Jake, our first, completely crazy Akita, used to cause ”hostage situations”. We couldn’t leave shopping in bags on the floor or put soup in a pan because he’s ”steal ” and not give back.

One of his favourite, ”steals”, was a tub of butter or a margarine. He’d take it to the corner of the room and hold it hostage until he’d finished every last bit!

Returning from a walk then quick shop today, I dropped a tub of butter at the front door and was smiling to myself thinking, I’ll pick this up in a moment when I’ve let Barney T Rubble out – because he doesn’t ”take hostages”…..

Famous last words! No sooner had the door opened, when Barney stole the tub and ran inside , curling himself up in the corner and refusing to let the tub go! Luckily, Barney isn’t as naughty as Jake was, so after a little coaching and the offer of a biscuit, he ”handed the tub over”.

I know I shouldn’t laugh but I did! If Barney is starting to ”channel” Jake, we are in seriously big trouble!

….come and enjoy a holiday with us! You’ll not be a hostage to  Barney but I bet you won’t want to leave! Email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com for details on villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations!

Photo below is of our beloved Jake! Barney definitely shares his good looks!