A Sunday Song.

The bells in the village of Peyia, began to ring out at 6.30 am, which is their way. Barney T Rubble woke immediately and started to ”sing” his soulful song to accompany them before lying back down and snoring again.

7am and the ”duo” struck up again. Barney, more awake this time, ”telling more of a story”, with deep, melodic howls. It is one of the most lovely sounds in the world!…….however, I was now wide awake so had to get up……

The hill is really great early in the morning. No cars or people but plenty of life and things to make you smile. Barney and I got ready to walk and set off on our route: first stop, is the huge hole in the road, where Barney has a wee then stops awhile to surveil the lands.

Then the scary bit of the hill, which is steep – and where the feral hilltop cat gang hide in wait for us, jumping out at Barney before running off, leaving me fighting 65 kilos of enthusiastic play who wants to catch them.

Reaching top, is the time to take a huge breath and simply take in the view – which today, was added to by a small crew of dragonflies who were swooping us and playing a game for which only they had the rules!

There is a new ”cutting” through the hill. Sadly more houses are going to be built but at this stage, the soil temporary road, takes Barney and I over towards the ravine where we can sit and watch the world for a while…..beautiful views and peaceful landscape – for now!

Walking slowly back down the hill, Barney was calm and seemed to be smiling as he ”spoke” to our neighbours then checked under Tonys car to see if Harry Cat was hiding – but Harry was and Barney didn’t see him: he was too busy trying to work out who the big hairy beast reflected in the side of the car was!

Precious start to the day – now time for a cup of tea and to send out birthday wishes to Tony’s Brother, Mike , for today; Tom, our handsome nephew, for last week; The lovely Lorraine, again for today; Nicolas and Harry for yesterday and Rhona for her birthday , (and thanks for bringing the twins into the world 20 years ago). Of course, cannot overlook our beautiful niece Ginny, 23 yesterday – and very special wishes to our granddaughter , Gracie. Wishing that life is kind and filled with love, for each of you .

Happy Sunday!


Thoughts From The Thinking Step

17th July, 2019



I often forget how old I am. With the big 6-0 on the horizon next year, I still feel like I’m in my 20s and run around as if energy is my right: until I get home and collapse, unable to lift a finger!

Don’t get me wrong: I really don’t care about age it’s just that the reality of the years that have flown by and the chance to reflect on the many changes in our lives/ourselves, brings me up , ‘’ by the britches’’, so to speak!

Silly things like booking meetings later in the day, to give my face a chance to wake up! Especially my eyes, which look sleepy until  11am at the least! Laughing at the team who tell me I look tired: I’m not tired: I’m just nearly 60! Finding and colouring more and more grey hairs – and having to accept that the bones and joints which hold me up, aren’t holding up too well themselves LOL!…….it’s a reality check!

Time does fly though, doesn’t it? So much changes in a blink of an eye. We are now living in a world for Artificial Intelligence is celebrated and being developed at the speed of knots – yet we ourselves still haven’t conquered how to communicate properly! Cars can be fuel, electric or hybrid? What’s that all about? There are three of us in our marriage: my husband, me and the most annoying female AI who hides in the little black thingy in our kitchen and talks back at me! It’s crazy!

Only yesterday, as a very ‘’outspoken’’ sales manager, I was predicting that the new fangled Fax Machine would never catch on – and now it’s run it’s course and is all but obsolete! Phew! It’s all going too quickly…..

Yet, it’s still yesterday for many memories. I’m sitting with my grandparents every time I eat a pomegranate and remember them gifting this wondrous fruit to me. Or I’m 7 and sitting behind my Mum , watching her get ready to go to her work, thinking she was the most beautiful woman in the world! Then I’m 12 and reluctantly taking my younger sisters everywhere with me, despite protesting loudly…..where does it go?

When the sirens sounded across Cyprus this week, I was reminded again that, however the time has passed since 1974 and whatever the rights and wrongs, opinions and facts, for so very many Cypriots, it’s still that moment: the moment of change and loss; conflict and fears ………and those feelings will never go away for them.

It’s so easy to dismiss time; to turn away from an older person/their wisdom – or worse, their seemingly lack of energy or joy due to their physical condition yet we’re all on this journey together: racing through this universe at the speed of knots, ageing every second, (if we are lucky) and growing together in a world which seems to be  growing colder in terms of value of the person and their soul . As we rush towards developing the future, maybe we’re not holding tight to the lessons of the past.

Age? Bring it on! Learning to live – yes , please let this continue – and being human? Well, I’d rather be wrinkly Real Intelligence then perfect Artificial Intelligence, even if that comes with fears, pain and loss.

As Winnie the Pooh said to Piglet, when he asked Piglet the question: “”What day is it ?””, “”Today’’, replied Piglet.

“Oh good””, replied Winnie the Pooh. “My favourite day!””

Stepping out!


We are lucky enough to live high on the hillside in Peyia, which means we have the most lovely views of this beautiful area, from the Lighthouse in Peyia to Sea Caves: it’s just gorgeous!

