A Nice Cup of Tea!


Today is the birthday of my beautiful middle sister. She is celebrating by having a mud bath – and taking a breath, knowing she’s beaten one of the odds of reaching this date, since the Big C came along and held a gun against her life…….

Tomorrow, would have been our Nanna’s birthday with mine  , the following day, so from my sister and I being very young, this time of year was ”ours”: spent with Nanna is a haze of fun, piano playing (badly!) , cake and a ”nice cup of tea”….

Nanna was great fun: she loved to play dress up; act the fool and perform on any stage that would let her – from dropping us off at school dance where she’d ”do” a little jig to going to the Club, where Grandad would hide in his pint.

She made our young lives magically – and solved every worry and problem, with a ”nice cup of tea”.

My sister is with her children and grandchildren in the UK today. I’m thinking of her, our nanna and such very happy times in the North East of England, where tea flowed but everything else seemed to be sparkly and magical in what were very tough days in a working life for our young parents.

Every life should have a Nanna with the spirit of ours; a sister with the courage of mine and the chance to be filled with the richness of memories and the promise of things getting better!

This is why I love to welcome holiday guests here to villas and apartments: their holiday is a metaphorical ”nice cup of tea”: some respite from normal stuff and , with luck, filled with fun and magic!

I’ll put the kettle on while you email to me on enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com

For Steve…

This morning began with the saddest message that our lovely friend, Steve , had gained his angel wings before breakfast today…..

I want to pay the best tribute to this wonderful man but I can ”feel” him laughing at me as I try to find words – but I’ll try….. Steve was one of the best, real people we’ll ever meet. He was full of fun , mischief and opportunities to ”have a laugh” – but he was also a responsible hard working man with a conscience.. … In fact, one of the best people you could ever meet.

He reminded me of Robbie Williams: he had those sparkling eyes, look of mischief BUT couldn’t sing! Probably what they had in common was the way in which they both love to entertain people……

The key thing is that Jan(et), his lovely wife, gave him the platform, strength and foundation on which to play and ‘perform’. She was the best thing he could ever wish for because she loved him a to z and was there throughout – but he knows this more than anyone.

Peyia was darker after they both left. We all respected them so much for moving home to UK closer to Jan”s family – but we lost a lot of light and fun in the village here…..

Today, there aren’t enough words except to say to Janet, how much she is loved and thought of , by all of us who know her and Steve – and how much respect we have for her for the changes she made to life to help Steve.

And to Steve, well you little tinker: you survived so many odds and deadlines and we pray, are having the last laugh  now. So very glad to know you , Steve and so very sad to not have another New Years Eve party to attend with you. You are one of the best  – and we hope the angels know how to party but know you’ll teach them. X

….and Jan, our love and prayers are with you xxx


A whole lot of T.Rubble!


So Barney T. Rubble and I are enjoying our late evening walks up the hill near our home in Peyia.

For me, it’s a time of peace and destressing after busy days. For Barney , it seems to be a time of being ”on guard” and watching out for the many feral cats who live on the hillside.

Tonight, just as we were about to leave the house, Harry Cat, one of the prettiest and cheekiest of the Hill Gang, decided to come into our back garden and , ”flick his tail” at Barney, then run and jump JUST out of reach on the wall near the shed!

Barney won’t move. He is watching Harry closely and waiting for his moment to chase this beautiful feline…. I’m watching Barney, watch Harry: I’m very fond of this cheeky cat and often find him sleeping in my car when I forget to put the roof up.

I think Harry would like to be here in the house with us. Tony thinks I’m wrong and Harry would simply like to scratch Barney’s eyes out! Barney just wants to play chase and goodness knows what else if he ever caught Harry, so best we all keep vigilant and let dogs be dogs and cats be cats- but as far apart as possible!

Speaking of being vigilant, we’ve got our eyes on some lovely new villas for 2019 to add to our already great portfolio of hand picked holiday villas, so if you’re thinking of a villa holiday here in Coral Bay or Peyia, do chase us up quickly before another beats you to your choice. Email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com for offers and deals for 2019.

Buy Buy Happy Holiday Villa Guests!


What a summer it’s turning out to be!

For almost 15 years, we’ve been welcoming many, regular holiday villa guests back to villas they love – or villas and apartments they’ve asked us to choose for them, as we know what they like! It’s great to be entrusted with the precious holidays of these  lovely people – and it’s a real pleasure to see them year in, year out, sharing a small part of their life journey with them and watching their children grow over the years.

Like many of us, our holiday guests have fallen in love with Cyprus, this area and the thought of living here- or at least having a place to call their own, in the Peyia area! Though the majority of people only dream of this, during 2018, 5 of our returning families have actually bought their own holiday home AND are going to give us the chance to rent these lovely properties out for them, when they aren’t using them!

I’m so happy that people love Peyia, Coral Bay and Cyprus as much as we do! It’s also wonderful that, with the help of excellent local estate agents, dreams of owning here can become a reality….. roll on next year and new properties to rent!

Of course, the downside is, we’re getting old! Time is rolling on at speed- something which really comes home to me when I realise, eg the small babe in arms, I welcomed to a villa years ago, is now a strapping 15 year old !

