The Test Drive.


So, today is the day of The Test Drive! Am very excited and just about to leave to undertake this happy activity….

Which car? No, not a vehicle: much more exciting! A NEW BIKINI which has is very lovely birthday present for me from the fabulous Mrs Spence!

Am so excited: this one has reinforced sides, making the , ‘tummies versus knickers championship”, be more in favour of the knickers than my older bikinis currently are AND the top fits!

You’ve no idea the pressure of living here, being ”traditionally built’ and so trying to find swimwear that actually FITS! My new BB (birthday bikini to you), is just F.A.B.!

In fact, I’m not sure I even want to get it wet and stand the chance of the pool water starting to relax the fabric. May simply sit here in my office at home, proudly wearing it and not caring that it’s not politically correct, to work, in a cossie!

If you’d like to test drive swimwear, email to me on and I’ll share winter sunshine offers with you on lovely villas and apartments.

…and NO! I will not be posting a photo of aforementioned test drive. You may not have eaten yet!

Happy Birthday, Maxine!


Today is our middle sister, Maxine’s, birthday. She’ll be 54 – and doesn’t it look older when written down rather than spoken LOL!

Max is beautiful and doesn’t look anything like her age – not that this matters at all. What matters is that she is an amazing lady, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, partner and friend – and this past year, she has been fighting a horrible battle against the Big C which, god willing, she is winning.

I know that this time last year, we were all reeling from having just lost our Dad and none of us expected to then see Maxine hit by this terrible illness – BUT she is incredible and she’s through it, in her normal glorious and magnificent way. Am so very proud of her.

Happy birthday my beautiful sister. Love you more than I can put into words. xx


Tony’s date!


I am getting a little concerned! As I write, my husband is off to meet a very pretty , young lady and is taking her on a date!

This was all arranged recently when we were out with this lovely girl and her family – and she and Tony got to talk about food – and discovered they shared a huge love of hotdogs!

So today is the day of the Hotdog Date – and judging by how pretty Daisy looks, (below), this be the first of many more dates, I reckon.

Daisy is younger, prettier and fitter than me but the saving grace is , she also talks more than I do – so that’s a guarantee that Tony will come back to me at some stage today!

If you’d like to keep me company by emailing to arrange your winter sunshine or summer 2018 holiday, please do:

Valerie – our very precious friend


Tony and I were so very sad to hear that our dear friend , Valerie, had finally done the angels the honour of joining them, by taking her wings and flying to the heavens over the weekend.

I imagine this beautiful soul, whose earthly body was so very tired, is now sparkling in sequined wings and diamante earrings , filling the heavens with her love and wonderful laugh.

There are never enough words to pay tribute to a life but ones  which comes to mind every time I think of Val are: magnificent; kind; loving and real. These aren’t enough but paint a tiny picture of a huge life of a lady who was simply good and full of love.

We met Val and Bob about 30 years ago, in Limassol Cyprus, where they and we, holidayed every September, meeting and making friends but always falling into the same crowd, who became The September Club. The friendship grew and we shared many ups and downs, babies and beginnings, families and loss of friends from our special Club.

Memories include Val ”bopping” Bob on the back of the head one evening , while we were in a mini bus on the way to a BBQ in Pissouri and Bob decided to sing about Val and her, ”assets”’. Val and Bob coming to our home in Yorkshire, where we partied and enjoyed each others company and, in later years, Val and Bob coming to our home in Paphos.

One favourite of mine, is going to collect Val and Pauline from Neptune hotel, to bring them to our home for Sunday lunch. They were both dressed to kill, in ankle length sparkling gowns and beautiful jewelry! I wished I had somewhere better to bring them than to our hillside where the dogs would jump all over them – but they loved the afternoon and we loved having them with us.

Val’s love for her family and pride in each of them, was immense: I loved to hear the updates and watch her swell with joy when she shared photos of them all. Her care and compassion towards others, including Tony and I, knew no bounds.

I’m not sure what the purpose of life is or why things happen as they do but I am totally sure that people like Val are the REAL blessings amongst us – and that they are the ones who teach us how to be better, be more loving and be more aware of what matters.

It’s all about people- and our beautiful, funny, sassy and loyal Val, is one of the best people we’ll ever know and we are so very proud to have known her and to have shared a tiny part of life with her and her lovely family.

Ours hearts break for Bob : he knows how lucky he has always been to call Val his wife and we pray their love holds him strong in the times ahead.

Thank you Valerie – for bringing so much that mattered, into our lives. God bless you.

Dr Petrides and Evangelismos Clinic, Paphos


, ,

Sitting here reflecting on the past year and preparing for the year ahead, I feel it’s so important to take a moment to thank Dr Petrides, the brilliant Orthopaedic surgeon who works at Evangelismos Clinic, for his work – and mainly for his caring nature!

