Blessings at Easter

As ‘Holy Saturday’ is celebrated across the world, here in our villa home in Peyia, we’re preparing to count and share our blessings with many friends and some guests who are currently staying in our holiday villas in Peyia and Coral Bay.

In the spirit of this special time of year, we will share food, drinks and friendship – and be very grateful for the opportunity to do this with special people on Easter Saturday.

The locals will be eating Easter cake, flaones and paskies , which will have been baked with love and blessed in church: we’re being a little more ‘creative’ with the easter menu, settling for bacon and sausage butties after midnight, followed by my version of ‘tipsy Easter cake’ and wine. Whilst the food is a little ‘off track’, it will be served with love and friendship – and a very warm welcome to our home, for some of the people who’ve entrusted their Easter holiday to us!

If you want to come to the Bells Annual Bacon Butty Bash, email to me on for Easter 2015 availability!

Kalo Pasca and wishes for you home, permanent or holiday, to be filled with love and blessings always!

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