Outstanding 3 bed villa, Coral Bay

The owners of Villa Garlands, in the heart of Coral Bay, are here at the moment, overseeing the final touches to their newly extended and much loved villa.

Over the years of working hard for these two lovely people, we’ve had the great pleasure of welcoming so very many repeat customers to the villa as well as introducing new holiday guests to all Villa Garlands has to offer, each year too!

This year, I’m thrilled to be able to show those returning guests just how much more love , care and investment has been put into the villa: the extension to the lounge/dining area; newly relined swimming pool; beautiful outdoor patios have been relayed and all furnishings have been upgraded……it’s just gorgeous!

And the best thing is, in 2019, the price of renting this villa, has stayed as it’s been for the past couple of years! It’s amazing value and a completely 5 star experience in a cost effective, top quality villa.

I don’t think people who rent holiday villas, really ever completely understand how much it takes to keep a villa ”spic and span” . Owners have to put so much time and money into doing this but it’s a mark of how much they value their customers and how much respect they show to these customers, in return for them entrusting their hard earned holidays to the villa they choose.

As for Villa Garlands, there isn’t a better choice of three bedroomed villa with private pool, in the area . In terms of value, quality , welcome, facilities and care, it’s unbeatable – but that’s because the owners work so very hard to make sure their Cyprus Villa home, is the one you’ll always be happy you’ve chosen to holiday in!

With some availability left for 2019 – and an extra special offer on for August 18-28th!, email today to book this beautiful villa. It’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! Enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com

“Man Flu Dog”

Oh dear! Our beautiful, 65 kilo American Akita, Barney T. Rubble,  has serious “flu”!

Not just any flu, according to Tony , my husband, but ”serious man flu”!

Nikolas, Barney’s vet, agrees that our doggy has a cold but that’s not enough for the males in my life and Barney  has to have flu! that said, his blocked up nose could rise an elephant with a blocked up trunk and Barney has been sneezing and coughing enough to make me really worry about him – but he’s okay and  just needs meds.

Like males everywhere , (Yes a generalism and apologies for it !), Barney has THE WORST COLD OF ALL MALE DOGS EVERYWHERE  – and , in reality , he has the snuffles and is under the weather….

Actually, I love when the two males in my life need me: normally, they are too independent and too interested in their stuff to be interested in mine, so with Barney being poorly and Tony being under the weather too, I’m in BIG charge and will sort them both out BUT they’ll pay dearly!

The Circle of Life

Tony and I are delighted that Ben, our eldest Nephew and his beautiful wife, Sarah, have come to stay with us for a few days.

I cannot believe where time has gone…..I look at Ben, who is my sister Maxines, first born child, and I remember the day he was born. The years have rushed by and he is now the most magnificent man: gentle, loving, serious, kind and handsome, he has a beautiful soul. I can only imagine how proud my sister must be of him as he makes my heart burst with ”old Aunty” pride and love.

We sat around the kitchen table late last night, discussing life/family/history and general ”heavy subjects” in a lighthearted and fun way – but this morning, I’ve woken with a heart full of love and a renewed sense of awe at how life turns out/the way families grow and how you turn the corner and suddenly, roles have swopped and the child is the parent and the parent, the needy one…..

Ben is father to two gorgeous boys. His Mum, my sister, has four grandchildren and my baby sister, one granddaughter, so far! My Mum is now ”little granny” to these happy children while my sisters bear the monacle, ”granny”. We are Aunt and Uncle, Great Aunt and Great Uncle……yet I’ve no idea how time flew and we got to this point, happy though the point is!…

This morning, I was ”broadsided” when Ben offered to help empty the washing machine for me and to carry the wet washing. I realised in that moment, that he saw me as the person I am: older, not as fit as I was when he was born and someone who needed a little bit of physical help, following much surgery in the past few years.  I may feel like I’m young and am definitely young at heart but life is moving forward and middle age has enveloped Tony and I without us even realising it…..

Still, there is so very much to be grateful for. Our journey to this point has been rich in love, family, friends and , though ”problem splattered”, as all lives are, I wouldn’t change anything for the world….. and looking at Ben today, I was reminded that the world is all about the people we love who, if we are very lucky, love us in return.

…and even if they don’t, it doesn’t stop them being precious to us, does it?

eye for an eye, tooth for the decorating?!

Well, it’s that time of year again when all of the holiday villas and apartments are being ”spruced up”, checked out and made ready for the huge amount of holiday makers who will descend upon Peyia and Coral Bay, from March onwards.

Although we don’t have an official holiday villa or registered BnB,, our home is always invaded by the happy mix of family and friends, who we love having to stay but who, with the advent of the TV series, “”Four in a Bed””, worry me that they may start to eg run their fingers over the paintings adorning the walls or worse, seek out curly wurlys in the bed! (Our dog has VERY curly hair!)

