self talk!


Forget selfie sticks! Í think the next craze is middle aged women like me, ‘talking to self” – or talking to anything around them even though they know they shouldn’t – and I do mean anything not anyone!

Take today: I actually thanked the cash machine for the money it gave me! The woman standing near me thought I was a nutter! I talked to the washing machine about the stains on the front of Tonys t-shirt – and gave the mop a good old talking to because I wasn’t happy with the clean I was doing on the floor in the kitchen.

Mind you: I know I’m losing the plot . This week, while running late for work, I answered a call on my mobile from Emma in the office then told her I’d have to go because I needed to find my mobile before I headed down the hill to the office!…..

That said, it’s good to talk sometimes: when I was baking the other day, I told the cake mix a very long story about how important it was to rise and to look attractive rather then burnt, which it’s previous cousin had a week before. The rock buns got a chat about my Nanna, coz she’d taught me how to make rock buns and the pepper tree in the garden seems to reach out and smile when I chat to it!

May simply be that I know Tony switches off when I talk – and even Barney T Rubble gruffs and puts his head in his paws……..Luckily Molly lets me ramble on but she is stone deaf so I don’t suppose that counts.

If you’d like to talk to me about renting a villa with a pool in Coral Bay or Peyia – or an apartment in a great location , please email to I’m explaining to my computer as I type, that it’s important to let me know immediately the emails come in…………


swimming pool tales


OMG !Hated the report we read today about the young girl staying a hotel with a large tour operator and her being pulled into the filter!

We are SO lucky: we use The Pool People Ltd as our pool operatives in all of our holiday villas. They are trained to NSPF CPO standard ( and ensure our pools are mechanically correct -and that the water is cleaned to EU standards.

I’m going to be biased but for all the right reason. The Pool People Ltd is owned and operated by my husband, Tony BUT he established the company and invested in the trips to America to meet the NSPF then the three years it took him to qualify as an instructor BECAUSE of problems with pool cleaning here.

Now across the island the island of Cyprus, people proudly display the NSPF CPO logo – and that’s all down to Tony . Thanks to him, the pools cared for by NSPF CPO’s are cared for properly and fully – or they lose their licence to work!

Very sad that the big operators haven’t got on board with this yet but watch this space!

If you want a villa with a clean pool and a safe pool, email to

People and their holidays, matter to us!


Life is so interesting, complicated, painful and wonderful, isn’t it? Often all at the same time.

Even dealing with holiday villa guests, which is a business process in theory but becomes a journey of friendship and care, when the guests are those lovely people who return to our villas, year in , year out.

Like us, they age; their families grow; get ill’; have problems – but they are always so happy to be back in the Coral Bay and Peyia area – and we are so happy to have them back.

There isn’t a day goes by when I don’t feel so very grateful to live and work here – and to be trusted by so many great people, is an honour – and it is mainly a HUGE thank you to the villa and apartment owners who work so hard to ensure their properties are 100%

If you are looking for a villa or apartment holiday and are looking forward to sharing your holiday with people who value your holiday investment and care that you are happy, email to us for availability and booking info:

Enjoy the sun, sea, freedom – and escape into your holiday and the happiness it brings!

Winds of Change


Well, today saw me going out on the sea with Chris from Crystal Marine as the next part of my RYA Day Skipper Training.

The day here in Peyia , started with stormy seas, heavy cloud and rain so when Chris, who was over in Latchi, rang to offer to cancel todays lesson, I was SOOOO tempted but decided not to be a wuss and to just go for it!

Scary as the thought of the lesson was, it was even more scary because todays lesson was on Chris’s own boat: the steering ”went” on ours, when Tony and I were practicing mooring up, so I was very nervous about everything…

I’ve a great respect for the sea and love to sit and look at it – preferably from our home a distance away from the coastline! Today, knowing the weather forecast was changeable to say the least – and that the wind direction was variable with strength in the gusts, I really did question whether or not I’d made the right decision in going ahead with the lesson….

