“Talking to Trees”


Tony , my husband, reckons I would talk to a tree given half a chance! Apparently, I talk too much to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

I like to talk to people: it’s great shopping in the local supermarket here in Peyia, to Gemma who is on the checkout and shares stories of her homeland/family. To Islam, the manager, who is very homesick and wants to see his parents so is planning his 2019 trip!

To Lucy, who has lived here only 6 months and is just starting to settle in but is a little lonely – and to Helen, who owns one of the local florist shops and who loves Australia….

These are just a few! the customers in our office, come and go and bring with them, their villa holiday dreams and stories – and the pool customers, their troubles with their pools/their lives and their hopes………..and, with Emma every bit as bad as I am for talking, we listen a lot , share a lot and laugh a lot!

If you’d like to come and chat to us during your holiday – and come and meet the lovely locals in Peyia, email to us for offers for late summer or Autumn in villas with pools or apartments in great locations! Enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com

Peyia mornings.

It’s a lovely drive through Peyia village early in the mornings.

The sun is out and very warm but without the heavy sting of midday. The streets get washed down early doors and chairs for the ”elders”, tidied up ready outside of the Kafenes.

Birds are singing; cats sit quietly having their morning bath and the people milling about are those who, like us, are part of the  community which keeps the tourism business here going.

It’s a rare holidaymaker who is up and about before 8am – but those who are, are ready by the bus stop waiting to hop on the local , couple of minutes bus to the beaches.

I love opening the office, getting ready for the day and catching up with the office team before people begin to come and go , buying pool chemicals or booking villas.…..

It’s a great place to live and work – and lovely to visit, so what are you waiting for? For details of villas with pools and apartments in great locations, email to me: Lynn@cyprusvillas.uk.com


The teacher becomes the pupil!


Having lived here in Peyia for almost 16 years, during which time I’ve worked my butt off in blazing sunshine year in , year out – and love every minute of it!

A natural sun worshipper, I also love to ”steal” an hour or so by the pool or close to the sea: something I share with our happy holiday villa guests !

Imagine my shock when, having had a , ”funny turn” during our recent sunshine holiday, while out for a walk, to be told I was suffering from sunstroke! It was horrible! Total blackout and loss of memory – and 2 days sleep to bring me around.

Being a little too clever for my boots, I came home to even hotter Cyprus and lived as normal, working hard with the team and playing hard with friends, then, WHAM, it hit again! This time, quietly over a second glass of wine in The Mill then got progressively worse as the night went on, to the point where I was so disorientated, I couldn’t take in my surroundings!

So, am going to have to take my own advice now: cover up/wear a hat and stay out of the midday sun PLUS keep drinking tons of water! I always worry about our guests: seems I need to concentrate a little more on myself for a while too!

This sun is gorgeous but very strong!

If you’re a (sensible) sun lover, looking for kinder winter sunshine (around 26 degrees daily in November), book a villa with pool in Coral Bay or Peyia and relax! Email to me for details: Lynn@cyprusvillas.uk.com


Busy Office!


My outside office  has been very busy since 6.30 am this morning!

As well as the normal flow of emails from people wanting to book holidays/those who are here wanting to book eg boat trips or choose todays restaurants, I’ve had an array of ”guests”, running down the walls, across the floor and even sitting on the table with me!

Molly Mou and her partner in crime, Barney T Rubble, have been chilling just inside the house where it’s a little cooler than the ,(already), 35 degrees outside but in the heat, I’m sharing the garden room with many little birds, who are using me as a target to ”fly past”, I suspect to see who dares fly closest to me! I’ve already fed them, so they aren’t asking for food.

Harry Cat, who lives up the hill but whose mission in life is to torment Barney, has dared to climb down the fence and run around under the table , just shy of Barney’s paws – but the big dog wasn’t having any of Harry’s antics today, so the cat has skulked off – for now!

Lizards are scurrying about on the floor. Some new and tiny, running elegantly across the table top too; one other , huge and potentially, ”grandad lizard”, in charge of the young for the day. He seems tired and more measured in his movements but still as curious about humans as the rest of his brood.

