For the love of a dog.


It was so very sad to read of the passing of Willow, Her Majesty’s Corgi dog.

Aged 12 and having suffered for a while with various illness, I was reading that the Queen’s love of dogs, goes back over 85 years. The loss to Her Majesty must be huge. Not least has she lost her beloved pet but in her position, to have a faithful, loving creature, who has loved her and kept her company, probably unaware totally of the  responsibility on the shoulders of the person she adored.

Being a ”person mummy”, to two furry children, who are numbers 17 and 18, in a 34 year love affair with animals, my life is made complete by the total devotion and love from creatures who ask nothing from you other than to be fed, watered and safe – but whose love for you is seemingly infinite.

No matter what the day has brought; no matter how stressed/challenged or under pressure I am, the dogs just love me – outloud and with such a display of total happiness, nothing seems to be more important…..and our lives are simple and uncomplicated.

For a lady in the position of Queen, whose duties and responsibilities must weigh so heavily, the love of a dog must be calming, therapeutic and so very welcome. A little piece of ”Her time” in the midst of duty………my heart breaks for her over the loss of Willow.

Thoughts are living things so the thoughts of dog lovers across the nation will be with Her Majesty at this time.

Barney T Rubble and The Difficult Day!

Sunday, Sunday and it all started off well enough.

The church bells chimed and Barney sang to the 7am and 8am wake up call. Breakfast was served, with the treat of some fresh salmon which needed to be cooked and eaten – so Barney and his furry sister, Molly, were happy to help you.

The sun was in the heavens, so all of the doors and windows in the house were open, leaving two of Barney”s very favourite places, being ”kissed” in a light breeze- so Barney was able to chill his tummy on the cool tiles and relax in the gentle winds….

Then it happened!

Firstly, I DARED to get the vacuum out and , wherever Barney went, the vacuum went. Even a small daring growl at me, didn’t stop the vacuum doing it’s job – so Barney went outside to hide near the BBQ and, OMG, Mr Hose was let loose!

Now this big silly dog and very dangerous hosepipe, go back a long way – and they HATE each other: or so it seems to Barney who tries to escape the cascading water and to step over the wiggling ”frond” of pipe – but wherever Barney is, Mr Hosepipe seems to follow.

Still, all was not lost! I cooked a roast chicken dinner, for the four of us: two furries and two humans. With tummy replete, Barney and I headed out for a walk now the sun has gone down – and blow me, if Harry the Cat and his best friend, Blacknwhite, weren’t hiding in the bushes on the corner, waiting to pounce! Which they did then ran away quickly.

Despite his loud pleas to be let off the leash, I held Barney close and he has to skulk home, knowing that, today, the hill cat gang had ”one over on him”.

Not the best day ever!

Still, he’s happy to help me invite you to book villas with pools and apartment in great locations for your 2018 holiday. Email to me on and, while Barney sits in the huff, I’ll reply to you!


Life is what happens when you are making other plans….


It’s the most beautiful day here in Peyia. 26 degree heat and wall to wall clear blue skies and stunning blue seas.

Living here, it would be so very easy to take for granted, the natural, incredible world of nature which surrounds us, governed over by the giving sunshine and warmth of the area in general – but we try not to.

In recent weeks, life has done what is does and showed it’s power in term  of being ”in control”, even when you believe it’s you who are driving…..

My precious ”middle ” sister, a beautiful soul; mum of three and grandmother to four, is terminally ill. She is living ”out loud” at the moment, showing the grace and dignity that many in her position do – while those of us who love her, are screaming inside, wanting things to be different and praying for miracles.

We are trying to support the most special of friends, whose grandson, aged 4, is so very ill but who we believe will pull through – while they also pray for their brother in law who is very ill too.

Another close friend, is holding on tight to her son, as he battles cancer and, as a new father, is needed so very much by his young wife…….. it’s all so very sad.

Then suddenly, Tony, my gorgeous husband, has had a very close shave with dangerously high blood pressure and related problems , so is now under hospital care and having to re-evaluate his life and how he lives it…… And how lucky are we that he has this opportunity? The alternative, I cannot think about.

So , in brief, life is happening – as it is to so very many people , known and unknown. The lesson? Live. Every Moment. Every Day. And love LOUDLY and with courage and consistency.

No links today to holidays or villas. It’s all too serious for that – but remember to take time out and look after yourself, holding those you love, as close as you possibly can .


Distressed? you will be!

