Pie, Squared……

So, on a very hot day, when my hard working husband is continuing to imbue the deep challenges of really understanding how to clean pool water, to make it healthy and safe for people to swim in , I am baking!

Why? Because I was born with a huge over developed sense of responsibility to please the people around me and, while I’ve grown out of most of it, (or for that, had it ”knocked out of me over years of dealing with insincere people), I still want to make Tony happy to come home – and he loves pies!

Having just lifted the pies out of the oven, I remembered a conversation I had with Tony last evening, during which he was reminding me how to calculate the surface area of a round or kidney shaped pool, (yawn), which I know is VERY important in terms of understanding how much of each chemical to administer but which involves the use of Pi , ie is 3.142. Now I never ”got” this at school during Math: I think I’m logical but I wanted to understand WHAT this 3.142 was. Not just it’s name but WHY?…..

…..and it came  to pass that I scraped a B in Math but am a particular good baker of Pies in the traditional, don’t need to be measured sense!

So Tony is coming home to a choice of two, each of which he’ll sample and devour, no doubt with minty peas – and I am making a note to myself: It’s a beautiful day! Get out there girl!

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…and the day begins….

Tony is teaching this weekend, so Barney and I are home alone and , for once , other  than emails and a few calls, I’ve a day off. Sheer bliss!

This means the daily ” feeding of the family on the hill”, can be done a little slower with more time to , ”talk ” to the family members and make sure they are okay..

Barney is first: he’s had his bowl of scrummy food and medicine for his hip. Gone in about 4 seconds, he’s now licking his lips and cleaning his paws, so I’ve fed Mummy and Daddy bird who are living in the eaves about Tony’s Aunty Carole’s bedroom  (!). This means they’ll now feed their babies.

The birds to the back of the house, who fill the mornings with beautiful songs, are also fed. I’ve just fed the birds who hang around the vine – and also sneaked some food to the pair of carob rats who I love! They live under the old BBQ and are cute as buttons – but Tony doesn’t like them.

Next, Harry Cat, the beautiful, grumpy feral cat who is still living in the cat hotel at the front of the house, has been fed tuna. I’ve run out of cat food today and, as I’ve no intention of getting into my car today, he’s had to, ”make do”, with tasty tuna…..

My turn now – if there is anything left! But it won’t be toast coz the birds have finished the bread……

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(Photo below is Harry waiting for his breakfast – you’ll have to look closely. He won’t let me near him but is happy to accept food!)..

Barney and Ted

Barney T Rubble has been very under the weather for a few months. From a horrible bout of , ‘dog flu’ to an allergy against some sort of cheeky little mite, he’s been in the wars.

Add to this that fact that he was born with a displaced hip and the poor beast can be forgiven for having  been a little down in the dumps….

I’ve been worried sick. Watching this precious big beastie try to find his happy again after this beautiful little sister, Molly, passed away, was very sad. Then to see our big teddy bear suffering, was just awful.

However, thanks to a wonderful vet, (Nikolas – you are the best) and a lot of time and patience from everyone, not least Barney, he is back to almost 100%. His coat is shiny, his tail is wagging, there is mischief in the air and lots of playtime. It’s great!

The only slight concern I have is that, when we go for our daily walks, Barney has to bring his ”best friend”, “Ted” with him. Ted has been Barney’s baby since Barney was a puppy and , when he is sad, Barney goes to get Ted and snuggles with him. I’m not sure now whether he’s taking Ted on walks with us to show Ted the hillside and to meet the feral cats, or if Barney is still feeling a little insecure and wants his pal. Either way, it’s funny to watch – though I’ve got to look out for Barney putting Ted down on the grass somewhere while he goes to sniff around.

Of course, one of Barney’s biggest fans is here: Debbie , who works at one of the main airports in the UK> She is staying near our home and we’re looking forward to her coming to our home to have a cuddle with Barney – and a chat with Ted, as I’m sure he’ll have to be in on the game!

Happy days!

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AI Office in Peyia?

As a woman of a certain age, I’m not exactly ”all over” technology! It was only in recent years that I learned to text – must to the amusement of my husband –  and friends laughed at me when I thought the trendy term, ”romcom”, was a computer which could be taken anywhere………..

However, with the years, comes the appreciation of good manners and good old fashioned respect – so I was a little upset in the office this week when the machines seemed to be ”answering back!”‘

First, the printer, which was being particularly awkward, began to bring up a sign, ”improper shutdown” – and simply refused to print! I talked nicely to it, noted the comments it was flashing at me in a very aggressive way  and turned it off, gently and with care, then back on again, thanking it in advance for it’s service!

Phew! We got printout!

BUT I then went to transact a credit card payment and the cheeky machine said, ”transact it bitch”! I was horrified – till I put my specs on and realised it said, Transacting Batch……..

Seems with age comes loss of vision and common sense. Perhaps machines will take over the world!