Now my cup of tea is being investigated by an unusual looking fly……it’s manic!

Still, I’m here; working and happy to be alive! Which seems to be something I share with the rest of the ”gang” here this beautiful morning!

With deals on great villas on offer from end of July through to end October and lots of properties to share for 2019, what are you waiting for? Kick off you weekend with a winning holiday deal, in the net!

Lynn@cyprusvillas.uk.com. My friends and I are waiting to hear from you!

Wedding blessings in Peyia


Two of our regular rental villa holiday guests, honoured us by allowing us to organise for them, the renewal of their wedding vows, here in Peyia on Friday.

Nancy and Nick, the couple above, are such good people and so very much in love, it has been an absolute pleasure to ensure all of the details were in place, so they could simply enjoy their day in their special place, on the coastline at St Georges harbour. The day was magical!

It’s easy to help people here in Peyia because there are so many local companies and people, ready to help us. A HUGE thank you goes to Gina and her team at Peggy’s Garden Café in Peyia, who provided not only a tasty buffet but also great care and attention to the layout of the food and stayed to help when the happy couple returned to their chosen villa in Peyia.

Emma, my trusty office angel and very special friend, also gets a written ”hug” for stepping in to help when I wasn’t able to be there – though I know she loved every second of it and would have gate crashed anyway!

The biggest thanks goes to Nick and Nancy, who’ve entrusted a few villa holidays to us but really showed their belief in us by tasking us to ensure their special day was all ready for them! We loved it!

If you’re thinking of getting married here in Peyia or renewing your wedding vows, while staying in one of our lovely villas with clean pools or apartments in great locations, email to me on enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com for information. It will be our pleasure to help you!


Training for my work!


Well, where have I been you ask? The answer is, where haven’t I been?

So, we set off over 3 weeks ago on an adventure on a boat across the Med. Sharing this with two friends, we had a plan, which included all of the places we wanted to see/those we were returning to and those which were a first. The days were scheduled and everything accounted for – and it all went wrong!

Losing keys before we left; having a new dress stolen from a shower block; losing use of an engine on the boat and hitting very stormy waters, where only the small things which influenced our decisions.

Yet, through the many and necessary changes, adaptations and flexibility of our small group PLUS the huge kindnesses shown to us, we have had a ball, despite not getting to where we thought we would, when we would or how we would.

I’ve learned so much. Holidays are precious. I know that and it’s why I work so hard to help those who book theirs with us – but OMG, people are more precious and their willingness to help/sort out problems and provide a different way of enjoying something  in times of huge stress and disappointment: that has just been amazing.

For me, I’ve a new perspective on patience, ”being there for people”, understanding the disappointment and trying to reveal the new ”dream”/way to be happy. Flexibility and humour are the key – but the world is such a wonderful place if you open your heart and eyes to look past the dream you had initially, anything is possible.

My pledge to you, our valued villa holidaymakers, both repeat (thank you) and new, is to work the very hardest I can ALWAYS to ensure you get the best from your holiday – even if life steps in the way from time to time and calls upon us all to adapt/adopt/set forth!

Email to me for available villas with clean pools, apartments in great locations and offer of total ‘duty of care’ throughout your stay. I’ll do my best for you as people have done for us!


In a past life, I reckon I lived , ”downstairs” and had the duties of a chambermaid or similar.

Why? Well, I’ve realised this morning, I must be a very sad person: Tony is working today and I’ve only a few hours of work to do, so technically, the day, the sunshine, the furry gang and the pool, are ALL mine! So what am I doing?


The oven has been cleaned to within an inch of it’s life. The fridge is next on the list but I got distracted by the flowers in the pergola so went to look and OMG, the cushions were terrible! So they are now in the wash, with over loads waiting their peril.

I’m not houseproud – just have a lot on my mind and cleaning is my way of finding ”comfort” and ”order” in a world which is sometimes a little too much. The first thing I do when I get home from a trip, is to polish. Not that the house isn’t perfect, particularly when Tony’s Aunt Carole is here but just that I need to ”touch” the things in  my home to feel safe. I am nervous away from home and happiest in my own surroundings…..