There are three thoughts I hang on to:

  1. We are a house where the dog is not only part of the family but the dog RULES! So, if you don’t like dog hair, don’t come here!
  2. We are a home, not a paid for holiday home. So if we lack in anything, it will never be a loving welcome or love and care during your stay – though the pillow cases may not match!
  3. We have the most wonderful friend , one of  my husband’s school friends, whose annual ”thing” is to help, ”put us right” and he’s coming back this year!

We’ll not mention that, last year, this great man accidentally left his teeth in our bathroom so we had to return to the house to get them before he boarded the plane home BUT even if he comes without them or leaves them here again, he’ll make them ”á feature” in the beautifully , decorated home which he’ll help us achieve.

…and at the end of the day, for holiday makers, isn’t is value for money, clean beds and pools, lovely villas and great area – and for us, isn’t is that family and friends want to come and who cares about the dog hairs? Answers on a postcard – or via the compensation claim LOL!

However it is , thank you for entrusting your holidays to us -whether booking a holiday with us or being one of our guests at home – but we need to talk about who does the dishes!

To enquire about and book a villa or apartment in Coral Bay or Peyia, email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com – or if you want to stay in our home, send your DNA or embarrassing photos of something we’ve done with you to the same email!

The Serious Incident of the Garden v Ailments Project!

Well Marlena Dramatica, my most wonderful though very crazy Mum, is ”at it ” again……

Mum lives in a very lovely, small complex of accommodation for older people who need a little óverseeing” (! – little? – have you met her?!) but prefer independent living. Her apartment is ground floor, very pretty and she has it beautifully decorated.

It also has a pretty , ”how very dare they” garden at the front , as do each of the groundfloor apartments – and here is where the problem begins…..

Mum is, very sadly, housebound. Struggling with CoPD and serious arthritis, she is unable to get about, never mind garden. She has a , ”much younger and far fitter than I, Darling”, neighbour (male), who has a car, gets out and about, calls in to share whiskey with Mum – and is very pleasant. He’s also very clever and somehow managed to get the managers of the apartments, to ”do” his bit of the garden at his front door , free of charge and very nicely too!

So Mum and neighbours , are now up in arms. Or would be , if they could lift them and  punch him! Seems the choice the managers have made, has caused a MAJOR INCIDENT on the small complex – and now all of the inmates on the ground floor, want their garden done ! And to be fair, most, including my Mum, are completely incapable of ”doing” so, if ”doing” is being ”done”, then it should be for the less able….

Which is where this started. ….. apparently , it has now been decided by Marlena Dramatica that I’m the woman to sort this! From 4500 miles away and without any chance to discuss this amicably with the managers or the opportunity to find a ”man who can do”………So , it’s a bloomin” problem I want to help with but I know it’s going to blossom into BIG trouble! Wish me luck! As they say, you can pick your friends but not the weeds, so to speak……

Anyway, luckily the bouquet of villas and apartments I look after, are well maintained and carefully loved/looked after, so if you are thinking of a sunshine holiday on the garden of Cyprus, drop me an email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com.

Got a late flight home? Have a Pre Flight Pamper!

I am delighted to note that The Spa Tonic, in the Crown Resort Hotel, Coral Bay, are offering their Pre Flight Pamper and Left Luggage Facility  to villa guests!

This is brilliant because , with the villa checkouts being 11am and flights being a little later , using this facility not only lets you not have to drag your heavy cases around with you  but also gives you the lovely option of being able to use the indoor or outdoor pool, gym, jacuzzi , sauna and steam room – or treat yourself to a pamper!

Case storage is only 10 euros per person, for 1 x hold luggage, 1 x cabin luggage and  1 x handbag! (Storage of additional hold luggage is possible but will incur small extra charge).

PLUS if you book a treatment on the day of your checkout, you’ll 10 euros case storage will be taken off any treatment valued at 40 euros or more! Booking is essential though as many of the mummies have already booked their pre flight massage !

We’ll provide information in the villa info pack on checkin or you can email to spa.tonic@yahoo.co.uk.

If you haven’t booked your villa or apartment holiday in Peyia or Coral Bay yet, and are feeling the need for a ‘sunshine pamper” or want to swim in the sea or the beautiful Blue Lagoon (pictured below), email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com

Homes in the Village

I love the village of Peyia – but I think those of you who are kind enough to read this blog, know that already!

It’s hard to find the right words to describe why I feel this way about Peyia – not least because I also get homesick for the UK but feel a deep connection with this place, the people – and love the environment!

Often, as I undertake the HUGE commute of three minutes, from home to office, my breath is taken away by the views of the coastline at Coral Bay or the way the hills around the village, wrap the area gently in many shades of green, littered with the rocks which could tell many a story!

Having to pause in the village, to allow the goats to pass over the road or to give way to one of the old fashioned tractors, favoured by many of the farmers here, is lovely: it brings colour and life to this pretty place.

…and Peyia is pretty: the centre of the village is home to a huge , well loved Church which sits proudly watching over the centre. Built in stone, this Church is the centre of life here for the locals, hosting services, weddings, funerals and celebrations, where the real local families gather to be together, marking eg the start of a life or the end of another: all undertaken with love and respect.

