The Christmas Community in Peyia!

On Saturday evening, the Christmas lights were officially switched on in Peyia village, by Marinos the Mayor of Peyia.

It was a wonderful occasion with children from the local schools, singing carols and villagers coming together to experience the magic of the lights and the moments.

The Church was dressed with elegant coloured lights; gobos ran their way up and down the buildings; the lights strewn across the village centre were in abundance and in all kinds of shapes /designs. It was just beautiful! Add the huge Christmas Tree in the centre of the village ”square” and Peyia looked the business!

For me , the best part was that everyone came together to share the occasion. The crowd were loud and good humoured  – and the children had a ball. It seems that Santa Claus was definitely watching over us all – or at least that’s what the little ones amongst us thought!

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The lovely cup of tea!



When my sister, Maxine and I were younger, we’d go to our Nanna’s house regularly – telling her all of our secrets – and those of our parents! – and generally talking far too much, normally about things we shouldn’t!

Nanna was so very calm, kind and funny – and always had the kettle on ready to make us a , “lovely cup of tea” to make the world seem better. Many troubles, some real and most imaginary, were, ”put right” over a cuppa!

Maxine and I had our own china cup and saucer: Maxine”s was rose coloured and mine, lemon. For years, we believed that the only way to take tea, was from a ”proper” china cup! Coming from the North East of England, born to a normal working class family, this crockery was SO posh – and we loved it!

Yesterday, I ventured to Peggy’s Garden Café in Peyia, to meet a friend who was sadly held up so I ordered a cup of tea -and was thrilled when it arrived in a beautiful, china cup and saucer! Just lifting the cup , brought back so very many memories of Nanna, my childhood and made me reflect on how time is flying by.

I felt at peace for that brief time, sitting with my cuppa and would recommend the experience to anyone who visits Peyia!

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It’s , “What to wear”, weather!

Having just returned to Cyprus from a very quick and busy 5 days in the UK, where we travelled from London to Northumberland to Cumbria then Manchester, seeing loved ones and taking in the fresh, cold air, we’re now back in 23 degree heat!

I cannot say it isn’t lovely weather: it’s beautiful – but only between the hours of around 9.30 – 3pm, when the sun starts to set and the cooler air comes in. We are SO very lucky to live here but it’s become a standing joke in our office that we all come to work in summery clothes in the morning, then nip home to our cars for, ”layers”!

The quilts are on the beds for the even chill too – but from 7am, as the sun begins to climb to it’s dizzy heights in the sky, we’re hot and bothered – and should really get up then but it’s just too cozy!

Anyway, winter sunshine is here – and the tourists aren’t! It’s crazy . Cyprus is definitely the best kept winter sun destination in the Med!

If you are thinking of winter sunshine for 2018 or looking to book your Spring/summer 2018 holiday, email to me on specifying Peyia with views or Coral Bay on the seafront. Very happy to help you – though may reply a little later coz there is a sunbed with my name on it in our garden!

Old? Who said so!


Molly is the equivalent of 107 in people years. Remembering the notion that, bumble bees shouldn’t fly as their wings are too small and fragile to carry the weight of their bodies- but no-one has told them, Molly isn’t aware of her age . Or she just doesn’t care!

This morning, I made the almost fatal mistake of not securing her lead onto her collar before opening the gate in our garden -and she was off! At full speed down the , (not insubstantial) hill on which we live.

I couldn’t keep up with her. She couldn’t hear me shout – and nor would she have been able to hear any cars which may have come along. Thankfully, something caught her attention , so she stopped and began to sniff about, giving me a few very breathless minutes, to catch up with her and secure the lead.

Trouble was, we were at the bottom of the hill by now and had to climb all the way back up: which we did, very slowly!

I’m now having a cuppa and a sit down but she is running riot around the garden, chasing Barney T Rubble. I can see that Tony and I need to change our diets and go onto whatever Molly is eating!

If you are like Molly, young at heart and ready for fun, email to me about villas and apartments here in Peyia and Coral Bay for 2018 – and I promise I won’t chase you!

freedom and peace


Tony is teaching today so I summoned up some confidence and went for a walk by myself, along the harbor at St Georges, Sea Caves.

It was such a beautiful morning. The sun was in the heavens and the sea was so flat and calm, I wanted to jump into it! The local sailing club were just putting their small, white sailed craft into the water and people were milling about, slowly and happily, taking in the moments and the magnificent scenery.

Thinking about nothing in particular other than how lucky I am to live here, I was hit by the sudden realization that, in the space of the first 10 minutes of my walk, I’d spoken to a young Cypriot family; one german man; a few from the UK and a Chinese couple – each strolling peacefully and all wrapped in the warmth of the day…..