Of course, working as we do, getting time to sit and enjoy the views, is few and far between – other than first thing in the morning when I’ve walked Barney and am having my first cuppa of the day , or last thing at night when it cools down and the lights begin to twinkle across the coastline: it’s gorgeous!

We’ve got two sets of steps down to the garden and the gate : one to the left and one to the right. I use the steps on the right, constantly during the day. From feeding Harry Cat to going out to work/walk, so am always running up and down them.

So I’ve named these, “The Going Out Steps”. The steps to the left are my happy steps, “”The Staying In Steps””: I use these to walk quietly down to the pool and to sit in the garden! I like them coz they aren’t stressful and don’t lead me out of the house!

Today, am dreaming of Sunday morning when I’ll be enjoying the walk on them and staying in!

If you’d like to step out for some winter sunshine and want to book a holiday villa or apartment in Coral Bay or Peyia, email to me on enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com!

A ”Right Royal” Birthday!

So, the indominable, magnificent lady who is my mother in law, Tony Without Teeth, was 85 yesterday!

Not only did she have a great birthday but better than that, we got to share it with her here in Peyia as she and Tony’s brother, her baby son (aged 51!), were staying in the lovely Lily May Villa.

It was a great night. We did a BBQ at the villa, Joanie, aka Tony Without Teeth, swam in the pool then later, tried to swim in Gin! She is amazing.

Families are everything and having her here, with Mike and Lisa, Tony’s baby bro and sister in law, was just so very special.

I have to say, I’ve long been scared of my mother in law – and seeing how she can consume gin with the best of us  – then some- has scared me even more!

Happy Birthday Tony Without Teeth and thank you for SO many happy memories and the promise of very many more to come xx

Come and holiday with your family. email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com



Smile! You should be on Candid Camera!


It is such an interesting job working with holiday makers. In the main, they are totally lovely, glad to be on holiday and enjoy every second of their much needed break!

Many, go the extra mile by asking our help before they arrive, to plan eg great days out/thing to do or special celebrations for their loved ones – and it’s such a pleasure to help them.

Others make you laugh: like the lady who rushed passed all of her party to get into the villa first to choose a bathroom with a shower, shouting, ”Coz I cannot get my leg over in the bath!”. Or the guest who wanted to ring home to Bradford to tell his brother in law what the final score was in the football match he has just watched, “”Because we’re two hours ahead here and it won’t have kicked off yet””…….

Then those who make you cry, who’ve come away to try to escape a great pain they’ve been carrying having lost a loved one or being in recovery from an illness….you just want to hug them – Then the ones who make you MAD but you have to smile and simply agree/put right/move on….

Examples are: “This water in the pool is too hot! Turn it down!”” (not sure how to turn the sun down!). Or, “Aren’t there any decent chippies here: I don’t like this foreign food!” (Well there are a couple of decent chippies but I resist the urge to tell them). Or, “There are ants in the kitchen! I cannot leave any food out and have to clean the kitchen before we go out – can’t you do this? “” ( No, Madam, we rent villas not provide full housekeeping/slave services)…..

At the end of the day, people have fun, in whatever way they do; children and adults learn to swim; families learn to talk to each other again and some even fall in love with each other again. Mostly  it’s all happy days, hard work and a sign of relief when the troublesome few leave, knowing more will follow and we’ll learn more about people.

Would I swop any of it? Not a chance ! And the difficult ones, well, Bring Them On!

Email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com for deals on villas and apartments provided by people with patience and good humour!

The food queue!


So I got home today at around 5pm, having popped home earlier in the day for an hour to make sure that Barney T Rubble was cool/had water and all of his toys were behaving. (Ted is particularly naughty and throws himself into places you don’t expect, tripping you up as you walk in the dark LOL).

All was calm and good in our home. Barney was chilling out though happy to play for a while. The house was cool and welcoming  – and there was even enough milk to have a cuppa despite the fact I’d not shopped! Result!

At teatime, I decided to live a little and changed into my bikini, to go for a swim before cooking Tony’s tea. A great plan as Tony was snoozing and Barney was still chilling – but I’d overlooked that Harry Cat, who has taken possession of our bit of the hill, wanted to be fed!

Thank god for loud a/c and sleeping dog! Harry shouted and ”sang”, grumbled and hissed until I had no choice other than to get out of the pool and go to feed him! And even then, he grumbled his time away , hissing at me if I came close to him!

It’s definitely an animals life on this hillside! Barney is in his element. The birds get fed so sing beautifully and now the feral cats rule the road in front of our house. Somewhere , in the big picture of life, there is a role for what Tony and I need – though Tony is still snoozing and will wake up to his tea being ready!

If you’d like to come here and be looked after too, email to me about villas and apartments with pools and great views – and resident , demanding feral animals!



A Morning of Lovely Things…

I’m cherishing every moment of being alive, at peace and our home, this morning.

