life’s unexpected pleasures…..

Life is an incredible adventure.

It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful moments can happen, in totally unexpected ways . The thought that we really don’t know what is going to happen next, is very true!

This week has been a great example of this. Whilst out for a coffee on Monday, after finishing work, Tony and I got talking to a lovely young couple who were on holiday from the UK. To cut a long story short, we chatted, they came home for a coffee and we chatted more  – then they invited us out to share dinner with them, last night.

It was so good sharing news and our life’s hopes and dreams with each other: they are starting out on their adventure and we are probably in the ”summer” years of our adventures – but their view on life; their view of the world and people, really inspired me and made both Tony and I remember why we do what we do -and how very lucky we’ve been in our lives so far.

Of course, the harder you work, the luckier you get: nothing is easy and life has dealt us many huge and horrible blows – not least recently over the news of my sister’s terrible illness – but life IS for living. For enjoying the people; opening your heart and eyes to the possibilities of learning and loving more – and sharing the journey in full or part.

Thank you Robyn and Paul, for some very special shared times this week. We wish you all you wish yourselves – and some time to share with us too!

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Almost time!

What a beautiful early Spring morning here in Peyia! The sun is threatening to take a real hold and the village is in full bloom so it feels like a very ”happy” time of year!

Making the feeling EVEN more lovely, is that it’s almost time for the swimming pools to be back in use and I for one, cannot wait! Most of the pools don’t have heating but there are the hardy of the tourists who still swim 12 months of the year – and the others, including me, who prefer slightly warmer water and definitely the sun on their back when swimming in a pool!

Working with our sister company, The Pool People Ltd, we work hard at keeping pool water at optimum health and cleanliness, all year round, to make swimming here  in the pools we look after, EVEN more pleasant! We also repair pools/replace pool liners and pool borders and help keep the pools looking great – as can be seen from the photo below of the lovely pool at Villa Laurel, in Peyia, which has just had it’s new border and new lighting!

Bring on the sunshine. Bring on the swimming!

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Mooooove over, Tamworth Two!

What a completely, wonderfully crazy world we live in sometimes!

Firstly, a lady ”marries” the spirit of a pirate, on a boat out at sea then claims to have had a pregnancy scar. Now, a cow in Poland, has escaped slaughter by swimming to a nearby island where it has evaded capture for so many days, that it’s been given ”special dispensation’ to live out it’s days in peace and tranquility, without fear of being a food source!

Here, it’s Green Monday and the start of Lent, so we’re flying kites and eating shellfish and vegetables, washed down with local wine!

And yesterday, everything from jugglers to Alice in Wonderland to clowns to those in chef costumes, paraded the island for Carnival!

There are some terrible things going on in the world but thank god for the brave/barking mad and colourful souls amongst us, animal and human, who, ”do it their way”! More of that I say!

If you want to holiday, ”your way” in a villa with clean pool or apartment in a great location , in Peyia or Coral Bay, email to me on I may even share some more stories of the good type of craziness in this colourful area!

Big Valentine T. Rubble!

Barney T Rubble is in the downstairs bedroom, seemingly in the , ‘huff” and not wanting to be part of the family tonight.

Normally, he is ”everywhere” in the room. We have to step over him; be careful not to tread accidentally on his tail and tickle his tummy when  we are passing by……..but tonight, nothing.

I’ve just been in to see him and was given the, ”cold paw”. I know he didn’t get any Valentines Cards but neither did Molly Mou – though they’ve both had chicken breasts cooked for them tonight – and Barney has eaten them both.

So, it seems he doesn’t love us tonight – but we hope  you love Cyprus and would love to come and visit! If you are considering a villa with clean pool or an apartment in a great location, please email to us on and I’ll welcome your enquiry with open arms!

Barney T Rubble may be grumpy but I’m on top form and ready to help you create a wonderful Cyprus holiday in 2018!  Don’t forget, we’ve got Easter offers too!

Molly’s retirement.


It’s a big day in the Bell household. We’ve decided that, at almost 17 years of age, it’s time Molly Mou retired from being in “Big Charge” or “Little Charge” , so we’ve handed the ropes over to Barney T Rubble.

Molly isn’t too fussed about not have responsibilities now. Completely deaf and a little ”doo-lally-tap”, she is very happy to either run around like a completely, new puppy lunatic then collapse into the deepest of sleeps till she wakes up and repeats the process!

Barney T is chilled and happy to be the ”One” – on the understanding that Molly stops trying to hide in his big furry tail and that his new role comes with an adequate supply of treats – and walks on his own, so his little furry sister stops getting her extendable lead wrapped around him!

So it’s all good. Molly can have fun and help me with some happy duties like, being there on check in to villas or apartments , or running riot while I do the housework , (which is one of her favourite things).

We are praying for a long, healthy and happy retirement for her –  and for many happy returning rental villa holiday customers for her to meet this summer (and many more to come!).

Whether you are retired or not, you need a holiday. Email us for offers and availability on

Going through a , ”phrase”.

Part of the work we do here in Coral Bay and Peyia, is to property manage apartments and villas.

We are on hand to help the owners or their tenants, with everything from minor repairs to tourist information! It’s good fun!

One of the families who we have helped for a number of years, are leaving an apartment they’ve rented for a number of years and moving to a villa. Lovely for them and sad for the owner as they’ve been great tenants.

As they have to, they dropped a copy of their notice to us for the owner, who asked us to read it and check the date. It read, “We will evacuate the apartment on….”!

