not that we minded doing this at all, as we love this pair – but the salmon suffered – and was usurped by fish n chips! (Yes, neither of us have will power!).

Anyway, Thursday night dawned, with the promise of gorgeous defrosted salmon waiting for us at home – and we DID IT! Cooked, eaten, smiles all round and not a drama in the vicinity , (well, that particular) evening.

Got me thinking about the many things we are superstitious about – and how we probably put our own fears onto them, making them ”happen” when they really don’t. I mean, can you really believe a salmon is out to get us?!

Anyway, it’s a beautiful Saturday; the sun is in the heavens today and our world is blessed with peace and great family and friends, including the furry ones. Life happens and will keep doing so, god willing – but I’m cooking chicken casserole and staying put!

Still, if you’re looking for tasty holiday this Spring , Summer or Autumn and want sunshine, friendly people, wonderful walks/views/beaches and restaurants, on a scale of 1 to 10, Peyia and Coral Bay Cyprus, are a 20!! Email to me for offers on beautiful villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations – – and I don’t mind you ruining my dinner if you need to book urgently coz properties are already heavily booked and I don’t want you to miss out!

Happy eating and happy Cyprus holiday – I hope! (Photo below is of a happy table just waiting for the guests and the food)..

Harry’s house.

There are many , beautiful feral cats who live on the hillside near our home in Peyia. Most, thankfully, have a ”friendly household”, who feed them and look out for them but at this time of the year, many of the expats have returned to their home countries to enjoy the start of the new year.

Which leaves us. And Barney T Rubble. Surrounded by the cutest, loudest, skinniest group of feline characters I’ve ever come across!

Now, I would have them all living in our home .Tony is good and would have maybe one to three of them – but Barney T Rubble is having none of it – and none of them!

The weather has been terrible in Cyprus for 4 weeks. Our annual winter time has extended to over just over a month and has been very cold and wet. So the feral gang are not only hungry, they are cold as well – and it’s all too much!

So, Tony and I have ”fashioned” a cat hotel out of an old cat box, some bits from work including lots of waterproof liner and many cushions and warm sweaters, (mostly old but I have to admit to finding the warmest in our wardrobes and ”losing them” to this new hotel!).

Harry Cat has been the first to move in. He seems very happy but keeps hissing at me when I DARE to take eg fresh salmon or pieces of beef for him to eat! He’s warm and cozy in the hotel, has no dues to pay BUT now rules the hillside and is fighting off the others. Mummy cat, who sits on the back wall of our home, keeps telling me very loudly, how badly done to she is and how Harry, “”has it all” – so we’re trying to get Harry to share…….will let you know how this goes but I am expecting ”claws out at hotel Harry!”

If you’d like somewhere to stay which you don’t have to share, except with those you love, email to me about villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations in Coral Bay and Peyia. If you’re ”feline” like sunshine this spring and summer, this is definitely the place – with resident feral cats a bonus!

(Photo below is Charlie Cat. Original Cat of the Hill, here in Peyia).


Holiday villas and people….

There may be something fundamentally wrong with me but I just love the work I do!

With no such thing as, ”time off” due to having to be on 24/7 callout and working from home evenings and weekends with daytime spent in the office, I honestly believe I must be mad – but I really do love what I do.

I think it’s the people . From our team to the villa owners, from the great people who look after our website/the bank staff, the holiday guests -it’s just really interesting dealing with them all and getting to know them.

Looking back through the years of being here in Cyprus, I love that so very many holiday guests return to us year in, year out.. I enjoy sharing their ”stories” with them and appreciate that they ask about ours. It’s all about the people .

Team members come and go, which is as life is though most stay with us many years. New villa guests fly into our lives and the majority become repeat customers. …… It’s all just lovely!

Christmas has been busy – with even a callout on Christmas Day – and the new year is now here, decorations are down and the house is ”freshened up” ready for whatever the year brings.

Life will happen. I know this year that my ”byword” is ”Courage” – with a whole sprinking of faith mixed in – but as the weeks unfold and 2019 ripens, I know I’ll continue to love to work hard – and be looking for ways to make this holiday business better and better.

Go on! Challenge me: tell me where you’d like to spend a sunshine holiday here in this gorgeous Peyia /Coral Bay and I’ll do my best to help ! Hurry though: August is almost fully booked!

Email to . Looking forward to getting to know you!

A Hostage Situation on the Hill!