Working for villa and apartment owners and getting to know them so we can help them even more, is a real privilege. Thank you to each of you who’ve trusted us so far -and come of those of you who want to try a villa holiday here! Am ready and waiting to take your enquiry! Email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com

Er, hello?


There must be something fundamentally wrong with me!

Why? Well, I’ve spent 30 minutes leafing through a very lovely , weekly glossy magazine, which is filled with the most stunning women who live in a hot climate, look amazing and are photographed in their kitchens, poolside, bedrooms and gardens, looking like they’ve stepped out of a ”makeover”.

Which in some ways I’m sure they have but sitting here on our hillside , with it’s beautiful views of the village and coastline; taking in our pretty , fragrant garden and looking across to the pool, I look more like an old dishcloth than dishy female!

Walking around the garden isn’t for wearing towering La B shoes; wearing concealer/eyeshadow and having a nip and a tuck, won’t do for the weeding and clearing of dog accidents, that I’m doing….

…and don’t even get me started about how I appear leaving the pool, with hair which is chemically challenged at the best of times but behaves like it wants it’s own swim these days!

I’ve either got to stop buying this magazine or hire  a whole host of cleaning, gardening and makeup staff, just to make me feel better!

Luckily, Barney T Rubble love me, however I look and he’s sat here smiling at me as I get ready to reply to more holiday villa rental enquiries…… As I’m typing, just imagine me living in paradise, (which I am) but please never Facetime me unexpectedly or Barney will have to answer.

For magazine worthy holiday villas with gorgeous pools and restaurants close by worthy of the rich and famous – at the real persons prices,  email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com


Or actually, Akita! Barney rules!


Almost a Cat-astrophy!


Barney T Rubble and I , wait until the sun goes down and the air is a little ”lighter” before we take our evening stroll up the hillside in Peyia.

It’s our favourite time of day: me , because I love the peace and enjoy the stunning views from the hillside plus it’s lovely being with my big furry baby – and Barney, because he is on , ”cat alert”, and likes to count how many he ‘meets’ and, ideally, how many he can chase before he pulls my arm out of it’s socket!

Yesterday, we met a very sweet, very young kitten who took a huge liking to Barney and wanted to play with him. The kitten flirted and flicked her tail; lay on her back and rolled in the dust and was generally a bit of a hussy! Barney was having none of it: he simply wanted to chase her or fight her – and he didn’t mind which! Luckily, another cat caught her attention and she sauntered off.

Tonight, I think there has been a bit of a Cat Plan going on. The first part of the walk, uphill and past the many hiding places for the cats in the bushes on the roadside, was quiet and pleasant. Barney and I turned right onto the quiet road and walked to the end. Not a cat in sight. Then suddenly, I saw two pairs of ears emerge from the bush to Barney’s right- so I pulled him away before he noticed.

We weren’t out of the woods though! As Barney stopped to sniff out a pampas grass, I noticed another of the local hill gang, sitting just on the rock about  the grass – but keeping very still. Barney was engrossed and didn’t see him – so I pulled him away…..

Ah! At the end of the road, there they were: the leaders of the gang! Black Cat and Harry Cat, sitting just far enough away so Barney couldn’t leap at them but close enough that my shoulder took a bit of a yank as the big doggy tried to see them.

Time for home, I thought and pulled a reluctant 65 kilo puppy back down the hill – with his arch enemies following a safe distance behind. …… I was so very happy to be safely back behind our gate – but Harry is now sitting on my car roof, taunting Barney!

Still, home now and ready to respond to anyone looking for a purrfect holiday with the opportunity to catnap and think about life, creating catalyst for change when arriving home full of holiday peace! Email to me for deals on winter sunshine villas and apartments- or book early for Summer 2019! Villas are booking up fast – but they are the cats whiskers!

When the world stops….


Sunday was a day like any other here in August.

Stunning sunshine; villas and apartments busy with morning departures and evening arrivals, so Tony and I took the chance in the afternoon to nip over to Latchi to spend a couple of hours on  a boat in Blue Lagoon. It was heaven! There is something really funny about answering business calls on the mobile while floating in the sea!

Mooring up, we were sorting out our things ready to head home so I could get back to work and , bang , the world changed: the huge wake from a large tourist boat, coming back to harbour, caused the boat and the boat next to us, to ”lean heavily and quickly” – and Tony fell off the gang plank and straight onto the many and very sharp rocks in the harbour.

For a second, I expected him to laugh and stand up but OMG no! Looking down from the bow of the boat, much higher than the water, there he was lying in a huge and gushing pool of blood – and I couldn’t reach him……Thank god for Harbour Police and the team at Latchi Watersports, who were each with us in a minute, helping to pull Tony, who was very badly injured, out of the sea, stemming the bleeding – then getting an ambulance before helping me off the boat into the car to follow to the hospital.

With so much gratitude, I can report Tony is fine. He’d badly split his foot and has a few bruises but other than that, he’s so very lucky and simply on crutches. The amazing Dr Petrides , at the Evangelismos Hospital, stitched the wound inside and out and is looking after Tony while he heals.