What a beautiful day it has been! 24 degrees of wall to wall sunshine, clear skies and stunning seas……it’s been a real ”promise of summer’ day and we’ve lived every moment of it.

Tony is on a very strict health care regime, having had a huge shock a couple of weeks ago when his blood pressure rocketed through the roof and we ended up  in front of a heart surgeon. Two weeks on, he’s doing brilliantly , blood pressure is back near normal and the eating plan is working – for both of us!

Yes, it seems, ”we” had to undertake the plan together and ”we” haven’t been allowed any potatoes/bread/carbs/dairy or just about anything tasty, for 2 weeks. Still, it’s been fun.


However, the by-product of eating salads, vegetables and chicken – with more salad if you are feeling VERY adventurous, is that we each have tons of energy! Well, when I say, “”we”’, I mean ”me” – but I’ve felt it my duty to calmly instruct my longsuffering husband of what he should do to feel better.

Like: walking for up to an hour a day. Helping with the housework and shopping. Taking the bins bags away WITHOUT COMMENT  as we call know comment gets the blood pressure soaring – if I hear the comment! And today, my very favourite, helping to distress the old pine kitchen furniture!

Result! Rocking chair is looking much better, (see photo below); pine dresser is really cool and will be fantastic when it’s finished and I’ve plans for the kitchen table too!

So all good: though judging from Tony’s mood at the moment, he is more distressed than any of the items we’ve attacked with paint brushes!

If you need to escape ; get rid of some energy or simply be calm, come to Coral Bay or Peyia. Rent a holiday villa or apartment and relax – and I promise not to bring a paint brush anywhere near you……..maybe! To book, email to

A lost soul

Well, it’s official. The time is upon me where I have to wear , ”cover up clothes; highlighting eye cream and, OMG, SENSIBLE SHOES”………… doooooommmmeeeddd!

Look, it’s not funny! So I’ve broken my back; had two huge ops on it in the past 2 years, then broken bones either side of my left knee now my right knee is ”goosed” BUT I’ve the heart and spirit of a ballet dancer, want to Flamenco my way around the supermarket and LURVE heels!

“NO”, cry my tired joints. “Get real: you are a Nanna Dumpling and cannot, in any circumstances, continue to pretend otherwise”…

So today, my long suffering husband DRAGGED me to the local sports shop and MADE me buy shoes which not only fit, (which is rare for me) BUT are also quite comfortable…. and I can walk in them BUT IT’S NOT THE POINT! They look horrible. Accentuate my fat knees and square bottom – and I’m depressed!

So , I’m walking now at night. In the dark. In a hoodie. (Course I borrowed it! Don’t believe I would ever own one LOL).

Still, there could be a Goddess of Shoes: The new walking ones have memory foam apparently – and Tony reckons they’ll be so traumatized by the shape of my feet and the way I walk, that they’ll wake up tomorrow, remember what they went through – and run away!

So I’ve left them outside to make it easier for them to escape!

Anyway, if you want to escape to the Cyprus sunshine in Spring or Summer 2018, to a holiday rental villa or apartment in Coral Bay or Peyia, email to me at and I promise I’ll wear decent shoes to check you in!


The ”’Wife” Frequency!


So it’s official!

Tony REALLY cannot hear me when I speak. According to the Doc he’s seen today, after suffering 8 months of ear problems/infections and dizziness, it seems he had limited hearing ability on a certain frequency which , guess what, is the frequency my voice resonates at!

It didn’t need a qualified Doc to tell him that he wasn’t listening to me – I could have diagnosed that easily over the 34 years we’ve together! However, it’s great to know that it’s the level at which I speak he cannot hear – so there’s only one thing for it! I have to SHOUT!!

Deep Joy! Cannot think of anything more therapeutic that shouting as loud as I can to make him hear me – but whether he listens or not, is a whole other thing…

Now I need the ”brain Doc”, to see why Tony cannot understand what I shout at him….there MUST be a reason other than being ignored, surely? LOL!

Anyway, we’ve loads of offers on villas to shout about but I’ll whisper the prices to you so friends aren’t too jealous! Email to me (quietly), for information on villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations:

Oh and Easter has come to Peyia (see below) – and that’s something else to shout about!

Smile! You are going home!


Tony and I have had a wonderful 10 days in the company of one of  Tony’s longest standing friends, who has been staying with us, helping Tony to decorate our home.

Protecting his identity, to save his blushes , (more later!), this hard working pair became known as ”Bodgit and Scrappit” – probably unfairly seeing as how they did a brilliant job and even extended the ”Scope of Works” to include varnishing the staircase which has dog bites all over it – and repainting the outside front of the house!