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Marlena Dramatica – the Truth is Out!


Oh dear! There is an article in one of the UK daily newspapers today, in which a very ”learned’ man talks about the book he has just published, in which he explains his very controversial theory: Aliens are already here and marrying humans……

Telling Tony , my husband, about this early today, he didn’t look shocked at all but merely commented that it seemed my Mum, his esteemed Mother In Law, was finally going to be revealed in her true colours!

I was shocked! How could he think my Mum to be an Alien? Had she not been part of his life for over 35 years, during which she has both lived with us in our various house but also followed us to Cyprus, where she lived in this village for over 10 years? So he’s had plenty of time to get to know her; to understand her and her, erm, foibles – so he must KNOW what the truth is?….

Or maybe that’s just the point!

But as one of the three offspring of this wonderful, completely crazy woman, I have to say that, since one of my sisters had her third and fourth leg removed; the other has sported a beehive for many years to hide the antennae on top of her head and the third of this , has calmed down her penchant for talking to , ”unseen people” and ” the various loonies in the area, ” (whether animal, vegetable or mineral), I cannot see a problem!

After all, Marlena Dramatica is as normal as we are…………….

Ah! Now I understand! The truth is definitely out there!


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(Photo is of our cousins, when they were stoned!)

A gentle little lamb…….

Sometimes, things happen in day to day life, which simply take your breath away. A moment when the impact of what you are seeing or hearing , has a huge effect on you – and that is certainly what happened to me early evening yesterday…..

Tony and I had gone into Paphos, to The Mall, to pick up some bits and pieces that we need. Anyone who knows me, knows I HATE shopping with a vengeance – except shopping for fresh flowers, which is my passion and makes me so very happy!

Anyway, I was a little grumpy, a little out of sorts and a little in the ”way” of being difficult because I did NOT want to be in The Mall. Tony is used to me and simply humours me and bribed me with dinner, so that was okay – but when he grabbed me and turned me around suddenly outside yet another shop, I almost ”decked him” – until I realised he was pulling me back to say hello to a friend of ours whom we hadn’t seem for a few years.

I was so taken aback. Our friend and his wife, were there with the most beautiful baby boy in his pushchair. Aged about 13 months, this little boy was a vision: stunning large brown eyes, gorgeous curly hair and the happiest of smiles….. I had to have a cuddle, so our friend lifted him out of his pushchair and , while I was snuggling this little lamb , our friend explained to us both that this precious boy had been found, next to the blown up bodies of his parents, in Syria , approx. 6 months earlier….

He was lucky: he had only cuts and bruises and seemed to have been saved by falling onto a soft landing – but his family were gone. Our friend , along with many of his friends, were part of a huge group of people who were adopting orphans like the one in my arms……

I am both heartbroken for and delighted for this pure soul: he couldn’t be with better people now and is obviously so very loved – but what a terrible ordeal and what a price to pay for happiness ……..

We are so cosseted, aren’t we? Reading about tragedy, watching the news, hearing the debates but it’s not real – until it’s VERY real and this little boy is a living example of outcome……

I didn’t want to put him down, just wanted to keep tight hold of him forever and keep him safe but I know his new, loving parents will do that and be at his side every step of what I hope is his long and healthy/happy life.

There is so very much good in the world. Let’s hope it wins out.

(Wanted to put a happy photo here now, just to lighten the mood!).


Embracing differences?

Waking up this morning , with the sun in the heavens and the blinds still down at our bedroom window, Tony and I watched a tiny little bird, who could be seen in silhouette through the blind. As we watched, it began to pick the fibers of the fly screen apart, where a hole had developed……

This cheeky little bird went off then returned with a friend, who ”helped” and we watched as the hole got bigger……………

I laughed, thinking how clever this little birdy was. Tony was furious and wanted to go out and shoot them all!!

Later on, I was down by the cat hotel which is in front of our home, feeding a new guy on the block, who has been hanging around the hill and was obviously hungry. Tony saw what I was doing and told me to stop or this cat would join the other cats and live in the cat hotel – so we’d have more mouths to feed!

Now, as I’ve put some of the chair covers in the washing machine, I asked for Tonys help because they are heavy and needed to be folded, so he came and started helping – but I had to shout to him to stop coz I could see a spider on one of the covers , so the cover needed to come out of the washer, spider evicted then cover returned..

The morning’s antics and Tony’s reactions to them, have reminded me of a line from the movie, “My Fair Lady” – ie “” Why cannot a woman, think like a man?”……spoken, I believe , by Rex Harrison in sheer frustration!

Tony’s words to me weren’t quite as poetic but the birds are flying free and have a warm nest, complete with fly screen! The new cat is fed and snoozing and the spider is running around our kitchen floor, so all is good with the world!

I suppose we cannot all think/be the same!

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looking much better!


Well, Bodgit and Scrapit are at it again! My wonderful husband and Don, his friend of so many years, it’s just scary, are working hard in our home , attending to the (too) many jobs which are needed after the winter has ”done her thing”.