Jake, our first, completely crazy Akita, used to cause ”hostage situations”. We couldn’t leave shopping in bags on the floor or put soup in a pan because he’s ”steal ” and not give back.

One of his favourite, ”steals”, was a tub of butter or a margarine. He’d take it to the corner of the room and hold it hostage until he’d finished every last bit!

Returning from a walk then quick shop today, I dropped a tub of butter at the front door and was smiling to myself thinking, I’ll pick this up in a moment when I’ve let Barney T Rubble out – because he doesn’t ”take hostages”…..

Famous last words! No sooner had the door opened, when Barney stole the tub and ran inside , curling himself up in the corner and refusing to let the tub go! Luckily, Barney isn’t as naughty as Jake was, so after a little coaching and the offer of a biscuit, he ”handed the tub over”.

I know I shouldn’t laugh but I did! If Barney is starting to ”channel” Jake, we are in seriously big trouble!

….come and enjoy a holiday with us! You’ll not be a hostage to  Barney but I bet you won’t want to leave! Email to for details on villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations!

Photo below is of our beloved Jake! Barney definitely shares his good looks!


Real Life.

With Christmas now safely behind us and the New Year celebrations on the horizon, it’s a time for reflection and counting blessings.

The past few days have been colourful! Our wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve, was ”rushed along” with a burst pipe in a villa toilet, followed by broken hob on Christmas Day, caused by the sheer weight of pans on the stove then a few, ”life” things which affect holiday villas every bit as much as they affect your home. eg broken glasses/ rain ”stopping pool play” and various small and large things which the holiday guests in some villas, wanted to talk about.

Much as I would have loved to have complete ”time out”, I am still of the mindset that it’s a privilege to work hard for villa owners and to care for my fellow human whilst he/she is on his holiday. I don’t even mind those who moan and groan – because that’s just how some people are.

This Christmas, I feel very tired BUT two things have kept life in perspective: the first, the sight of an old man, sitting at the graveside of his recently deceased wife at the cemetary in Peyia. I was driving past on my way home from a callout on Christmas Day and saw him sitting crying, looking at the flowers. Heartbreaking – and I should have stopped to give him a cuddle but didn’t want to intrude…

The second, my beautiful sister had to have more surgery yesterday: something she just didn’t need when set against the health struggles she is battling but it was necessary and awful for her………..

Life does it’s thing, whatever the day, whatever the season. We all loose loved ones, worry over those precious to us – and , on the many great days, laugh and love and find peace.

We’re all in it together!

Here’s wishing for a peaceful, healthy, happy and sunshine filled 2019! Am thinking each day should hold only a brief, ”tears time” then the rest should be lived in gratitude and hope – with the odd glass of decent dry white wine pushed in!

Take a break from the real world: book a holiday villa with clean pool here in Coral Bay or Peyia! Email for details to

Photo below is of Barney T Rubble, reflecting on his ”lot” – and looking for the Hill Cat Gang!

Strictly learning!

What an interesting world we live in. Every day, something new, someone different or something out of the ordinary happens.

  • The daily magic is in the tiny details: the unexpected meeting; a kindness; something to make you smile – it’s all so very precious.
  • There is so much to be grateful for despite so many things to have to accept and work through – eg on a light note, working out why this blog is being marked in ‘pointers!’ Lol!

As this year is drawing close to its end, I am reflecting on the journey and starting to open my eyes and heart to what is to come. Change can be difficult but necessary for life to do it’s thing and make room for more magic. So bring it on!

“Learn the dance that you’ve been shown, by anyone you’ve ever known, until the dance becomes your own – then lead it!”

Want to learn more about villa holidays here in peyia and coral bay? Email to and enjoy more holiday to write home about!


I’ve just had a real giggle talking to my Mum, Marlena Dramatica, on the telephone. Anyone who has met her, knows she sounds like a VERY posh version of Joanna Lumley – and even I pull my tummies in and round my vowels when I’m talking to her! And I’ve known her my whole life so you’d think it would be easier for me!

Anyway, having had a great chat about Christmas/how to prepare food , (My Mum was a superb chef) and other bits n pieces, Mum signed off with, “”Darling, I have to go: Maureen is due here in 10 minutes and I need to put my teeth in! ……” I nearly fell over! This was the last thing I expected my gorgeous, glamorous Mum to say!