Don’t get me started about linens! I LOVE them! Especially when they come fresh and ironed from the laundry but like many busy people, I forget to take them then struggle to get them nice and ”neat”- but love them anyway. I often get bedding out just to ”sort” it when I’m worried about stuff……

So I need to keep busy today with good things: why not send me an email asking about great offers for late spring or early Autumn sunshine? I’d love to send you a note about tidy villas with clean pools (and lovely bedding!). Email to me on enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com

….and for family and friends who stayed in our home last year, when I wasn’t too mobile and are laughing their heads off at how UNTIDY our home was then, sorry!

(photo below is of Molly and Barney T Rubble, ”tidied” out of the way in our bedroom while I use the scary vacuum, downstairs!).

going for a walk..


This morning, I’ve being ”taken for a walk”, by Susie Floozy.

This is a lovely thing to look forward to though I admit to being a little nervous! Susie is a seasoned walker who, accompanied by The Great Raymondodoulou, will walk for hours over every terrain. Built like a Gisele, her long legs will stride out whilst my little pins will need to work overtime to keep up to every one of her steps.

I’m a Nanna Dumpling to Sues elegant tall gait – so we’re going to look quite a sight, covering off the coastline; one tall , slim and sure and one small, square and definitely nervous!

Still, walking is wonderful and with so much beautiful coast and countryside to cover, I’m intrigued to learn of Sue’s choice today  and hoping it doesn’t include a GnT stop!

If you love walking, you’ll love the south western tip of Cyprus. With the Akamas Peninsular, rugged Sea Caves rocks or peaceful Pikni Forest, there’s a walk for the best of us – with a great holiday villa with pool, close by! For information, email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com. Best foot forward! Not many available weeks left this year!

Let’s talk bottoms!


Okay, so this is a bum way to blog but really, I’ve seen enough bottoms this morning to last me a lifetime!

In the Bank of Cyprus, in Coral Bay this morning, a happy holidaymaker had the cheek to display a huge amount of his bottom, sticking out over the top of , quite obviously, someone elses shorts! Then another sun worshipper, shopping on the Coral Bay strip, proudly showed hers in what I’m sure was her daughters bikini – and her daughter was about 5 years old!

Driving up to Peyia, two joggers were well paced as they tackled the hill but their shorts had  very serious battles going on as the flesh ”fought” with itself in time with the running!

Further on, a ”hungry bottom”, seemed to have consumed an older ladies undies – which were clearly visible, in part, under her see through shorts….. AARGH!!

It could be argued, why am I looking at bottoms? Well, I’m not doing it willingly – and I’ve certainly no room to talk, being as I am, a ”traditionally built and too generously proportioned woman” – but I think today must be national, “Reveal your bottom in public day”!

Enough of bottoms – let’s talk holiday villas which are TOP! Whether you want to flash your flesh in the hot sunshine or simply chill in the pool or on the beach, dress your summer holiday in a lovely villa with clean pool or apartment in a great location! Email to me for details and offers: enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com and I’ll get to the bottom of the best offers for you!

Beach bodies


It’s that time of year again, when people on the countdown to holiday, begin to ”breath in” , in the car on the way to the airport in the hope that their tummies will mysteriously disappear before they hit the beach!

Summer clothes, which fit a few  months ago, are brought out of wardrobes and packed into cases – then bodies are squashed into them in the hot sunshine.

The supermarket and shops in Peyia, are filled with pink people, who are hot and bothered, sunkissed and barely clothed – all looking for local produce and wine – and munching on ice cream to keep them cool.

In the office, guests call to see us, which we love – though when you are sitting down and a huge unclothed, red tummy walks towards you, it can be a little disconcerting!

We love it though – and go through the same holiday process ourselves!

Raises the question, ”how do you get a beach body?”. The answer: easy. Just put the body you have into whatever swimwear you want and hit the sunshine/sand and sea! We’re all in this together and care for one another, whatever shape we are!

Come to the beaches in Coral Bay: to book a villa with clean pool or apartment in a great location, email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com