Grumpy Old Men!


Oh, I loved the article in the Daily Mail today about a wife complaining that she’d holidayed with her husband – who turned into Victor Meldrew!

Sadly, yes, it seems to happen to them all! Welcoming the villa guests, it’s amazing how the most beautiful/happy and friendly ladies seem to have a ”Grump” in tow – and the ”grumps” even outdo the many ”teenage kevins”’ in the family too!

Maybe it’s being away from ”being in charge”, which causes older men (ie north of 45), to transform into a grisly bear – or just maybe they like being ”in a mood” and ”difficult”. I swear my husband could make Grumpiness an Olympic Sport – and win!

Am feeling a little better today: our fairy god daughters arrived last night and ”spragged” on their wonderful dad (and one of our best friends), Bill. Apparently, since he retired at the tender age of 60, he had become more grumpy!

Interestingly, the same men, my husband included, turn into charming, attentive gentlemen when faced with an attractive, younger woman! My Hubs can change in an instant!

Of course, the worrying commonality in this , seems to be us wives! Not that we are ever grumpy or give our husbands cause to be anything other than delighted with their lot LOL!

This is why we drink – or maybe that’s just me!

For villas with pools too wet for grumpy men and apartments in locations which will cause them difficulties in parking (!), email to

The photo below is of the least grumpy male I know – Barney T Rubble – with his very charming and totally helpful and loving pal, Mike x

Too Cheeky!


Well, there is a god if not a goddess of large bottoms! No, I’m not talking about anyone in the Kardashian family, I’m talking about Miss Bum Bum 17 which takes place in Brazil and which is an annual contest to find the most attractive, large bottom on a pretty girl!

There were great photos today online , showing 30 hopefuls vying to be one of the 15 finalists. With magnificent booties on display, it seemed to be, the bigger the better!

So am thinking I should relocate to Brazil where I stand some chance of fitting in – though Tony helpfully told me that you are supposed to only have one Bum not bumdiddlybumbums falling down the back of your legs!

Anyway, will watch the progress of this contest with interest so see if it’s worth bringing something similar to the beaches here in Coral Bay! Maybe “Moobs Mania”, or “Cellulite Celebs”……….let me know your thoughts!

If you’d like to bring your family to this bootiful area of Cyprus, please email for details on villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations, to  (oh and couldn’t find a bottoms photo so you’ll have to make do with ”buns”…)


birthday and plans


My wonderful husband, Tony, celebrated his birthday yesterday – and I use the term ”celebrated”, very loosely!

First, he hates birthdays and doesn’t ever want a fuss – but really, I think had I not found a way to smuggle a card and small pressie home via a healthy pair of legs, (as I’m unable to leave the house unless accompanied!), Tony would have been a little disappointed.

As it turned out, his present was disappointing anyway but he’s a man and hard to buy for – but he was made so very happy later in the day, when he received birthday wishes from his beloved daughter, Hayley. That was really all he was wishing for, so great that this happened as hoped for. x

Anyway, the day went from bad to worse: the team , knowing Tony didn’t like fuss, didn’t fuss. In fact, practically ignored the situation completely! Our plans for an evening out, which weren’t ideal as they involved birthday boy as the chauffeur, carer and sober one!, went astray when Tony took a call from the Chairman of a complex where we care for the pool. This man was only here for an hour and wanted Tony there immediately – so he went, as he should – only he got a puncture on the way home so was even more delayed and Plan B fell apart…..

Plan C was fab: fish, chips and curry sauce, curled up on the sofa with the furry gang, watching NCIS! Bliss! Peaceful, tasty and contented evening – well, for me! I cannot help feeling Tony wished he’d had a different sort of day – maybe sailing on the Med with a light and warm breeze behind him. The ”light , warm breezes”, Barney T Rubble was emitting, didn’t quite match up!

Happy days! Note to self Make this up to Tony as soon as am mobile again X

If you’d like a spend a very happy birthday here in paradise, rent a villa with welcoming pool and enjoy your celebration in the sunshine – just make sure we know when and what you are celebrating so we can spoil you! Email to

A person’s story.


Tony, my long suffering husband, tells me I’d talk to a tree . He gets both embarrassed and frustrated by the fact that I like people and love to hear what they have to say/learn about their lives and perspective on the universe.

I get that sometimes, in the business of the day or the heat of the sun, it’s not great to stop and chat to strangers/hear their fears etc but sometimes people need to talk – and  who knows if I’m the only person they’ve talked to all day? For me, it’s worth the effort.

For example, a few days ago, while waiting for Tony who was deeply involved in a business discussion with a man in Latchi, I was sitting quietly in my (temporary) wheelchair and this lovely young waiter, who’d been watching me in my ”loneliness”, came over to chat. As I was old enough to be his grandmother, I was chuffed that he pulled up a chair and we started having a real conversation, not a ”placating pat on the head old lady one”.

Explaining to me that he was Polish, had lived in Cyprus for 2 years but this was his last season, he was telling me what he loved about the island, his job as a waiter and what he was looking forward to. A very pleasant and people orientated person, I was surprised to learn that his dream was to work in Biotechnology, seeking to be behind the scenes, searching for ”things” that would help towards cures for key diseases in humans and animals. He didn’t want to study medicine but wanted to facilitate those who did. I was fascinated.