Got me thinking about a time my Dad and I visited Granddad in his nursing home and he was complaining that he couldn’t find his teeth and that his gums were hurting… We searched his room until Dad looked closely again at Granddad and saw gums ie two sets of them! So we got Granddad to open his mouth wide – and there they were: his full set of teeth upside down in his mouth!

It’s a family thing: Nanna kept her false teeth in the pocket of her pinny! There is so much to look forward to – but Mum and the memories have certainly made me smile again in a busy day!

If you’d like to smile a whole lot more, look forward to 2019 and holidaying in a villa with private clean pool or apartment in a great location! We’ll even leave a glass out for your teeth, if you need it! Email to for details and look forward to a very Happy New Year!

Countdown to Christmas.

It’s been an interesting day here in Peyia!

The morning began with a huge rainbow ‘smiling’ over the sea – or probably laughing as , within minutes of appearing, the heavens opened and the most heavy rain came throwing itself down upon us!

Rain is good – except when  you are up against a deadline to finish relining a very lovely, large pool here in Peyia – and the team doing the work, are on Christmas leave from tonight!

Still, as it does here on the island , in this interesting weather phase, the sun broke through around 11am, winning the battle to claim the day! The pool is now complete, the customers are delighted – and we are breathing a HUGE sigh of relief!

The day has brought a few smiles too: according to a very gorgeous 4 year old, pigs eat bacon which they get from America, where it grows in the ground! We’ve been inundated with kindness too: from homemade coffee liqueur to bottles of wine and boxes of chocolates, our customers have been amazing, gifting us with pressies and thank yous. Really, it’s we who should be thanking them for their trust – but we love the thoughts (and offerings)!.

So am sat in the office, finalising another August 2019 villa holiday booking, looking out at the sunshine and trying to look past the chocolates, thanking my lucky stars for another Peyia day shared with good people.

Without question, the team and many of the locals, are ”demob’ happy as the run down to Christmas celebrations gets shorter. For me, other than remembering to get the bits I need to cook for 10 on Christmas Day, the days are the same as always: precious, happy (in the main), challenging at times and interesting always. Am ready for more of the same in 2019!

Here’s to the weekend and last minute holiday villa booking enquiries! Remember, prices are held at 2018 rates for early booking! Email to

Beautiful Peyia!

I’ve been reading about the history  of our lovely village and loved a couple of the stories I’ve uncovered……

One example is that, due to influences over the centuries, the Greek Cypriot dialect in the regions of Kathikas, Akoursas and Kissonerga, is very ”sing song” and like Italian in the way it is delivered!

Another is that the local , quite famous spring  , (or Vrisi) in the Municipal Gardens was where the women of the village had to collect water, many years ago= and was said to make the local girls beautiful. The young men used to gather in the gardens to watch the young girls as they went about their work of getting water. So famous was this spring, that songs were written about it – one of which is still sung today and is, in fact, the ”on hold” music of Peyia Municipality.

Like many countries, a person’s surname was the name of their profession and passed down through the generations. Families shared the stories of their ancestors , embellished over the years: a great favourite told to me by a local friend, was of his great grandfather who was angry that a man from a rival village to Peyia,, came to the village on his donkey and ”impregnated”, (how very dare he!) one of the most beautiful local Peyia girls. So, this man’s great grandfather, went back on HIS donkey and ”impregnated” TWO local beauties in the village – at once!

Peyia is a colourful, warm and welcoming village: come and see for yourselves! – for villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations – and many stories to tell!

daily smiles.

There are so many good people here in the Peyia area. I’ve just been to the bank and had a giggle with one of the tellers there, who was talking about the tourists wearing their scanty holiday clothes whilst we locals are all wrapped up in layers of warmth! (Well, it has dropped to 17 degrees!).

Then I nipped to see the lovely Jackie, our local dressmaker, to get the sleeves of my Christmas dress, taken up  , only to find that there were supposed to be folded back and buttoned – hence the buttons on them!

Jackie , who is Irish, was laughing at me – not least because I’d just told her the story of a friend of ours who had popped into a village newsagent while he was on holiday in Ireland and asked for a newspaper. The lady asked if he wanted todays or yesterdays paper because, as she explained to our friend, he could have yesterdays, today or todays, tomorrow……

Smiling, I’m back in the office where a HUGE chocolate cake has been delivered, courtesy of Emma’s mum.

Some days are just good fun!

If you’d like to join us here for a sunshine holiday in Coral Bay or Peyia, have a look at our villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations. Checkout and book early! Will introduce you to the locals when you’re here!