Let’s talk bottoms!


Okay, so this is a bum way to blog but really, I’ve seen enough bottoms this morning to last me a lifetime!

In the Bank of Cyprus, in Coral Bay this morning, a happy holidaymaker had the cheek to display a huge amount of his bottom, sticking out over the top of , quite obviously, someone elses shorts! Then another sun worshipper, shopping on the Coral Bay strip, proudly showed hers in what I’m sure was her daughters bikini – and her daughter was about 5 years old!

Driving up to Peyia, two joggers were well paced as they tackled the hill but their shorts had  very serious battles going on as the flesh ”fought” with itself in time with the running!

Further on, a ”hungry bottom”, seemed to have consumed an older ladies undies – which were clearly visible, in part, under her see through shorts….. AARGH!!

It could be argued, why am I looking at bottoms? Well, I’m not doing it willingly – and I’ve certainly no room to talk, being as I am, a ”traditionally built and too generously proportioned woman” – but I think today must be national, “Reveal your bottom in public day”!

Enough of bottoms – let’s talk holiday villas which are TOP! Whether you want to flash your flesh in the hot sunshine or simply chill in the pool or on the beach, dress your summer holiday in a lovely villa with clean pool or apartment in a great location! Email to me for details and offers: enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com and I’ll get to the bottom of the best offers for you!

Beach bodies


It’s that time of year again, when people on the countdown to holiday, begin to ”breath in” , in the car on the way to the airport in the hope that their tummies will mysteriously disappear before they hit the beach!

Summer clothes, which fit a few  months ago, are brought out of wardrobes and packed into cases – then bodies are squashed into them in the hot sunshine.

The supermarket and shops in Peyia, are filled with pink people, who are hot and bothered, sunkissed and barely clothed – all looking for local produce and wine – and munching on ice cream to keep them cool.

In the office, guests call to see us, which we love – though when you are sitting down and a huge unclothed, red tummy walks towards you, it can be a little disconcerting!

We love it though – and go through the same holiday process ourselves!

Raises the question, ”how do you get a beach body?”. The answer: easy. Just put the body you have into whatever swimwear you want and hit the sunshine/sand and sea! We’re all in this together and care for one another, whatever shape we are!

Come to the beaches in Coral Bay: to book a villa with clean pool or apartment in a great location, email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com

A Beautiful ”Smile”

The garden at our home on the hillside in Peyia, is filled with colour all year round. Tony has inherited his fathers’, ”green fingers” and seems to find the right shrubs and flowers for any type of soil – and with the hill itself being mainly rock and very difficult, growing a garden  isn’t easy.

There have been some trials and errors and many successes! Sometimes, we are surprised by how quickly certain shrubs get established and now and again, have been disappointed by the fact that some bulbs haven’t taken.

This week, we’ve had a lovely surprise in the form of this beautiful flower, (photo below), which seems to have shot out of the pot in which it was planted and is now standing proud , seemingly smiling at us as we walk down the steps near where it is growing.

It’s a happy flower and makes me smile whenever I look at it!

A Perfect Marriage!


On the day that the UK is overwhelmed with the excitement of the Royal Wedding, why not look for your own perfect holiday ”partner” and fall in love with one of the holiday villas on our site?

Just imagine, you and the villa, spending lazy days together in the hot Cyprus sunshine; nothing but the two of you, whiling the hours away, dreaming dreams of complete bliss and making plans for the days ahead!

There is a villa for everyone: decide your criteria eg how many bedrooms; private pool ; walking distance to beaches or strolling time to the centre of the traditional village of Peyia! Gardens or patios; views of sea or mountains……so much to choose from.

I propose that you email to me : Lynn@cyprusvillas.uk.com and let me be your holiday matchmaker , helping you find your ”happy ever after” sunshine partner!

Could I help you have an even better Cyprus Villas Holiday? I’ll make sure I do!

Being the customer!


Tony and I have had the most wonderful weekend away in Prague, with great friends, Karen and Wayne, celebrating 30 years of marriage (us) and a birthday , (Wayne).

Not that being in the stunning, captivating city of Prague was enough  – we also got to see Andrea Bocelli perform at the O2 arena in Prague. I am honestly overwhelmed and still cannot believe what we’ve seen/experienced and listened to. We were truly in the most magical of cities listening to the voice of an Angel………I will never forget the experience.

For a change, we became the customers and , as always happens, I learned so much and remembered what it’s all about: people. The hotel we stayed in was in a great location and relatively clean but the staff were tired, unfriendly and really gave the , ”minimalistic” approach to customer care. Not that it mattered to us: we had a ball but I was sad to think that so many people , like us, had saved and saved to be there and were met with a mediocre welcome and experience.

This holiday business is a people thing  – and people matter. It’s no good making someone feel as if they are ”in the way” or a nuisance for asking for things which should be there: the people PAY our wages and we need to work so very hard to show respect for that.