The sun is in the heavens; Barney T Rubble is having a happy dream as he , ”wind bathes” under the aircon unit; the flowers in the garden are in full bloom and all is well.

Tony is pottering around, tending to the shrubs/watering plants and cleaning the pool. I’ve been washing/cleaning – and putting flowers from the garden into vases scattered all over our home. Beautiful music is playing in the lounge and the birds are singing in the trees at the back of the house…………..

It’s been a very long time since we’ve had a little time to simply breath and relax in at home – and I’m loving every simple second of it. Life brings many things to each of us and we know the seas ahead are choppy to say the least but right this moment, I’m at peace and grateful for my lot.

hope your morning is as special as you each are. x


Tony and I have recently returned from holiday and , as it is, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things!

No matter how much a person loves their work – and I really do love my job – it’s hard to motivate oneself out of the ”relax and chill” factor which comes along with a holiday. But, motivate I’ve had to do for the past 6 days, to ensure the many arrivals and departures in the holiday villas, are looked after fully and happily.

Today, has been a typical Monday morning with many small problems, questions and worries which come with people staying in a hot country. The weather is incredibly hot and guests are loving this but have had quite a shock at just how hot it is and how relentless the heat is.

Having worked yesterday, welcoming holiday guests, this mornings alarm call wasn’t as much of a shock as it would have been, had today been the first day back – but it was still a little difficult hauling my post holiday ”plumpness” out of bed!

So, I used a trick I learned many years ago when working for a very motivational man and a team of incredible people: I got showered; dressed like a lady I worked with whose disciplines always inspired me. Put on a necklace which was gifted to me by a very precious friend who was battling cancer – then wore my very bright, fun ”cuff” which is Mediaeval in style but more in keeping with evening wear ! I wore this piece of jewelry because the person who gifted it to me, never lets anything get her down; Is full of fun and mischief and who reminds me not to take myself seriously!

So Ive been up, happily working and full of the joys of summertime, without holiday blues in sight! I think the sun has got to my brain: I’ve just reached for the charger to put some power into my phone battery – and tried to charge an apple instead Obviously need to find an inspirational guide whose brain works 24/7 despite the heat!

If you’d like to come here for a holiday and be inspired by the beauty of Cyprus, email to me on enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com and I’ll share some offers and ideas with you that could motivate you to book for Autumn 2019 or Summer 2020!


Lemons Days and Lemonade Days…

There is a very old Cypriot tradition that says, should the ceiling of a loved ones home, shatter around you while you are staying in this home, this is a sign that the Gods of Cover are looking after you and, no matter what falls around you, you’ll be okay!

Believe that? Well , you may not but I’m hoping Tonys Aunty Carol does!

Let me explain: so I’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom. Not easy – especially with a knee brace on and little sense of humour in plus 40 degrees heat! BUT I adore Carol and Mike and my home is their home – and it’s got to be welcoming for them……. preferably with a ceiling in the kitchen, which it currently doesn’t have because it fell it just as I’d finished cleaning!

Laugh? Oh how I laughed> NOT!

Still, the generous lemon tree in our garden, shed a host of glorious lemons today which my equally generous and glorious husband, gathered up and set about making special lemonade for our family arrival tomorrow………

So the Gods may be smiling through the ceiling but the lemons will be sparkling in the lemonade – and I have gin. Lots of it!

If life has given you lemons recently, come and chill on a holiday in a villa or apartment in our fruit filled area of Cyprus. Email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com for offers, recipes and names of good builders (plus lots of stories about the gods….)



Morning Mayhem!


Barney T Rubble was very unsettled around 6am this morning. Normally, he snores his way through until our alarm goes off but today, something was ”up” with him – so I got up to investigate…..

His head was pushed through the balustrades , so he was keenly watching something on the hill next to us. Surrounded by every noisy toy he possesses, he was in , ”action” mode, ready to pounce on something or someone.

I had to climb onto the sofa on the balcony to see what was going on because Barney wouldn’t move out of his , ”patrol corner” – and there was the problem….

Three of the Hill Cat Gang, were sitting in the long grass pulling faces at Barney, sticking their tongues out at him and one even had the cheek to turn around and wave her furry little bottom at him as she flicked her tail! The cheek of them! They were obviously having great fun and were delighting in the fact that , ”monster dog” was being held captive in his home while they were freely running around causing mischief!

Barney was NOT happy! Deciding to stand up on his back legs so he could look over the top of the balustrades, he began to bark his deep, earthy bark – and off they scattered……. though somehow, I think they’ll be back.

Our big silly doggy is currently eating his breakfast but his ears are ”ón alert” and I know that , when we walk up the hill, he’ll be watching for his  feral friends and will pounce if I let him. Which I won’t coz I found the whole episode very funny!

If you’d like to come to the Peyia hillside, enjoy the views and stay in a villa with cool, clean swimming pool – and feed the local cats, email for deals to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com

Have a purrfect Friday!