Hope they have time to take their belongings with them!

If you’d like to rent a holiday apartment here in Peyia, drop us an email for information and offers to,

kitchen chaos


There is something very comforting about the chaos in our kitchen in the mornings.

With dogs to feed, cups of tea needed and each of us wanting something different for breakfast, the space we have in between the seemingly too few cupboards, feels like it’s teeming with ”bodies” and ”stuff”.

Part of the reason is, of course, Barney T Rubble. At 65 kilos and the size of a small settee, he lies in the middle of the room, JUST in case we forget he’s there- and close enough to the toaster to catch anything which may ,”pop” out and head in his directions.

Add Molly, almost 17 years old, deaf but fast, running between pairs of legs – particularly when you have a hot cup of tea in hand – and the chaos magnifies!

Funnily enough, once all are fed and watered, they all disappear and I have the space to clean up and do the dishes – without interruption or assistance. Funny that!

Thankfully , the villas and apartments have good size kitchens and no hot or cold running animals, so are pleasant, welcoming and well equipped – so if you are thinking of sunshine streaming in through the kitchen window, book the whole villa or apartment with us. Email for offers to

“seeing” Cyprus again.


It has been the most precious 4 days: my sister Maxine and her eldest son, Ben, have been to stay with us here in Peyia for a special ”mini break” and I’ve had the happy task of showing them some of my favourite places on this beautiful island.

The challenge is that 5 days isn’t long enough: there are so many special places here and  not enough time to share them – but we’ve made a great attempt to make some special memories!

Day one was a gentle day, starting with a walk along part of the coastline from Coral Bay towards the shipwreck at Chloraka. The walk is interesting, taking in rugged coastline towards more manicured beach front of a couple of hotels. Stopping at Baracas Café for brunch, we could have daydreamed the day away just watching the sea but we headed to Paphos to have a look at the old town and how it’s been changed during the 2017 City of Culture.

The buildings have been revealed showing their beautiful architecture and now seeming to stand proud, as part of a completely renovated , pedestrianized area. The market plays part of the newly styled colour and new café bars litter the area- so we had a slow meander, stopping off for coffee and people watching.

Moving onto St Georges harbor, Maxine was in awe of the spectacular coastline while Ben loved the colours of the flat and inviting sea

Day two, saw us walk the harbor walk at Latchi, sharing brunch near the colourful fishing boats and listening to the gentle jangle of spinnakers nearby. Moving to Polis, we explored an incredibly old church, which has just been found and is being renovated before stopping at Marios bar, to buy a beer – and be fed constantly in the manner only a true Cypriot does: from village bread  to fresh fruit to Oreos! All as a ”thank you” for stopping by!

The following days were filled with experiencing many seasons, from the snow in the Troodos to the warm sun on the beach at Coral Bay – adding in eating at three of our favourite tavernas in the evenings: Peyia Tavern, Yialos and Geitonia.

I have loved spending time with my sister and nephew: and I’ve loved seeing their joy in the beauty of this area; watching them being so welcomed by friends old and new and experiencing life in this peaceful village.

Reluctantly, they have left today to fly home – but I’m counting my blessings at life here in Peyia and the opportunity to share it with people I love!


Come and see Cyprus: book a villa with pool or apartment in a great area and I’ll happily tell you about this wonderful village and island.

We’re all connected..


It’s been a difficult/wonderful weekend but one that deserves a mention. Heartbreakingly, one of my sisters is fighting the big C again and things don’t look great, so our other sister and I , travelled from our various locations to spend the weekend near London with our sister and her family.

I’m so used to being ”over here in Cyprus”, with family and all but one close friend, being in the UK, that it’s easy to feel cut off and alone here – despite having a wonderful husband , friends here and lovely team to work with.

On Saturday, surrounded by my sisters and their partners; nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of belonging and it brought me to private tears. Add to that , that during my lonely journey to and from Cyprus, three of my dearest friends kept messaging to say hello and to ask how I was doing, so I felt the warmth that comes with being loved and cared for – and prayed only that my precious sister feels that every moment of her life her with us.

The journey was short: in Friday night and out first thing Monday. On the flight home, I sat next to a young, lovely Cypriot girl who asked me, ”are you driving alone”? She was obviously worried that I was sat alone and she was with her boyfriend so was trying to be nice.

I smiled at her kindness – and use of English -and thought to myself, “No, I’m not ”driving alone”. Whatever the road ahead brings, I’ve got a wealth of love around me to help with the twists and turns – so that will help me be strong to help the person who really must face this ”alone”….

Life: precious and made so very much more bearable by being connected to others.

Want a private sunbed – guaranteed?


I have had a giggle reading about the ‘sunbed wars’, which has raised it’s head again in the past few days.

Apparently, one of the excellent large holiday companies, is giving their UK customers the chance to pre book their sunbed for their hotel holiday – but it turns out that their German customers can also book their sunbed too!

So, it’s going to be an online game of ”who gets their virtual towel on the bed first”, rather than putting the actual towel on the bed at the poolside.

It’s totally understandable that holiday makers want to relax, get up when they want then find they have the choice of sunbeds so they can chill …..but in a busy hotel, it’s just not that easy – and that’s one of the many reasons people choose villa holidays!

Imagine: your own holiday home for your chosen period of time; a pool just for you and your family and the only noise is yours PLUS the sunbeds are purely for your own use……heaven!

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