Thankfully, Chris is patient and a great teacher. The steering on his boat was working – and the biggest challenge I had was that the wind kept changing direction, at one point gusting behind the boat outside of the harbor, then blowing towards the boat, I the harbor.

Still, am back on dryland now and can honestly say I loved the experience today. A whole lot of this was because this lovely island of Cyprus is to wonderful to live and learn on. From driving over the hills from Coral Bay to Latchi, to taking the boat out onto the waters at Latchi, with the Troodos mountains in the distance on one side and the Akamas Peninsular on the other coupled with infinite open sea ahead, it just felt like anything was possible and that I MAY even learn to do this skippering, properly in time!

If you are open to new possibilities and would like to come and experience Cyprus, learning about the secrets, beauty and stories of this incredible place, why not book a villa in Coral Bay or Peyia and holiday in our heaven? For availability and offers, email to

The Tooth Fairy


Oh deary deary me! Charlie, aged 8, lost one of his teeth a few days ago – and was really disappointed that the tooth fairy didn’t come! He went to school very upset and his mum , Emma in our office, was telling us that she’d have to find a way to put this right.

Which she did, thanks to Mark, our strategically thinking accountant who suggested that, as Emma and family had only just moved from their parents home in Peyia to a holiday villa while their own home was being made ready, say that the tooth fairy got lost!

Emma (and we) loved this idea, so we all contributed some coins and Emma put them in an envelope with , ”Redirected from Nanna’s house”, written on it! Sorted!

Except Emma forgot to put this envelope under Charlie”s pillow so he’s still upset and we’ve all got our thinking caps back on……

Don’t worry: when you holiday here in one of our villas in Coral Bay or Peyia, if you lose a tooth, just let us know and we’ll ”appear” with redirected envelope containing a little pressie. Just don’t tell Charlie!

To book a villa, email to

(Photo below isn’t a tooth fairy – it’s a toothy furry!).

The dance of life


Yesterday, one of my best friends here, Daisy, aged 5, was a fairy in the Young Stars Theatre production, “Movie Night” . Daisy’s Mum, my gorgeous friend and office angel, Emma, invited me to come along to the show – and I was thrilled to accept.

I’ve heard about Young Stars and the owner, Anna Michaelides and her dedicated team of teachers and helpers but I’ve never been to a production – but Movie Night was totally enchanting and I’ll be going to the next show!

It was so touching to watch the juniors, middle group and seniors, performing songs and dances from many movies. From ballet to modern, irish dancing to tap, the dancers were incredible! I was blown away, as was the whole audience. To have the talent that Anna and her team have, to inspire, teach and gave these children the stage upon which to perform, is just wonderful!

I loved the tiny tots, in their tutus; was blown away by a young man ”giving it large” as a character from Blues Brothers ; the Irish Dancing was worthy of world renown – then the ballet routines: OMG! Beautiful, graceful and totally enchanting!

It was all I could do to stay in my seat! And I wasn’t the only one! To a man and woman, the audience were cheering, tapping their feet and grinning happily. Totally special and lovely day. So glad to have been there – and Daisy was AWESOME!

The afternoon took me back to being a young ballroom dancer, whose Nanna believed in her so very much, she took me to every class, show and medal event. I danced aged 3 to almost 18 and loved it so very much. Life, loves, work and accidents got in the way but my soul is that of a dancer – and yesterday, thanks to Anna and her brilliant team and happy pupils, I ”danced” the afternoon away and still have music in my feet today!

This area of Cyprus has so very much to offer: I just didn’t realise just how very much talent and dedication, nurturing love and excellence, until yesterday. Anna: you are truly incredible. Wishing you all you wish yourself, your team and your pupils, always!

Do a quickstep to a holiday villa with pool here in Coral Bay or Peyia and I’ll let you know where the next performance is. It’s worth coming to holiday here, just for that!

To enquire or book, best step forward by emailing to

The office angel above, is our very own ”fairy”, Daisy, sitting at her Mum’s desk!

In BIG charge!


The time has come when Barney T Rubble has had to be promoted to be In BIG Charge. Previously, hís job was , “”In charge of the Thinking Step” but , as his little furry sister is getting older and more tired, it’s time for her to stand down and abdicate her responsibilities to this young, playful doggy.