In the space of 5 minutes, we’ve travelled the globe, searched history and planned futures: so good to talk to him – and so encouraging that there are young people like him, who are so dedicated to hard work. (Now I sound ancient!).

Anyway, my point in talking is good. Learning is better and understanding is key!

I’d love to talk to you if you are considering coming to Cyprus , especially Coral Bay or Peyia, for a family holiday in a villa or apartment. We can discuss the joys of winter sunshine, booking early for 2018 or even a festive break! Teach me what you need from your holiday and let me understand how best to help you. With good teamwork, we’ll find the best for you! Just email to

People on wheels


It’s not often that I can find anything remotely negative to say about Cyprus but I have to admit to being so very disappointed recently at the facilities in some of the areas here/taverns etc, for people who need to use wheelchairs.

I”m counting my blessings: nursing a nasty two fractures and bad bruising on my left knee, I currently need to use a wheelchair purely to take the strain of my recently repaired spine while the knee/leg repairs. This is a proverbial pain in the butt BUT I’m frustrated not for me but for the people who aren’t able to look forward to the day when they can discard the chair/crutches – which I can (and am eternally grateful for).

I’ve learned three very big lessons in the past few days:

  • using a wheelchair makes you invisible to the majority of people. I’m not sure if they are simply scared of the speed at which you travel or frightened of ”catching ” whatever the illness it that you have which has put you there – but you are invisible
  • What constitutes an accessibility ramp to some tavernas, is like hiking up the side of the steepest mountain to someone in a chair! And let’s not even get started on how difficult it is to come down the ramp – especially when it’s only meters away from a main road and there is no barrier to stop you! (or perhaps tony simply pushed me at high speed for a laugh?!).
  • DON”T have roots! This is a very personal one. To be ignored is awful coz I love to chat. To not be able to get to the loo, is painful coz we all need to go – but to have horrible roots, to add to this and have the people looking down on you, looking down onto your roots, is plain embarrassing!

This is why I drink.

Which is why I fall.

Which is maybe a pattern forming BUT I stand firm that people on wheels are PEOPLE, with their own precious stories, humour, bad habits, needs and joys. Please, next time you see someone in a wheelchair, please smile at them/ask if you can help them , and be pleasant – or I’ll invent something to add to the wheels of a chair which REALLY hurt when the wheels run over your toes!

…and Cyprus, PLEASE do more to enable this beautiful island for ALL Visitors. Thank you.

winter sunshine holidays in Coral Bay or Peyia?


Cyprus is one of the best kept secrets in the Med in terms of the autumn and winter sunshine which we enjoy.

Part of me wants to keep the secret because there is something very special about being able to walk in quiet, empty meadows; along deserted rocky coastlines or paddle in quiet seas on peaceful beaches – but I cannot! I love to see people coming here to holiday in a villa or apartment TOO much , so cannot be mean!

To give you an idea, October temperatures are on average, 27 degrees C in the daytime , dropping to a very pleasant 16 degrees at night, so sleeping is much easier without the constant gentle drone of a ceiling fan or a/c unit – and in November, we enjoy daytime highs of, on average, 23 to 24 degrees C and a much more cozy, 13 degrees at night! It’s jeans and sleeves in the evenings! Bliss!

Of course, the Med has had a chance to heat up throughout the year, so in October, you can swim in sea temperatures of 24 degrees C and November, a bracing, 21degrees C!

Possibly the best thing, is that the villas and apartment prices drop from high to mid season in October and low season, in November – so are even more value!

What are you waiting for? To book a winter sunshine break, email to

The photo below is of a stunning , warm January day in Peyia!

Holiday memories


There is an interesting piece in one of the UK daily newspapers today, about how a person never forgets their first holiday – and how, that first holiday can often seem like the best, most memorable one.

The article got me thinking about my very first holiday, which was with my sister Maxine and our Nanna, in Crimdon Dene, on the North East coast of England. We used to go for a week, every year, to stay in a caravan and enjoy the facilities of a play park, bingo and a great ”dene” where we could run/climb trees and generally make as much noise of possible. Of course, the big treat was going into the sea – which Nanna did wearing her pleated tartan skirt and 30 denier American Tan tights, of course!

The place was exotic – near Hartlepool, which is about as UN-exotic as you can get , (sorry locals!) but to us, it was utopia. Very happy memories…..

That said, other favourite holiday memories are of the early year trips to Cyprus, when Tony and I were in our mid 20s and, at that stage, saved to stay in Limassol in either a self catering apartment or once, OMG, a hotel! We paddled, swam, ate and drank – and I, erm, climbed trees! Not good after a few (more) brandy sours! Bringing Tom, Tony’s late father with us and sharing Protoras with Hayley, Tonys daughter, kept reinforcing our love for the island. Then, travelling to the Peyia region one year with Tom in tow, we were doomed! Holidays in villas had begun and the rest in history.

We’ve lived here almost 15 years now and Peyia is home. The only thing I miss about the UK, are family and friends but thank god, they are come in abundance and regularly to stay with us in our villa home on the hillside in Peyia.

