I love the village of Peyia – but I think those of you who are kind enough to read this blog, know that already!

It’s hard to find the right words to describe why I feel this way about Peyia – not least because I also get homesick for the UK but feel a deep connection with this place, the people – and love the environment!

Often, as I undertake the HUGE commute of three minutes, from home to office, my breath is taken away by the views of the coastline at Coral Bay or the way the hills around the village, wrap the area gently in many shades of green, littered with the rocks which could tell many a story!

Having to pause in the village, to allow the goats to pass over the road or to give way to one of the old fashioned tractors, favoured by many of the farmers here, is lovely: it brings colour and life to this pretty place.

…and Peyia is pretty: the centre of the village is home to a huge , well loved Church which sits proudly watching over the centre. Built in stone, this Church is the centre of life here for the locals, hosting services, weddings, funerals and celebrations, where the real local families gather to be together, marking eg the start of a life or the end of another: all undertaken with love and respect.

I also love that the village has grown and with it, many expats like us, have integrated into the community, bringing with us the need for more bakeries/shops and tavernas – and also, a wine bar and a couple of posh café bars! Tourists and locals alike , are catered for by the wide choice of food on offer -and the fact that they can stay in their chosen holiday home and have the food delivered!

With beaches only 1,5 kms away and views to calm the soul, I cannot understand why more holiday makers don’t choose to come to stay in Peyia, where village life is real and food, authentic rather than stay in Coral Bay. ……There isn’t anything in Coral Bay resort itself, that we cannot access – or better!

To that end, we’ve a great , small portfolio of ”homes in the village”. Houses chosen by people who love Peyia, so they can spend time in Peyia and also allow other people to spend time here too. We”re so proud to be able to rent them out! As they each have private pools too, I feel they offer everything the holidaymaker could look for and more – and are excellent value for money.

So, if you’re considering Cyprus and want a ”real” feel for life here, please think about Peyia and coming to holiday here! You’ll be in great company! Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses have graced and fought over this area – come and conquer it for yourself!

To find out more, email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com