I also love that the village has grown and with it, many expats like us, have integrated into the community, bringing with us the need for more bakeries/shops and tavernas – and also, a wine bar and a couple of posh café bars! Tourists and locals alike , are catered for by the wide choice of food on offer -and the fact that they can stay in their chosen holiday home and have the food delivered!

With beaches only 1,5 kms away and views to calm the soul, I cannot understand why more holiday makers don’t choose to come to stay in Peyia, where village life is real and food, authentic rather than stay in Coral Bay. ……There isn’t anything in Coral Bay resort itself, that we cannot access – or better!

To that end, we’ve a great , small portfolio of ”homes in the village”. Houses chosen by people who love Peyia, so they can spend time in Peyia and also allow other people to spend time here too. We”re so proud to be able to rent them out! As they each have private pools too, I feel they offer everything the holidaymaker could look for and more – and are excellent value for money.

So, if you’re considering Cyprus and want a ”real” feel for life here, please think about Peyia and coming to holiday here! You’ll be in great company! Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses have graced and fought over this area – come and conquer it for yourself!

To find out more, email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com

Domestic Bliss?

It’s a beautiful morning here in Peyia. With interesting sky, filled with promise of sunshine and light clouds, the air is fresh and lovely  – a real, ”good to be alive day”.

So, what do we do on days this? Well , for me, catch up on the huge amount of washing I’ve got from the recent weeks of heavy rain. It’s just the day to get everything in , washed and hung out to dry in the February breezes…

What does my husband do? Decide to climb a ladder behind our house and begin to cut the tree branches down, which have been spreading quickly and have been , ”knocking music” on our bedroom windows through the night, in the heavy winds.

All good.

Except that the tree is behind the house where the two washing lines are: the whirly gig which is set into the ground and the ”old faithful” airer. Course it would have been too much to move the airer before the demolition commenced, or to throw the branches to the left of the whirly gig, so both are now doing impressions of a very large tree and neither can be reached without a team of helpers to lift, break = then repair the whirly gig and broken airer…..

It  was all doing so well.

Luckily, my well intentioned husband is now off to the pub to meet his ”tree fellas”, which whom he shares Saturday gossip and catch up!

So the washing will have to wait – and I’m praying the tree doesn’t take route in it’s new home or we’re all doomed! (Well, not really – but it will take some sorting out).

Thankfully, all other DIY is in the ”planning stages”, where the list has been for a VERY long time- and I’m off to hide said list now! I cannot take the after event clear up!

Happy days. Back to booking holidays in villas for lucky people choosing to come here. www.cyprusvillas.uk.com. There’s a branch here in Peyia!


A clean swimming pool.


If you book a holiday villa or apartment, did you know that the owner of the property is liable under EU regulation EN15288-2, , for the cleanliness of the water in their swimming pool and to ensure that the person/s cleaning the pool, are qualified in pool water cleaning.

The above is all for the wellbeing of you, the swimmer. Clean pool water is for healthier swimming – and unclean water is very unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

We’re lucky that, the 99.9% of the owners we work for, entrust the cleaning of their pools to our sister company, The Pool People (www.thepoolpeople.eu). This company trains and retrains it’s staff to the NSPF CPO standard (National Swimming Pool Foundation, Certified Pool Operator). This means, in a nutshell, pool water is cleaned properly, 52 weeks per year, twice per week minimum – and the people cleaning the pool keep records of all they do to keep the water right! (The 0.1% of owners who don’t work with us, employ someone trained by The Pool People to clean the pool, so all good here too!).

More importantly, this means that the you, the swimmer, can be confident that the villa you’ve chosen, has a clean pool- which will make swimming or chilling in the pool, an even better experience!

To book a villa with clean pool for your Spring or Summer holiday, email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com

Apartment with great views!

Am very excited to have taken on a lovely 2 bedroomed holiday rental apartment, high on the hillside above Peyia Village Centre.

When I first viewed this apartment, I couldn’t believe the outside space! Normally, an apartment has a nice balcony but that’s about it: this one, called No. 6 has a balcony off the lounge/master bedroom but then has a huge walled patio at the rear – perfect for sunbathing or dining al fresco!

The owners were holiday makers who’d spent time here last year and fell in love with Peyia. They are a great couple who love the outdoors, so thought Peyia was a fantastic location from which to go eg fishing/walking/exploring – and also a village with a huge amount of tavernas too, so they were never stuck for where to choose to eat!

Coming from Cumbria, they love the hills around Peyia Village and delight in the fact that , within 20 minutes drive , they can cross over to Latchi – or pop to Paphos harbour. It’s great to ”see” Peyia through their eyes!

Now they own their ”piece” of Peyia Cyprus, they are happy to share it! I’m so grateful to them for their trust and delighted to offer No 6 for holiday rental, from April 2019!

The photo below is of the rear patio. If you can see yourself relaxing there and want to book, email to me at Lynn@cyprusvillas.uk.com