Mind you, I made a fundamental error and asked for toilet roll only for the housekeeper to arrive and open the cupboard in the bathroom to reveal more rolls….. my bad! Though it taught me how easy it is not to ”see”, when you are in , ”off duty ” mode and not concentrating.

In all, a tremendous weekend – and one which has made me even more grateful to do the work I do with the team around me. Thank you SO much to all of the people who entrust their holidays to us. I promise we’ll keep trying harder!

Great news: we’ve got La Strata stone villa back for holiday rentals AND some availability in the lovely 4 ensuite bedroomed Villa Iremia for this summer! To book or enquire, email to Lynn@cyprusvillas.uk.com. I promise your email and enquiry matter SO much to me!

Rock and roll.


Max, aged 5, was fascinated to meet the Rock Family who llive in our kitchen, on the wine fridge.

Normally very quiet and well behaved, these cute little characters are given to partying late at night and get very drunk, running around the house, making mayhem wherever they go….. or so Max believed!

Each morning, he’d get up, check them out and count them – to make sure none of them were missing.

I did laugh when the glue holding them men down, must have given up and one of the little stones was lying on the side, away from the rest of the family…. Max was delighted that one of the gang had been naughty and I wasn’t going to spoil his enjoyment!

If you want fun with your gang, rent a holiday villa with pool in Peyia or Coral Bay and party the night away! For details, email to enquiies@cyprusvillas.uk.com.

Molly’s senior moments.

Our beautiful , 17 year plus furry daughter isn’t too well. Taking another trip to see Nikolas , our vet , this week, she wasn’t too good at all and I was concerned that it was maybe her ”time”.

Thank god, the diagnosis, whilst not ideal, is better than we expected. She now has tablets to help her tummy plus medicine for her joints – but there isn’t anything that can be done to help her , ”doggy dementia” – well, except love, care and awareness which we are more than happy to give to her.

With some of our family staying this week, she is being completely covered in love and cuddles and, when she’s, ”with us”, she is happy and when she is having a ”senior moment”, we simply watch over her.

She is my furry Cyprus angel and I know angels have wings so they can fly. Am praying for the strength to recognize when she is ready for take off.


May the sunshine force be with you!

Well, it looks like the UK is going to bask in sunshine for this early May bank holiday! For those lucky enough to have the time off to enjoy it, we wish you fun and happiness as you spend time with your family and friends.

For those not so lucky to have time off – or those who love the sunshine SO much, they want more of the same, get online to www.cyprusvillas.uk.com and check out the sunshine deals for June here in the Peyia area! With wall to wall sunshine now through to the end of November, you can look forward to being able to relax for the whole period of your holiday, taking in the peaceful vibe of this beautiful island – or hitting the nightlife after a day in the sunshine!

Your holiday. your choice of how to spend it – but if you’d like us to match you to a villa with clean, welcoming pool or an apartment in a great location, email to me on enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com.

Happy Bank Holiday!



Max, aged 5, one of our wonderful Great Nephews, arrived last night with his beautiful sister ,  Lily 10 and his Mum and Dad, Jessica and Andy.

Very excited, Max was keen to , ”see the Universe” from the balcony upstairs. He loves the sky and the stars and was delighted that it was a clear night so he could watch in amazement.

Coming to tell us what he’d seen, I commented, “‘it’s magic, isn’t it?””

“Nooo,” came the reply. “”don’t be silly Aunty Lyndiloo – only Transformers and Ninjas are magic!””.

Well, all I can say is, it’s magic sitting by the pool this morning, listening to the children playing in the water, giggling with their parents in a moment of , not a care in the world.

Holidays and time together are precious. Something I’m relearning today. Just wish our grandchildren were here too.

To book your holiday villa, with clean pool, email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com

Walking on sunshine!


We have a very good friend in the UK whose mantra is, ”nothing cannot be solved by a good long walk”.

I’ve never really taken too much notice of this being a bit of a lazy lump at heart – added to which almost 3 years of broken bones and immobility haven’t helped! Though I love to walk with my dogs, the walks are leisurely, peaceful and great for the soul – but OMG, Tony and I have fallen in love with, ”Power Walking” and we can be found at least once per day, strutting our stuff along the many and pretty pathways we’re finding in this beautiful area.

Cyprus just never stops giving: who would have known that, off the tourist track, there are so many interesting and pretty walks to take, enjoying the scenery while getting fit – and that the coastal pathway from Kissonerga to Paphos harbor, has THE most magnificent scenery, mixing the changing sea with beautiful vista! I’ve fallen well into walking and heavily into this island we call home!

Other than the sunshine warming the body a little too much sometimes during the hours walk, the walk itself warms my soul SO much, my perspective on many things has changed – as has my ability to deal with the big and small things life throws at me.

So, Andy, you are right and I am a convert!

If you’d like to join the walks, during a sunshine holiday here on this beautiful island, email to me for available villas and apartments for Summer 2018 and I’ll happily step out and share with you , all there is to offer! Enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com