I’m so sad, I’ve read the Hippocratic Oath! Well, I read it when I was so angry with the attitude from another doctor at another hospital here, that I was going to take him to task for breaching it – then I met Dr P. and my faith in the true nature of a health professional, was completely restored.

Being a surgeon cannot be easy. Being a GREAT surgeon whose people skills are every bit as proficient at his scalpel, must be incredibly hard. Dr Petrides combines both, with ease and kindness. I suspect he’s seen a little more of me than he’d have liked to in the past year but am deeply grateful that he has.

Any problems with bones and joints, are healing beautifully – but I have so much confidence in the doc, that the healing was academic. Just a matter of time and care – something Dr P has given to me with professional concern and respect.

A huge THANK YOU, doc!  Wishing you a great holiday when you get the chance to take one!

Birthday boys!


It would be so very wrong of me not to tell you that Barney T Rubble celebrated his 4th birthday this week!

He’s a huge 4 year old but , thank god, a happy and healthy one – though given to a little mischief and loves a piece of toast!

Celebrating with this ”big” sister, Molly, aged 16, he had a lovely time – especially out on his birthday walks with his people, Aunty Steph and Uncle Paul!

Also celebrating his birthday today, is Samuel, who is 5 and who has started school! All very exciting – especially as Spider-Man is going to ring him tonight! (Don’t ask – my brother in law Paul, has a penchant for lycra, especially in the form of a Spider-man suit which he brought with him to Cyprus! Why? I haven’t a clue!).

Happy birthday to all of those celebrating today~!



I’ve really felt the need to be quiet over these past few weeks – something which isn’t easy to do in a houseful of happy visitors and the mayhem which is summer in the holiday season!

Having a broken leg has it’s advantages though: I’ve been able to work from home, sitting in one of my favourite spots, watching the goats meander by and sharing time with my furry gang.

My baby sister (aged 49 – how old am I?!) and her lovely husband are here on holiday and I’ve been looking at the village of Peyia and our life here, through their eyes: we are incredibly lucky but as they say, the harder you work, the luckier you get; nothing is free and life isn’t easy but it’s a wonderful adventure and holds daily miracles for sure.

Yesterday, Tony took me for a ‘mini airing’ into the office where I listened to a Canadian  man who’d just come to live in the area and was talking about how hard it is to find a decent job here  but how rich he and his family felt, in that their riches were the sunshine/the shrubs/the magnificence of the coastline and mountains – and he is so very right.

Work helps make a living but living makes a life – and I’m counting my blessings and enjoying living the moments, whatever shape my bones may be in!

Come and enjoy Cyprus too: for villas with pools in Peyia and Coral Bay, email to

Choosing the right villa or apartment for you.


The holiday rental villas and apartments here in Coral Bay and Peyia, are as individual as people. Often, the holidaymakers looking to choose a property from our portfolio, smile at me when I give them descriptions like:

  • ‘older lady” villa: warm , welcoming, comfortable and floral. Like visiting Nanna
  • modern; shiny, like a young lady who is in the throes of a magnificent career, has disposable income and likes ”the best’
  • ‘thoughtful” – welcoming but a little quieter than some would like
  • ”chilled out”/anything goes but don’t expect state of the art appliances!
  • ”homely”: very welcoming, very pretty and very happy
  • ”calm”: great location/great for privacy

..but it all matters, doesn’t it? You aren’t simply looking for a holiday : you are looking for the BEST holiday in the RIGHT holiday property – and that’s something we take very seriously so try to match you with your perfect holiday partner!

Test us out for winter sunshine or for sunshine in Spring or Summer 2018! Email to and let me know what you are REALLY looking for!

peace perfect peace…



There was a moment late yesterday afternoon when, sitting in the garden on the hillside here in Peyia, I realized that there wasn’t a sound to be heard.

The village was so very quiet: no traffic; no dogs barking; no laughter from the pools in the villas and complexes – just beautiful stillness and silence. It was simply peaceful.

Like many, I’m a worrier and take far too much on myself – or actually, let far too many worries into my heart and soul ; worries which are not mine to hold nor should they disturb the joy I feel from being alive – but, despite my husband’s view, I am human and , now and again, the gremlins get in.

Spending a couple of hours at home in Peyia, with our furry gang, sat in the garden just ”being”, was the ‘holiday” I needed. A pure time of peace in a busy life and brain. I’d recommend it!

So, today, I’m awake, refreshed and ready to help! Give yourself some timeout in this paradise. For villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations, plus the benefit of wall to wall winter sunshine, email for offers to