Never mind how lucky am I, how lucky are we all, to have the freedom to travel, to adventure, to explore , to make our, ”mark” and to join together to bring change where it’s needed….

Remembering the time of year; thinking about all of those who fought in World Wars and mindful that there is still a lot of conflict to be sorted out, I still feel strongly the need to say, “Thank you” – to those who gave their lives to , ”Light the road ahead for those of us who walk behind them”.

Let’s hope we are worthy of the sacrifices.

Molly’s trampoline


At the tender age of 16 people years, our precious little Molly Mou is getting a little less agile than she has previously been – but that comes to all of us.

It breaks my heart to watch this tiny dog , who has a heart the size of a lion’s , try to jump up onto her favourite settee or bed and fail to make the distance. Why she keeps trying is beyond me, as she often falls heavily back onto the floor and it must hurt.

It’s second nature to Tony and I now to watch where she is going and have our hands ready to  , ‘give her a help up’ but you can guarantee she’ll come straight back down again within minutes! Through the night, she is on and off our bed until she eventually falls into snoring bliss- normally just as the alarm is about to go off for work!

Still, these are yet more of the special times which come with loving an animal and being by its side through the years, as she has been by ours since she ”found” us just under 15 years ago.

My heart is heavy with the reality that , soon, she’ll take her final jump into the safest arms she’ll ever have known but until then, she is welcome to lean on us and let us carry her to wherever she fancies- though I’m seriously toying with buying her a mini trampoline for Christmas!

(Don’t forget, Molly loves to help me book your holiday villas and apartments, so if you are thinking of 2018 , drop me a line and picture Molly Mou sitting on my knee at the computer – coz that’s where she is!

Baking hot!


5th November and it’s going to be a bit of a wash out here in Peyia! The rains have poured from the heavens since the early hours. The air is fresh and clean – and the deep, moody sky is having a ”bit of a row” with the troubled sea today: Quite magnificent!

For me, it’s a baking day. Scones are just out of the oven. The kitchen smells like a , “Christmas morning”; mince is ready for the pie and  sausage and bacon plait is prepared! Wonderful! I feel like I have my late, precious Nanna here with me too, teaching me what to do and telling me off in her happy , sing song Geordie voice…..

Tony is keeping out of the way. He’s not too well and hasn’t been for a couple of days , so he’s staying in bed being plied with tea – and, as he went a funny shade of green when I mentioned I was baking, maybe he’s not feeling much like eating, (or, more likely, he knows what a bad cook I am!).

Still, plenty of time to help you with your holiday villas for 2018, so drop me an email and I’ll reply between bouts of mixing and rolling pastry. Email to

Have a tasty Sunday!

It’s quilts for us!


Oh, I just love this time of year! Don’t get me wrong, I love the sunshine, heat and gorgeous long , sunny days BUT it’s time to put the quilt back on the bed and I just cannot wait!

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always felt ‘safe” sleeping under the weight of covers or , as I got older, wrapped up in the soft warmth of a quilt. Moving to Peyia made me face so many changes; one of which was learning to sleep without any covers on , coz it is just TOO hot – but it was a little scary at first!

Now, November is here and the nights are cool, so I am pulling the togs out of the cupboard and preparing to snuggle down for the weekend – and the foreseeable future! (some call it ”hibernation”).

You can still email to me for offers on villas and apartments: but I’ll be responding with more warmth than normal coz my laptop is coming to bed with me!

A married morning in Peyia…

6am…..”Hi hubs. Isn’t it a beautiful morning?”

“Ermmmmmzzzzzz””, came the reply.

6.45am …”Hi hubs. would you like a cup of tea?”


7.15am…”Hubs: I had this strange dream…””


7.45 am …””hubs, there is a cup of tea next to you”

“zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, slurp, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

8.00 am… as hubs walks past the end of the bed, “Morning”, I say brightly, “Will you PLEASE shut up”, came the reply….

………..and they say romance is dead! Or is it just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

Every life matters!



OMG! Am so very proud of Dave, one of our key pool managers who has done something over and above today – and saved a life!

Now, I know dear reader, that you are expecting me to go on to explain that he pulled someone out of a pool, resuscitated them and all was well – well that is the truth –  only the ”being” was a very large lizard who was on the bottom of a pool, so Dave lifted him out of the water, then noticed that his eyes were bulging and he wasn’t breathing…

so Dave gently took him in his hand and , using one finger, pressed this little creatures chest till it coughed, spat our water , shook it’s head and went on it’s way – alive though shaken up!

Ah! How lovely is that? We’ve been teasing Dave that, somewhere in the Lizard Lounge tonight, is a lucky lizard, having a smoke and a beer and regaling his friends with the story of how he almost drowned but was saved by the actions of one of the funny, tall creatures who walk on two legs and stick poles and nets into water……

thank god for kindness!

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