Well, it’s been an interesting month of winter weather here in Cyprus!

From beautiful, sunny days, with highs of 18 degrees , to days of torrential, persistent rain and winds which got up to 45 mph! Knowing what to wear has been a challenge -not least for the holidaymakers! – and planning for day to day work has been character building, to say the least!

The hundreds of owners of swimming pools we care for, have been great and fully understood that the battle with rain has meant pool water is high – and the wind has been bringing a huge amount of garden debris into the water! Great training ground for everyone but all behind us now!

One of the key events the weather caused, was the glass office door literally, blowing off and shattering into a thousand pieces. Luckily, no-one was hurt though Emmas desk was perilously close to the glass – and thankfully we were all in the office so could stop the pool bits and pieces from blowing away!

Life being what it is one of the team had taken our broom away to use for a job – so Adam rushed to get us one – and came back to the office with the most ”gay” broom I’ve ever seen. Leopard skin pole and leopard skin base with matching bristles. We didn’t know whether to use it, of frame it!

So we simply left Mike and Adam to fight over it as they cleaned up! (photo below).

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