With just over 24 hours till the longed for arrival of mother wrinkly, we’re all on tenderhooks. The dogs are being cleaned to within an inch of their skin; Charlie cat his giving himself a good bath; Beth is coming to help me “do” at our villa in Peyia and Tony is nowhere to be seen!…..

Last I saw of my beloved husband was last night, when he very grumpily came out to join a couple of friends and I for a drink, then his face lit up when he realised our beautiful friend had with her, her two very gorgeous sisters – and they all hung on his every word! (Or thats his story!)

Dont get me wrong: Tony loves my mum – from a distance. He loves her more when she’s in the UK and we’re not – and now she is able to travel back to Cyprus to see us, I notice that the internet is being searched for “property in Malaysia”…..

It will all be fine ……
(but no wonder I drink!)