Still, today was the day it was all over – well it is now as our friend has boarded the plane to take him home to the snow.

Was he sad to go? I think so. So much so that, as we were on the way to the airport, he remembered he’d left his ”smile” in a glass in our bathroom at home…………so we had to nip back and retrieve it so he could take it with him and show his lovely wife that we was pleased to be home and not a ”glum gum!”

Seriously, he’s been brilliant and great fun – and I’m grateful for the last laugh today over these ”left items” which are now safely back in  his, erm, custody! (am also very grateful for the huge Easter Egg he left me which has been ”tested” already and is very acceptable!).

If you’d like to smile, come to stay in a villa in Coral bay or Peyia . With prices to grin about, in locations to make you dizzy with delight , email to us for information on Spring and Summer deals :

(Thought the photo below of Wicked William and Tony Without Teeth would make you all smile! They are both gorgeous!).

The Itchy Bum Dance!

Our beautiful little furry daughter, Molly Mou, now 17 and very doddery, has been in the wars recently.

In fact, last Wednesday, I honestly thought we were losing her as we hurried her to the vets in Peyia, where Annie and Nikolas loving cared for her and helped her , and we, feel so very much better.

Seems we really are in the ”Christmas time” of her earth life and my heart is broken to pieces BUT I have to remember to show the sort of strength, determination and humour that this gorgeous little doggy has always shown to us.

Part of her health condition now, includes problems with her bowels. I won’t go into detail but as well as have to ”excavate” her regularly, we have to be careful to get out of the way when she squats down, back legs in the air either side of her tiny body and she begins to whizz around the house, trying to ”scratch” a deep itch which is obviously driving her crazy!

The speed at which she shimmies, is impressive and the noises she makes as she concentrates on direction and force, hilarious but it’s not too good when you have a houseful of guests, which we always do.

Anyway, it’s Molly’s house and we pray it remains her protected/safe place for as long as her earthly life allows it, then she’ll join some of her furry brothers and sisters, in the pretty shrubs in our garden while her spirit continues to do the Itchy Bum Dance around the kitchen!

If you’ve got the ”holiday itch”, let us scratch it by finding you a wonderful villa with pool, or apartment in great location, in Peyia or Coral Bay. Email to

Thoughts are living things.

So sad to hear of the passing of Stephen Hawking this week – though I have to admit to not being aware enough of all he stood for and gave to the world.

What has inspired me so very much reading about him, are two keys things: that he lived 55 years longer than he was advised he would – and the words he wrote about the Universe, which I will possibly misquote but were beautiful : “It wouldn’t be much of a Universe if it wasn’t home to those you loved”… lovely and so true.

It’s a huge world with so many different people and ways/styles of daily life. The Universe is immense and 99.9% unknown but isn’t it true that, without loving and being loved, what would be the point? Even the process of thinking of those who matter to us, makes us feel so very much better – and I really believe thoughts are living things and carry with them, the energy to warm a soul, whatever the distance.

Another thing to warm a person, is a good old rest in the sunshine on a well deserved Cyprus holiday, so if you are thinking of booking somewhere to spend time with your loved ones this Spring, Summer or Autumn, email to us on and I’ll put as much energy as I can into sending you some great options!

Thanking you for reading this blog and wishing you a wonderful weekend on this incredible planet!

kindness ..

In a busy world where we are all working hard, whether employed or not, it’s so good to take a moment now and again to show a little kindness, isn’t it?

I’ve learned the past few days, that it’s so special to be on the receiving end of a kindness too: in fact, I cannot find words to say how special it is to be given an unexpected gift which lifts your heart in a way you didn’t expect.

On Mothers Day, despite not being lucky enough to have had children, I was so very touched to receive a bouquet and card from my  ”adopted” Cyprus family. They are so precious to me and so very loving too , I try to ”watch over them” and help where  I can but in truth, I could never do enough to repay all they give to me just by sharing in their day to day life.

Today, I’m gobsmacked by a kindness: Mary, the lovely wife of John, with whom we do work locally in Peyia, has called into the office to tell me that she is enjoying some writing I’m doing for our village. I love to write but never expect anyone to read it- and that Mary has not only read it but loved it AND come to tell me this, is overwhelming! Thank you so much Mary!

I’m so happy, I’m inspired to be even kinder – and I’ll start by offering great offers on holiday villas with pools and apartments in great locations! Email to