Day 4 and already, balustrades are gleaming white, an off colour white exterior wall is positively preening in the emerging sunshine, which reflects it’s glow and seems to make the wall ”seem” happier!

The pergola has been sanded, painted and varnished ; two broken chairs are fixed and the fence is  a ”work in progress”: it’s amazing.

I return home each evening to two happy but tired men, in need of good food, a few beers and some timeout – and that’s just me LOL! BUT as they do, the works have progressed from outside to inside.

Every room!

So from kitchen to guest bedroom, is now covered in dust/bits of sand paper/old brushes/ broken pots and the odd biscuit wrapper! And there are 4 more days to go! I suspect the exterior work will be excellent then the interior will need a WHOLE new approach! (Any of my friends who are reading this and feel up to coming over to helping, just let me know !!).

At least the villas and apartments are stunning, inside and out! All their works were completed in time for the season starting and the hot sunshine beginning, so if want to escape your chores and take a holiday, email to me for deals for late Spring, Summer or Autumn. Enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com . I’ll dust off my computer and get ready to reply to you!

April fool?

Now it’s just after midday here in Peyia and my not-at-all DIY orientated husband, is very busy ”’doing things”, around the house….

I’ve been called to help a couple of times- mainly because he is funny and like to , ‘make a fuss” and often because he likes to explain what he is doing and why – even though I’m in the middle of housework and ironing/dinner making and getting a room ready for our friend, Don, who arrives Wednesday!

Still, I’m not going to stand in the way of progress – not least because one of the jobs has been in the ”planning stage” for almost 6 years now, (don’t ask!) – so I’ll make tea, ”ooh” and ”aah” and be grateful for the completely unexpected input to the chores until they are completed……which may be another 6 years but you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

Barney T Rubble is very funny: unused to seeing his Dad-person, ”doing” around the house, so he’s following him around, has tipped over the plaster bucket and run off with one of the cloths! So we’re sort of one step forward and three back.

Earlier this morning, I was convinced that the preparations to ”do”, especially the main job I’ve been nagging over for months, were all part of an elaborate hoax! Now, with the clock ticking on past the time when pranks are supposed to be revealed, I think this may actually be a serious DIY day! Well, until the highlights of the Grand Prix are on TV!

Happy April! And please don’t worry: the villas and apartments are all in gorgeous condition! We get time to do these, helped brilliantly by the wonderful owners for whom we work. It’s just home we seem to have little time for!

Book your late Spring or Summer holiday now. Email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com Who knows! Tony may reply to you before I do. Will save him decorating LOL!

Car Park Capers!


Those of you who’ve been lucky enough to visit Peyia village, will know that, as the road in the centre of the village, gently climbs towards the Village Church and some of the tavernas are on the right of the road, the left hand side hides a huge ”drop” down into what it , the huge car park for the tourists but also the place where many of the village festivals and fun take place. As well as the tidy parking spaces and newly placed, recycling bins, we also have a stage , complete with pretty mural backdrop.

From this car park, there are steps up onto the main , lively village road or a ramp under the archway leading through the very pretty garden to the Fountain of Women , set in the magnificent stone backdrop. For somewhere to park a car, its a great location and very interesting to boot!

At 2.15pm yesterday, it was it’s normal hive of activity. I called on my way back down the hill to the office, to feed my newly found friends, the Car Park Cat gang, who hide just past the bins but neatly under the blossoming bushes, so they are safe but  can easily join in the fun if anything is happening.

I met this gang of, initially 2 and now 5 plus Garfield,(a huge cat who lives above the car park and seems to be Boss!), approx. 3 weeks ago. They are so very cut and now very friendly as they are being fed daily by someone locally and every other day, by me.

Or so I thought! Yesterday, I was there earlier than normal  and one of the school buses had pulled into the car park to drop off some students. As I pulled in, I saw that a couple of the parents were feeding the little gang – and some of the children, were fussing over them! Each of the little feline blighters, were sitting to attention, looking for all the world like a child dressed up on a Sunday – and eagerly awaiting their early afternoon treats! No wonder they seem content when I visit at teatime!

So I left the chicken breast I’d cooked for them, in my car and called back at teatime to see them. Of course, none of them ”let on” that they’d been fed and cuddled earlier: they simply accepted food and attention with their normal gentle disdain then licked their paws and disappeared into the shrubs, leaving the car park empty other than my car and me, warmed at the thought that their lives seem to be a little more fun that it would seem.

Wonder what is going to happen today? I bet there will be many kind tourists, stopping to have a cuddle with them after leaving their cars… No doubt, Garfield has explained to his team, what a ”red plate” car is and how to ”perform” for the tourists! I do hope so anyway!

If you’d like to meet the Car Park Gang and enjoy Peyia this year, email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com and I’ll send you great offers on villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations.

Have a Purrfect day!