I hope their first memories of Cyprus and villa holidays are as happy as our first memories of Cyprus. I know the villa holiday guests love coming because most of them keep coming back, which is a great compliment to this island, the area and the wonderful villa owners with whom we work.

Come and make memories here in Peyia or Coral Bay. It may not be your first holiday but we know it will be one of the best! For winter sunshine holidays in great villas with clean pools, email to

Practise, drill, rehearse.


One of my lifelong mentors, is Harry Dunne, the inspirational radio superstar for whom I worked many years in various radio stations. I owe him so very much. He found a way to unleash in my fuddled brain, the determination and creative streak, I thought I’d lost long ago – and encouraged the team and I , to be disciplined to a fault: something that has seen me through many a tough time.

I’m thanking Harry yet again today, for the phrase, “Practise, Drill, Rehearse”, which I’m taking to the letter in using my new , ”training boat”, which is pictured below.

Many of you will look at this training boat and see a wheelchair. Well , you’d be right in theory but to me, this temporary friend is helping me master the maneuvering techniques I need when mooring up a boat and leaving the mooring/entering the channel in the harbor.

Whilst the fractures in my knee begin to mend and I take time off the crutches to rest the fairly recent addition of a titanium ”ladder’ in my back, this training boat and I are having great fun at home in the dining room/kitchen, eg reversing into tight spots; picking up ”Ted”, who for training purposes is ”man overboard” and pulling alongside the kitchen cupboards, ready to pull away again without touching them, just as I have to do with other boats. Barney’s tail provides a hazard I have to avoid and Molly is always so busy running around that she acts like a tourist boat coming out of Blue Lagoon! Though she doesn’t get the rule of passing port to port !

So, while I practice, drill and rehearse, why  not imagine embarking on your own journey to a gorgeous villa with pool, here in Coral Bay or Peyia? The sun will shine through to the end of the year and with excellent deals on villas and apartments for the Autumn and Winter months, you could invest in the best destination for wintersun, in the Med!

And our villas look like villas too! To check availability and offers, email to

life on the ocean waves?


Oh dear, I may be doomed! There is a great article online this morning, about a couple who gave up living in a house, to live on a boat.

Apparently, they couldn’t afford the upkeep for their home, longterm – and as each were ageing and struggling with arthritis, they couldn’t imagine being able to walk up steps for the rest of their lives.

Please could everyone in the universe, delete this article from their computers NOW because it’s too close to home to be comfortable – and with a husband who is intent on finding any reason to live on a boat, this may just push him one step too far in his plans!

Don’t get me wrong, I love being on a boat. Blue Lagoon is gorgeous and there is nothing more peaceful than bobbing about on the water as the sunsets BUT the furries and I love our home; I love to be near our holiday villas and apartments – and there is plenty of room for family to come and stay with us for their holidays…….

Ahh. Think I can see a fault in my theory for staying at home! I suppose our ”gang” can always hire one of the villas or apartments? We could moor in Latchi – or in Coral Bay if the Marina ever comes off – and all would be well – except for the small matter of a fractured knee at the moment which will delay plans at least, say 8 weeks then with 2 years ”physio?”……

If you love life on the land and the sea, email to us for information about villas and apartments within easy distance of great marinas, where you can hire a boat/enjoy a sunset cruise or simply party!


The Universe


I’m reading an excellent book called, The Universe Has Your Back.

In essence, it’s a very positive book about learning to see the daily miracles which happen around us and noting the synchronicity in these things ie how right they are for where you are in the moment.

So, I’m mopping the kitchen floor on Monday evening and slip a little, observing my lower left leg going out at right angles to my upper left leg and listening to the ”crack” as it happened. All very ”beautiful” in it’s gentle movement BUT all very, incredibly painful too!

Yesterday, I spent the morning at the Evangelismos Hospital, where the most wonderful Dr. Petrides ensured I was xrayed, had an MRI and diagnosed/treated, within a few hours. The prognosis isn’t good : there are two fractures, some bone bruising and damage and signs of arthritis BUT the ”journey” through the process was undertaken with such kindness and compassion that, if it’s possible to feel better about being laid up for 6 weeks at the busiest time of year, I do.

You see, the things I”ve learnt recently, through surgery on my spine in December, (the 4th lot ) and now through this frustration of pain and immobility, are that:

  • I’m not my bones or my immobility: I’m my Grandfathers granddaughter and can overcome anything with patience and adjustment
  • That there are more good, kind and open hearted people around than the opposite. So many people came to help yesterday, I was very touched
  • This will pass: like all pain, it’s temporary and there will be lessons in it
  • That the Universe must have a plan for us, which we may not be able to understand but maybe we just need to look closer and see the beauty in the changes…..

Am I really this positive today? Not quite but I’m getting there. There are far worse things than being stuck in our home with the furry gang – and, with an excellent team in the office, I can crack the whip (!) from here and maybe find more time to write.

Whatever the Universe has in store for you today, I hope it includes thinking about a holiday in Cyprus! We’d love to welcome you! For villas with pools and apartments in great locations, email to