He is taking his new role very seriously: no-one can get in or out of the house now when he is sitting ”in his place'”! We all have to access the house via the front bedroom patio which is fine but can be funny!

With visitors due over the weekend, it will be fun to see how he gets on!

Come and see him! Book a villa with pool, in Coral Bay or Peyia. Email to

Never a pest!

The lovely John Locke has been into the office today and was telling me that he reads the blogs! I was thrilled to bits!

John is a great man and works hard for our customers, helping to clear away the many pests who try to live on some of the rooftops. Pigeons are the main problem but not to John. He is kind to them and great to us.

I promised that I would write about him and am very happy to do so, knowing he’ll read this out to his lovely wife too!

So, John Locke (sounds like a knight of the round table, doesn’t it?), on behalf of Lazydaze Ltd and all of our customers, thank you – and keep reading! x

Almost a walk!


The days are so very hot now that the best time to walk the furry gang, is after 7pm as the sun has almost set and the air is cooler.

I take it in turns to walk Molly Mou then Barney T Rubble. Molly is fast, fit and loves to run up the very steep hill next to our house but she is fairly easy to keep up with. Barney T Rubble is another matter! He’s huge, happy to be out – but hates cats!

Now, someone has told the feral gang who live on our hill, that Barney gets the later walk because, for the past few evenings, one of them has been hiding in one of the bushes which line the hill and has jumped out to give Barney and I a shock! Tonight, it was cat warfare!

We no sooner got around the corner from our home, where the steepest, hardest to walk part of the hill is and Harry Cat shot out to scare us. But he didn’t move. He just sat in the middle of the road, just up from us, stuck his tongue out and summoned two kittens who were in position in the pampas grass. I nearly lost my arms trying to hold onto Barney T Rubble! He didn’t know which way to run first – so tried all of them and I went with him……

Deciding to return straight home rather than risk being even more ”out in the open” and at the mercy of the pussy cat gang, Tony commented, “”you weren’t out long””…….grrrrrrrrrr!

come and meet the furries and the feral gangs who live in the Peyia hillsides. For villas and apartments with lovely walks around them, email to . Best foot forward though – they are going quickly!


another planet?


Tony and I went to Limassol on Friday evening, for the start of the Boat Show. Got to say, it wasn’t what either of us were expecting but it was great all the same. We had a really good look around a stunning boat , the stuff dreams are made of, before heading to one of the many restaurants which are built out on the Pier and overlook the sea and the Marina. Limassol really has got it’s act together.

That said, the restaurant experience wasn’t what I’d anticipated either. The food was excellent, we had a giggle but the strangest thing happened when I went to the ladies loo….. The toilets were one floor up from the restaurant. Having just got into the lift to go to the next floor, I was joined by one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen – and she was SO tall! I’m not small – I’m 5ft 5ins in flatties, which I was wearing but she stood at least one foot taller than I – but what she had in height, I had in abundance in weight compared to her: she had the tiniest frame! I was entranced so was totally shocked when we got into the loo and she asked me to take her dress off! Well, I wasn’t wearing it – then I realized she’d turned around and meant she wanted me to unzip her dress…….weird till she began to explain she’d poured herself into this tight lace dress in a hurry  and it wásn”t sitting right!

So like the small, square shaped dumpling I must have looked to her, I obediently unzipped the dress, then averted my eyes while she pulled it back on and requested to be zipped back up!

I don’t know what bothered me more – that a stranger had asked me to do this or that the stranger was SOOOOOOO tall and tiny, I couldn’t believe we’d come from the same planet! Maybe she’d sailed in on the dream boat from an unforeseen star? Who knows….

Anyway, if you are thinking of holidaying on an island bathed in sunshine, with warm seas – and very interesting ”creatures”, come to Cyprus and rent a villa from us. We’re great at offering excellent villas in good locations at superb value for money deals – and can even throw in a little bit of help with ”tailoring”! Email to me, with the ZIP file, to