Why write this? Well, because life can change in an instant. Plans just go awry and worries get replaced by REAL monsters which dash into your life uninvited…. The whole incident reminded me how very lucky we are to be alive; to be healthy; to live here and to work in such a beautiful place with great people, guests and team alike.

It also reminded me of how great people can be when it matters – and it mattered so much it scares me to think of the ,”could have been” scenario.

It’s bank holiday here today but I’m working hard, meeting and greeting villa holiday guests. My heart is full of love and gratitude and I’m so very glad to be here doing what I do, knowing Tony is home safe though a tad grumpy and incapacitated!

I’ve offered to donate one of my ”bottoms” if Dr P needs a skin graft to help Tony but apparently, they only may need a tiny piece, not enough to rebuild him!

Don’t forget: great holiday villas and apartments to rent; people always on hand to help you even in the worst of times and I’m here to talk holidays and stuff, whenever you are ready: email to enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com.



Just under 16 years ago, someone threw away an 18 month old dog by literally throwing her out of their car onto the road in front of our car.

It was dark and we couldn’t see where the animal ran to , in the forest on the way to Kathikas but 5 days later, this tiny little doggy turned up at our home, having lived on the hill barely surviving – but determined to get to us. I recognised her immediately having seen her briefly in the headlights of our car….

Today, at 3pm, we had to give her back to the angels and with her, she took our hearts….. This tiny little doggy, full of attitude and love, has filled our lives since the day she found us. The smallest of our dogs, by far, she was the boss – and the most playful, loving animal we could have wished to have.

Family and friends adored her – and many would come to stay, I’m sure, just to see Molly! As she got into her dotage, so very many people worried about her and sent love and prayers: all of which I’m sure she received and helped her stay with us for a little more precious time than we might have had.

Right now, Tony and I are totally heartbroken but we owe Molly so very much for her love and devotion – and if we can pull ourselves together and keep remembering the very many wonderful times we’ve shared and if we can show a tiny percentage of the love of life and spirit Molly showed, we”ll come through this just fine – resting on her love as we’ve done for years.

Thank you, to the callous person who threw out probably the greatest little dog who has ever lived. Had you not been so cruel, we would never had shared precious years with our magnificent furry daughter…

Molly Mou, to say I’ll miss you will never cover it: you’ll be in my heart and every breath till I join you with the angels. Fly high, little girl. Thank you for choosing me as your people mummy. x

The Music of Life


So I was lying in bed this morning listening to the sound of the ceiling fan as it turned, very elegantly, at speed …. Surprisingly tuneful, the sound was soothing too so I was just going back into a snooze, when the village church bells sounded out, causing Barney T Rubble to break into song! (He loves singing with the bells!).

Tony added the ”wind section”, from his deep slumber then the birds began their happy chorus! Add the text, ”pinging” on my phone next to my pillow and there was no chance of getting a lie in!

Getting up and pottering around the kitchen, I’ve been taking notice of the other sounds, most of which go unnoticed: the lid coming off the  milk bottle; the comforting sound of tea being stirred in the T pot; the ”big” cupboard door opening to reveal Barney’s huge tin of biscuits – and those biscuits falling into his bowl, only to be enthusiastically crunched by this tuneful big doggy!

It’s like living in a symphony! A mix of hard and soft, light and heavy sounds…..just lovely!

I’m sure you’d like the sound of the villa and apartment deals we have for winter sunshine , so why not shout out to me by email : enquiries@cyprusvillas.uk.com and I’ll send you offers to sing about!

have a happy, musical Sunday!

Where dreams come true..


Okay, so I’m a bit of a romantic but, I’m what I am and nothing will change that! My Grandad and the old movies we watched together every Sunday, with my Mum, have a lot to answer for!

Anyway, what I’m getting at is, I just cannot help getting excited with the anticipation of what holiday makers, who arrive in their chosen villa, will feel when they actually see the villa! I love the feeling after the guests have left: that feeling when the villas are filled with the memories of laughter/chat and plans – and I adore the feeling when the brilliant housekeeping team have been in and ”made readý” for the new arrivals!

We try always to ”under promise and over deliver” – so seeing the faces on arrival, even when tiredness has taken a little shine off the smiles, then watching them as they walk around their chosen holiday villa or apartment and begin to settle into the moment, is an absolute pleasure!

Many events are celebrated in the holiday villas. From birthdays to weddings to vows renewal to anniversary – and , erm, I suspect, many babies are conceived in some too (though the owners won’t want TOO much information about that).

In brief, life happens in a holiday villa – and it happens , mostly, with joy, energy, tiredness and relief to be able to ”let go” for a week or so!

It’s in the ”letting go” that we take the strain. Whatever the villa holidaymakers need, we are there to try to help, as quickly and efficiently as we can. It’s our pleasure to be in the shadows, waiting to iron out the creases so to speak!

Ah…… think I may  holiday in one of our villas myself- that’s if you don’t beat me to it by booking available Autumn sunshine deals for 2018 or pre booking 2019!

Email to me for offers and availability – and thank you for your trust and allowing me to daydream about your happy villa holidays!